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Leopardclaw is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Given Medicine Cat Apprentice: Unknown
Apprentice: Unknown
Warrior: Leopardclaw
Deputy: Leopardclaw
Elder: Leopardclaw
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Old age
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Eagletalon (Deceased)
Mother Spottedfeather
Siblings None
Mate Cross-scar (Formerly)
Kits None
Apprentice Cloudtail
Deputy Position
Predecessor Flashblaze
Successor Thunderfoot
Owner Stoem
Leopardclaw is a leopard print she-cat with a scar down her right cheek and three spots on her left and piercing amber eyes.


Leopardclaw is a somewhat grouchy, sarcastic, but loyal cat. She can seem cold and bitter, but she is friendly to those who are nice to her, and is fiercly loyal to her Clan and what she believes is right.


Leopardclaw first trained to be a medicine cat, but her prophecy, "Clouds and Claws will come, and the Ancient Laws will sleep at peace once more", prevented this. She then trained to be a warrior, and during this training she met Cross-scar, a warrior of SpringClan after seriously injuring his face. They broke up shortly after this, after deciding forbidden love was not for the best. The prophecy then led Leopardclaw to meet a kittypet, Cloud, who joined the Clan, becoming Cloudtail. The prophecy was then completed by going back into the past and creating a basic warrior code for the ancients. She is then made deputy after her father, Eagletalon, is killed in battle.

She is currently busy serving her Clan, happy as deputy.

Later, she is shown visiting the kits in the nursery, when she sees Thunderkit slice open Turtlehearts stomach, she suddenly gets sucked into a vision. She sees Eagletalon, and he tells her a prophecy. Blackness will engulf the Mud and claw that holds the clan together, only Thunder and Lightning can tame it. She shuddered and stared at Thunderkit.


She becomes deputy once again when Mudflower steps down. She steps down for Thunderfoot, and then retires.

She dies way later of old age. She now resides in StarClan.


Mother: Spottedfeather

Father: Eagletalon (Deceased)

Mate: (formerly) Cross-scar

Character Pixels

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  • Leopardclaw's name originally comes from the Official Site.
  • Leopardclaw's personality is much based off the user, Leopard's personality.
  • Shes been deputy 4 times.
  • She still, suprisingly, loves Cross-scar, even though he's moved on and she's now dead.

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