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Current SpringClan
Age 22 Moons (Approx. 1.83 Years)
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Froststar
Mother Shellshore
Siblings Littermates: Fallensnow, Whitedove, Soaringsong
Younger Siblings: Honeydapple, Raptorpaw, Galepaw
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Pineface
Apprentice Unnamed tom
Leader Position
Predecessor Froststar
Deputy Position
Predecessor Meadowspring
Successor Stonebreeze
Owner Whiskers

Lakestar is a built blue tabby tom with yellow eyes, and a creamy-white chest. He is the son of Froststar and Shellshore, and brother to Honeydapple, Soaringsong, Fallensnow, Whitedove, Galepaw, and Raptorpaw. As a young and new leader, he currently has lives 9/9.

Lakestar's well-known for being a family-oriented and loyal tom, challenging all who opposes his family, friends, or Clan. He was known for hanging around only his family members as a kit, driving his friends away. But now, he's hanging out with more cats and making more friends, since most of his family members have died off. Lakestar would never leave SpringClan, and never thinks about life in another Clan or environment that doesn't include SpringClan. Lakestar, on the outside, is a serious cat, who doesn't seem to like humor, but truthfully, he has a strong taste for humor and adventure. Lakestar dreams of journeying and finding new things, and joking all along the way. He does think of having and raising a family, but he doesn't show any interests in any cats at the moment, only in his Clan. Little does his Clanmates know, almost any she-cat could easily capture his heart, and make him run off into some fantasizing journey.



Lakestar's fur is quite fine and soft, and short yet slightly thick. His fur is a stunning blue-silver color, much like his mother's. Like his mother, he has darker, mackerel tabby stripes that occasionally turn into flecks, but it seems he only has a few flecks. His chest is a creamy white color, resembling his father. Lakestar's ears have dark tips, and his pelt is well-groomed. His belly doesn't have any white/creamy white on it, only his chest. His muzzle is different when compared to the muzzle of other cats, for it is the same shade as his mackerel tabby stripes. It's as if he should have a white muzzle, but for some odd reason, it turned a darker shade of his base coat rather than white. Because of his new high rank, he tends to groom his coat quite a big more, giving it a glossy look. He primarily does this because his sister constantly nags at him to do so.

Lakestar's quite a handsome, muscular cat, but an average height. His bone structure's strong, not too thick yet not too thin. Lakestar's ears are small, and perfectly triangle-shaped, but his left ear has a v-shaped nick in the side of it from an Unknown battle/skirmish. Although, it is often thought that he received this from a rough training session with his powerful mentor. His eyes are yellow, much like his father's, and stand out quite well on his finely shaped face. He has high cheek bones, and a large, slightly square-shaped muzzle. Lakestar's nose is a pale pink color, with a slight hue of pale gray to it. His thick paw-pads are the same shade of color, but with a few darker patches/spots His skin is a pale gray color, not visible under his pelt. His skin has a few scars every here and there, but none of them are noticeable besides one across his shoulder blades. Lakestar's paws are slightly square-shaped, each toe being spread out from the other, having fine webs in between them, due to his RiverClan blood. Lakestar's shoulders are rather broad and strong, allowing him to deliver powerful blows or paddles when swimming. His tail is rather long, but not too noticeable, often curved into a "u" shape. His whiskers are long and droopy, being a silvery-gray shade, often quite shiny.

He has a slightly low voice, but a loud, rumbly purr. He often walks with his chest puffed out slightly, his head held at a medium height. He often stands with his legs rather far apart, and his tail swishing slightly and slowly, as if he's a bit irritated. Lakestar tries to keep a tall and proud stance to please his sister, who often orders him to make himself appear as a leader. He isn't one for speaking very loud, and only does so when its needed, like during a ceremony. He speaks clearly and doesn't tend to mumble, and likes to hold the gazes of others to get his point across.


Lakestar's a rather loyal and family-oriented cat, most of his close friends being family members, especially his sister, Soaringsong. Lakestar wouldn't dare leave SpringClan, as his heart lies there, beating for it and it only. He's very protective of friends, his Clan, and his family, especially his family. He can be rather quiet around strangers, often questioning them and where they came from, and it takes quite some time for him to warm up to them. Lakestar often hangs out around his family, and constantly visited the nursery when his nieces and nephews were born. Lakestar used to allow his life to revolve around his family and Clan only, driving his friends away. But when his family members began to die off or leave, he opened up to the Clan more, and made some more friends.  Lakestar used to dream of having a mate and kits, but now he dreams mostly of SpringClan's success, and his sisters' brothers' safety, of course. 

