Leopardflower is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Leopardflower is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current The Wind Chasers
Given Leopardflower
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Owner None

Leopardflower is a beautiful, kind-hearted, sleek, and swift spotted and striped brown she-cat with green eyes at day. They can turn yellow or amber once night has fallen and day is gone. She is 16 moons old.


Her favorite prey is rabbit,and she loves to go swimming in water. She loves making friends and helping others in need of help,she can be sometimes mean and rude if you're mean and rude to her.


She has no mate, kits, or apprentice. She wishes she can have a mate who is kind, caring, and strong and have a great family, she does not wish to have an apprentice at the moment right now. Leopardflower's power is teleporting to places, she can teleport herself any where she wishes to be. She can also teleport other cats if they put their tail tip on her shoulder or if she concentrates her mind on them,she uses her powers to help her catch prey, rescue cats from high places or a deep place, and in battle. All cats fear to fight against her because she always wins the fight by using her amazing power (in her opinion), many rogues and loners don't know about her power so they think they can just finish her off, but they're wrong.

Life Image


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