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Placeholder cat
Current Rogue
Age approx 51 moons
Status Living
Debut Cs
Father Shadeleap
Mother Aloisa
Siblings Karina, Zira (half), Ferahgo (half), Badrang (half)
Mates Demos (Formerlly), Maplebright (Formerlly),Tansyspring (formerlly) Unknown she cats (formerlly)
Kits Uru, Kopa,Jumpclaw, Gingershade, Basilisk, Vixenlight unknown kits
Owner Meerkat
Kratos is a handsome, muscular black tom with amber eyes and a white underbelly and paws. He is the son of Aloisa and Shadeleap, the brother of Karina, the half brother of Zira, Ferahgo and Badrang, the former mate of several she cats including DemosMaplebright and Tansyspring and the father of several others, including Kopa, Uru, Gingershade and Jumpclaw.

Kratos is considered the most unpredictable of his mother's family, although the she cats of his family don't know, due to him hiding his fierce side. On this side lies a manipulative, bloodthirsty tom who does anything to get what he wants. Kratos also has an affinty for perfection, which often gives him a slight bit of insanity. 



Kratos is a large cat, being one of the largest in his family. He is also quite heavy and muscular, but not fat. Kratos's fangs are at average size and sharp. His muzzle sports a scar from his kithood and he also has small scars on his underbelly, also from his kithood. More coming soon


A physically healthy cat, Kratos has a strong immune system and often eats to keep his weight, although he is sure not to over eat. However, once in a while, he can get illnesses and infections like most cats.

Kratos's mental health is more complex than his physical health. When triggered, Kratos has fits of madness, although this is rarer than his more dangerous outbursts. Even at the slightest problem; whether missing prey or a tom intruding on his territory, Kratos goes crazy, often trying to kill another piece of prey or even another cat and may even take his surprising anger on a tree.


Out of his mother's tough yet level headed family, Kratos is both a perfect and not so perfect example of them. On the perfect side, Kratos is a tough, yet gentleman-y cat with a fondness towards she cats. However, behind that demeanor is the not so perfect side of him, which he often hides from the she cats in his family and other she cats, although it is too well known to him and the toms of his family and other toms.

On his not so perfect side lies a violent, mostly heartless cat who strives for perfection and control. Intelligent and often hard to read, Kratos uses his manipulative strategies to help him with things he needs, if he needs to manipulate someone. However, probably the most dangerous side to Kratos is his need for perfection. A cat who wants to show that he can do everything more perfect than anybody else, Kratos's fits of madness and even slight insanity are often triggered even when the smallest of complications happen to him, such as injuries or less serious problems.

Kratos is uninterested in the she cats he mates with after they get pregnant with his litters, only pretending to care to get his way with things. While he has always been confident, successful manipulation often makes him feel like he can get anything he wants from any cat, wether it be murder, mating or other things that satisfies what he wants.

Skills and abilities

With his weight and muscular frame, Kratos is a very accomplished and formidible fighter, often refusing to leave a cat alive after he wins a fight. With his father having been born in SplashClan, Kratos is also a relatively good swimmer, although he is not incredibly quick, something which irritates him. With his manipulative strategies and charm, Kratos is very good in charming she cats and is incredibly intelligent.However, Kratos' main weakness is his weight for tree climbing. As much as he tries to climb a tree that can hold his weight, it often doesn't end well for him, which annoys him to no end.


Kithood and adolescence

Kratos' kithood and adolesence is seen in his story A king's conquest.


Kratos is seen heading towards the city, looking for his mother. He is then seen hissing, thinking about why he would of thought his mother was in the city, then thinks about what he had been through, yet thrived from. He proudly kinks his tail across his back, then heads towards the forest, where he belongs. He is then seen secretly passing his father, thinking that he has lost his mind. He is later seen excited that rain is coming. He later lies down, dropping a rabbit onto the ground. He smiles and thinks about the times when he and Karina fought over a piece of prey. More coming soon



Shadeleap- Deceased, Dark Forest resident


Aloisa- Living


Karina- Status unknown

Half sister

Zira- Living

Half brothers

Ferahgo- Deceased, residence unknown

Badrang- Deceased, residence unknown


Demos (Formerlly)- Living

Maplebright (Formerlly)- Living

Tansyspring (Formerlly)- Living

Unknown she cat (formerlly)- Deceased, residence unknown

Multiple unknown she cats- Status unknown


Uru- Deceased, no residence

Gingershade- Living


Kopa- Deceased, no residence

Jumpclaw- Living


Unknown kits- Status unknown


Otterscar- Deceased, StarClan resident

Smokewhisker- Staus unknown


Fernthorn- Status unknown


Starfishflight- Deceased, StarClan resident


Pelicanheart- Deceased, StarClan resident


Shamrock- Living



Houndkit- Living


Haykit- Living




Coming soon


Coming soon


Coming soon


"I don't know where he got that spirit from, but I like it. He's not bad for a young cat, although as long as he never irritates me, he'll be fine. He's definately not a cat who wants to find love and that's totally okay, since it's me who's carrying on the lineage."

Compared to most toms of his family, Kratos is relatively tolerant of Shamrock, although he isn't very interested in learning about him. More coming soon


"He's the only one of my kits that I know and I hate him. I don't see why he holds a grudge towards me, I'll kill him the next time he comes around. Sometimes I just wish that my mates will stay in there clans and leave my kits there."

Coming soon



Coming soon


"She was much calmer than the other cats I met. She didn't want to start a family with me, but she jusdt willingly let herself to mating. I never mate with cats I mated with for a second time, but I may make an exception for her."

Coming soon


"Out of all the cats I've mated with, she was probably the one who wanted to be permanent mates with me the most. I don't have long term relationships, but she insisted so much and I just wouldn't trake it. I bet she's back in her clan with our kits, crying about how she couldn't keep me."

Out of all the cats he mated with, Tansyspring is the one that sticks in his mind, but not for good reasons. While he did want to mate with her, she wanted to keep him as her permanent mate, something Kratos completely refused. more coming soon

Love interests



Coming soon


Coming soon


Coming soon


Aloisa: Where have you been?

Karina: We've been exploring.

Wollow: I nearly caught a mouse!

Wollow with his sister and mother, A king's conquest

Wollow: I've got the big rabbit!

Karina: No fair! I want it!

Wollow: No, I have it! I'm bigger!

Karina: No, I have it! I'm smarter!

Wollow: I have it!

Karina: I have it!

Wollow:I have it!

Wollow and Karina arguing, A king's conquest


  • Kratos was made to show that Aloisa and Shadeleap really happened and to add drama to the plot Meerkat has.
  • Kratos's kit name, Wollow was named after a meerkat who was the former dominant  male of a meerkat group before he was overthrown and disappeared.
  • Krato's current name is greek for "To rule" and is also named after the protagonist /anti-hero of the god of war series.
  • Kratos is very special to Meerkatpaw, despite all of his flaws.
  • Kratos was originally going to have green eyes, but when Meerkat realised that Shadeleap's family had amber eyes and Meerkat wanted Kratos to mostly look like his father, this was changed.
  • Kratos will most likely never settle down with a proper mate and prefers clan or former clan cats.
  • As much as he hates to admit it, Kratos has a severe fear of snow due to his past. This is called Chionophobia.



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