On the outside, Lakestar seems rather strict and serious, as if he's never heard of humor or joking. Truthfully, he has a rather large taste for humor and adventure, and he longs for discovering new things. To cats he doesn't know well, he doesn't show this side, but to close friends and family members, he chats about how much he wants to go on an adventure. Now as a leader, he tries to hide this side even more, but he has started to notice that cats who he's only acquaintances with consider him too up-tight and serious. He feels bad about this, but at the same time, fears that he'll be considered too laid back if he jokes around.

Despite being a respected leader, Lakestar is very opinionated. He despises all suck-ups, and considers them an embarrassment to not only their Clan, but their-selves as well. Upon receiving a higher rank, he started to show this, and would make comments on how cats should prove their worth through hard work not because they wanted a high rank, but because they cared for their clan. He is no longer hesitant to share his opinion, and can be a bit too bold when sharing it. Naturally, he doesn't talk often to strangers or those he's yet to know well, but that doesn't mean he's constantly studying and watching them. He has the tendency to judge a book by its cover, and his sister is constantly at work to try to get him out of his habit...despite the fact that she despises all of those from SummerClan.

He's very much a dreamer, and because of that, believes in a tight schedule when needed. From start to beginning, Lakestar will plan out his day, and even his life. However, when minor things don't go as planned, he won't bother with fixing them. Major things getting disturbed, such as ceremonies, can stress the leader out, and even ruin his entire day (causing him to get grumpy). Either way, he daydreams often, and during these moments, can easily get caught off-guard. Regardless, he still has great leadership skills and planning skills. He has many plans for his clan that he has dreamed up, and has made these goals. He now hopes to achieve them.


As Lakestar's blood/pedigree suggests, he is excellent as swimming. He has RiverClan blood, so swimming seems to come naturally. Lakestar's finely webbed paws allow him to paddle swiftly, each paddle being powerful and swift. His thick paw-pads and claws allow him to grip the ground easily, so he can wade in streams/rivers/creeks/brooks with strong currents. As a kit, his mother took him out swimming quite often, so he grew up to love the water and being within it.

Despite being an absolutely terrible hunter, Lakestar's a phenomenal fighter, and his ability to swim well gives him an advantage in combat. His larger size allows him to not only intimidate his enemies, but squish them as well. Due to his muscular build, Lakestar is a stronger cat when it comes to battling, and this, of course, gives him an advantage. Seeing that he can swim well, Lakestar prefers water-combat, surprising his enemies and scaring them by practically drowning them. However, his blue-silver pelt gives him away, making it difficult for him to hide, at least in the open and out of water.

Being a protective cat, Lakestar isn't one to let harm get to his family members or clanmates, however, he has remarkable leadership skills, making him an appropriate choice for a leadership position. As he has grown up, the tom has become quite wise, now one to put others before himself, even if it means losing his own life. He isn't one to throw himself or others straight into combat, rather think it through and list the consequences. This allows Lakestar to avoid terrible situations, but, if force or fighting is needed, Lakestar will choose that path, only if it benefits his clan.

As an intelligent cat and a great planner, Lakestar has fantastic leadership skills. During his warriorhood, he was often selected to lead patrols, and would take charge of important situations. He knew when to back off as well, and usually only took up important tasks if asked. Being a dreamer, he'd often come up with plans, some impossible, and others very well-thought up and sensible. Because he keeps to himself, Lakestar is also a bit more diplomatic, and tends to pick peaceful options when dealing with other Clans. He prefers to keep a healthy relationship with the other leaders, even if he doesn't like them at all. He can be skilled at organizing as well, particularly when he's focused on a task. Although he longs to joke around with others, he's very good at taking a serious approach towards crucial situations and matters. Despite being judgmental and having a tendency to judge others, he's talented at analyzing situations.



Lakekit is born to Shellshore and Froststar in SpringClan, his littermates being Fallenkit, Soaringkit, and Whitekit. Throughout his kithood, he is generally awkwardly quiet, keeping to himself and often grooming his pelt rather than interacting with others, or playing like most kits. Of course, his mother tries to get him to do more things rather than keep to himself, and she tells him to try hunting in camp. He is surprisingly successful, and catches a mouse.
After a while, Lakekit slowly starts to cling to the side of his loving father, and is quick to admire the leader. He follows his sire around frequently, inspiring to be as great as he. Froststar, however, orders his son to play with other kits, for he fears that is son will become antisocial and colt towards those who do not share his blood. The kit is hurt, but understands his father, and attempts to please him by playing with others.
However, he cannot get himself to really do it. He does interact with the others in the nursery, but he still feels no 'click', and feels far too immature, despite being but a kit. So instead, he attempts to hang around the younger warriors and learn moves from them, eventually practicing them within the nursery. He also becomes fond of listening to the wonderful stories the elders have to tell.


