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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SplashClan
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut SplashClan/Roleplay/Archive 10 March 24th, 2013
Last Post Unknown
Father Thistleclaw
Mother Emeraldblaze
Siblings Rubypaw, Blackfoot, Patchbelly, Chancepaw
Mate Soothwisker
Kits Aspenheart, Sheepfrost
Owner stoem
Leopardshade is a tortoiseshell she-cat.


Leopardpaw is a daredevil, and is always the first to try something risky. She has no patience at all, and can get a bit mad if things don't go her way. She is rude and rowdy, never using manners or acting polite. A tomboy, she isn't hesitant to do anything.


Leopardkit is born to Thistleclaw and Emeraldblaze of SplashClan. She is seen purring and suckling as a happy newborn. Her mother names her Leopardkit due to her spotted coat.

She opens her eyes and ears some day later, and is curious about the new world. She tries to play with Diamondlight's kits, but Hollykit knocks her over and Leopardkit starts to wail.

Leopardkit watches Volcanokit catch a fish. She tells Emeraldblaze that Volcanokit is catching lots of fish, until he invites her to try it. Leopardkit yells out her victory when she catches one, showing it to Emeraldblaze.

Volcanokit asks Leopardkit to come and help him fight Hawktalon, who is playing with the kit. Together, they 'kill' Hawktalon and his 'leader', Silverwave. They call each other 'Leopardflame' and 'Volcanofire'. They soon go and attack Emeraldblaze.


Father: Thistleclaw - Living

Mother: Emeraldblaze - Living

Sister: Rubypaw - Living

Brothers: Chancepaw - Living, Luckypaw - Living, Patchpaw - Living

Grandmothers: Soakedmoss - Living, Twilightrose - Status Unknown

Grandfathers: Mudshine - Deceased; Verified StarClan Member, Venomstrike - Living

Grand-Aunts: Bloomfrost - Living, Soaringsong - Living, Oceanbreeze - Status Unknown

Grand-Uncles: Blazingflame - Living, Platinumspark - Deceased; Suspected StarClan Member

Grand-Cousins: Freezefoot - Living, Stemkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member, Hushedsong - Living, Cavernsong - Living, Cypressclaw - Living, Forestpath - Living, Covetsunami - Living, Arcticpaw - Living, Cygnetfeather - Living, Souldew - Living, Glidesoul - Living, Simplecloud - Living, Asterpelt - Living

Uncles: Canyonlagoon - Living, Redpelt - Living

Aunts: Runningsoul - Living, Emberpelt - Living, Singedstripes - Living, Ravenheart - Living

Cousins: Bubblepaw - Living, Birdfeather - Living

Great-Grandfather: Froststar - Deceased; Verified StarClan Member

Great-Grandmother: Shellshore - Status Unknown; Most likely Deceased

Great-Great-Grandfathers: Tigger - Living, Raincloud - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Great-Great-Grandmothers: Snowshine - Deceased; Verified StarClan Member, Hurricanehover - Living

Great-Grand-Aunt: Velvetcreek - Status Unknown


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  • Leopardpaw has SpringClan blood, since her father, Thistleclaw, was born there.
  • She also has kittypet blood, because her great-great-grandfather, Tigger, is a kittypet.
  • Leopardpaw, in a way, is based off of Moss's Cousin's cat, Gracie, who was given to him from Ashy's first litter.
    • This is also why Moss made Emeraldblaze's kit based off of Gracie.
  • Her best friend is Volcanokit.

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