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Leafheart is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Leafheart is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current AutumnClan
Past Kittypet
Given Leafheart
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Sibling Jarrahflower (older half)
Mate None
Kits None
Mentors Cloudshine, Fireheart
Apprentices Cashmereflower, Blazingpaw
Owner None

Leafheart is a small, fluffy, silver tabby she-cat with dazzling green eyes.


Leafheart is a funny, kind little she-cat. She is also kind of spunky and stubborn, and that is partly the reason she dropped her medicine cat training for warrior training.


Se was a kittypet in the past. When her kittypet friend tried to attack her, she ran away from home and stumbled into AutumnClan territory. She used to be the apprentice of Cloudshine. She is currently the apprentice of Fireheart.

She asks Flashstar if she can become a warrior after she passes her assessment. She says yes, and she earns the name Leafheart. When she touches her nose to Flashstar's she is so excited she does it a second time, accidentally poking the ginger and white she-cat in the eye, making Flashstar hiss. She apologizes, and Flashstar purrs.

She sits her vigil. At the end of her vigil, she notices Mudflower looks nervous and tries to get her attention by flicking her tail to ask if her vigil is over so she can talk to her. Mudflower doesn't notice her. Flashstar comes along and tells her she could speak. She looks around camp, but Mudflower had disappeared.

She thanks Sorrelshine for her service to her Clan after the elder ceremony. She purrs when Nightheart calls Sorrelshine old, and tells Sorrelshine that her son had been a great mentor, stating she passed down great things to him. When Thunderfoot becomes Thunderstar, he chooses Lightningdash as deputy. Boulderspots yowls his disapproval. Leafheart hisses, and tells the tom to hush. She is touched when Cashmerekit tells her she wants to be like her one day.

She recieves her first apprentice, Cashmerepaw. She is seen trainig Cashmerepaw. She tells Cashmerepaw to try again, making the apprentice groan. When Cashmerepaw leaps at her, she taunts her by flicking her alprentice's nose with her tail. She jumps out of the way, and into the air. She crashes into Cashmerepaw, and pins her. She tells Cashmerepaw to try again with a purr.

She smirks when Cashmerepaw becomes nervous around Dingopaw, agitating her apprentice. She teases Cashmerepaw about her crush often.

Her apprentice becomes a warrior named Cashmereflower. She receives another apprentice, Blazingpaw, several moons later at the same time Cashmerepaw gets her first apprentice.

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