Shellshore admired her son's urge to learn and become a strapping warrior, so she personally spoke with her mate to give their son a great and wise warrior. It was then that they agreed upon giving him Pineface, the most well-respected warrior in the Clan, who had been one of the top nominees for the deputy, and eventual leader, position.
Lakepaw had been hoping to receive his father as his mentor, and at first, was greatly disappointed by his father's choice of mentor. He found Pineface to be old and ragged, and feared that his mentor would be lazy on him and take things too easy. Lakepaw was far too eager to learn, and Pineface had a disliking for his he'd teach him more than just simple battle moves.
Lakepaw ended up learning both moral values and important warrior skills from Pineface, and came to greatly respect his mentor. He learned to be much more patient, and seemed to have great potential to be a fantastic warrior, or even one day a leader, as he grew up. However, things were getting dark for SpringClan. There was a terrible bout of illness running amok, and was killing off a lot of Lakepaw's clanmembers, and even some of his very few friends.


Adulthood was stressful for young Lakepaw. His father had fallen ill the day of his son's warrior ceremony, and Shellshore urged him to get rest. She promised Froststar that they could hold the ceremony later, and that their children would understand. However, Froststar was persistent. Despite being deathly ill, he was set on making his offspring warriors, for they deserved it.
Lakepaw received the warrior name "Lakestorm", and the new warrior immediately grew greatly fond of it. For that evening, he was finally extremely jolly, despite the illness that lurked around each and every corner.
It had been about a moon later. Lightstorm, the deputy, was deathly ill, and Froststar was on his final life, causing Shellshore to become greatly worried. Thankfully, she had not fallen ill just yet, while Lakestorm constantly paced nervously, fearing what could happen to his beloved sire.
Thankfully, Froststar recovered, but Lightstorm had passed away, along with more than half the Clan. Froststar feared for his Clan, wondering when WinterClan or SummerClan would strike the weak Clan, and take away their home. But, he needed to pick a deputy...he knew he'd pass away this time, for the illness had weakened the leader. He needed someone responsible, devoted, loyal...and StarClan had spoken, after generating a storm above the little lake on the edge of SpringClan's home.
Lakestorm would lead SpringClan.
So, Lakestorm was selected as deputy, and a few moons later, Froststar and Shellshore passed away after being ambushed by rogues. And Lakestorm, heartbroken and alone, was left to lead the Clan.




Shellshore - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Froststar - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Soaringsong - Living
Whitedove - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Honeydapple - Living
Galepaw - Living


Fallensnow - Living
Raptorpaw - Living



Froststar & Shellshore:


Lakestar was always honored to be the son of the leader and his precious mate, in fact, he used to gloat a bit about it as a kit. However, now he wishes to make them as proud as possible, and finds being the son of a great leader a difficult task, as well as an honor he should take seriously. Lakestar holds a great amount of respect for his parents, and was thankful to have such great ones who raised him as hard as they could. Unfortunately, he didn't hold a "mother-son" or "father-son" relationship with his parents, though he did love them dearly. Rather than smother him to death, his parents focused on raising their son into a respectable and strong cat, and Lakestar is thankful that they did so.



Lakestar loves his younger sister just as much as he loves Soaringsong, and is equally protective of her. She amuses him often, so he tends to seek her for entertainment when he has nothing better to do, or is in need of a good laugh, seeing how lonely he is. Lakestar adores how energetic and peppy the young Medicine Cat is, especially when she's playing with herbs and is trying to explain each and every one of them to him. Not only does he see her as a sister, but a sign from his parents, saying that they're still around and watching over them, they simply sent Honeydapple as comfort and part of their love.

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Lakestar found his grand mentor to be odd, and at first, he found him as a great disappointment. He was older, and had a very young mate, which made the young tomcat very uncomfortable. However, he grew to look up to the tom as a father, and grew to respect him well. Pineface taught him much, and he appreciates his mentor's determination to make his apprentice the best warrior, and even leader, ever. Lakestar was impressed by Pineface's strength and odd moves little to no warriors knew by heart, seeing that Pineface had lived and fought long.





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  • Whiskers named him after one of her first cats on the Wiki.
  • His successor will either be a family member, mate, or extremely close friend.
  • He is very demisexual, to the point where he is almost considered asexual.
    • Although Whiskers sometimes imagines him in a very complicated and dramatic relationship.