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Leafsong is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Leafsong is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current SplashClan
Age 30 moons (2.5 years)
Status Living
Debut SplC Archive XI
Mentor Beetail
Owner None

Leafsong is a light brown-and-ginger torbie she-cat with amber eyes. She is currently a warrior of SplashClan.



Leafsong is a brown, cream, and ginger torbie she-cat. All four of her legs are light brown with dark brown stripes. Her tail is fluffier than the rest of her body and is a light brown with three dark stripes and a cream base. Her left front paw is the same color as her stripes. Her throat, chest, and belly are a light cream color and there are several other patches of cream all along her body. The majority of her back is a dark ginger with some faint stripes. Her muzzle and a small part of her chest are white.
A bit on the stocky side, Leafsong is more built for fighting than hunting. She has broad shoulders and medium-length fur that fluffs up around her neck and tail. She has light amber eyes, a pink nose, and gray-ish earpink. She makes an effort to keep her fur neat at all times.


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Leafsong has always possessed a sharp tongue, even when she was just a young apprentice. She tends to make snap judgments of others based on the first few sentences she hears come out of their mouths and if she doesn't like someone on the first meeting it can take a lot for her opinion to change. On the other side of things, it's easy to drop out of her favor. Leafsong thinks that the cats who deserve the most respect are the ones that are willing to stand their ground, even if their beliefs don't align with her own.
Almost anyone can be on the receiving end of her sarcastic or aggressive comments, though unless spoken to she keeps to herself and doesn't speak out much. Before participating in or starting an argument or debate she forms an opinion she deems good enough to share with others. She feels like if she suggests an unworthy opinion she has no right to judge others for their "bad" opinions. Leafsong judges herself as much as she does others, which leads to her doubting herself and her thoughts often, despite the confidence she tries to constantly project.
Because of her personality Leafsong can have trouble making and keeping friends. Once someone is her friend though she doesn't snap at them as much and when she does she often apologizes for it. She is sympathetic towards her closest friends when they are going through trying times and would be willing to put their needs above her own, despite her normal "me against the world" attitude.


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Leafsong is first seen sitting by the warrior's den eating a mouse right when Grayface announces that Shadesplash is dead. She wonders what killed him and how they were going to track it down. Jayswoop later approaches her and they engage in a conversation before she asks him out hunting. They end up heading towards the river.


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Beetail: Beetail was her mentor when she was an apprentice. Back then she hadn't matured much and often spoke before she thought. This lead to many arguments between her and everyone else, including Beetail. However, after a rocky start, she began to look up to him. He was the one who got her to be less impulsive and act friendlier towards others. After she became a warrior they remained close friends and she holds him in higher regard than most everyone else.
Snakefur: Coming Soon


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