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Current Loner
Loner Levi
Age 9 Moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Micheal
Mother Anne
Sibling Cathryn
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Hyalite

Levi is a light cream tabby tom with green eyes.



Levi is an undersized tomcat with a cream colored tabby pelt.  From birth to roughly eight moons of age, Levi's pelt was short, ragged, and dull.  He was missing fur in various places across his body, which were likely due from a combination of mental stress and nourishment.  His naturally short fur was even thinner than it should have been, and was thinning on the few places where a large patch of it could be seen.  His fur lacked any glossiness whatsoever, and was practically colorless due to near starvation. 

During that same time, Levi's build was also dangerously thin. He had little fat and hardly any muscle mass, and was so weak he found it difficult to move. Since he could not hunt due to his small, weak frame, he could not feed himself, and this caused a vicious cycle of his heath slowly spiraling downwards. On occasion, he would be able to hoist himself up onto the dumpster he lived adjacent to, and would often eat rancid twoleg scraps out of it. He would also be given prey out of pity from other loners, and on this he was able to barely survive for several months.


Roughly from birth onward to when he turned eight moons, Levi was dangerously underweight, physically weak, and incredibly skittish. Just as he was physically unhealthy, he was mentally unhealthy as well. Since he was emotionally abused and neglected as a kit, Levi has developed depression and anxiety.


Levi is shy and appears to be perpetually afraid. He rarely speaks to others and is incapable of making eye contact. He speaks with a soft, meek voice and always has his head down.

Levi is passive and would much rather flee than fight.


Levi is a poor hunter and fighter. However, he is great at staying hidden, and can often observe someone or something and then slip out unnoticed.



Levi was emotionally abused as a child by his mother, Anne. She was harshly over-protective of her son, and refused to let him out of her sight for even a moment. Although Anne was a kittypet and she kept her son in an alleyway behind her house, she never stopped watching him and observing his every move.

Levi was not fed regularly as a kit by his mother, and as a result, he developed slowly and became scrawny an malnourished. Other cats who would pass by the tiny tom would often pity him, an some would share a few morsels of their meal with them. Afraid of his mother's wrath as a consequence of talking to strangers, Levi never spoke to these cats who offered him food, but instead only made simple gestures to accept their help.

Levi was only allowed around his den and a few tail lengths outside of it by his mother. If he was caught outside of her boundaries, he would be harshly scolded, and sometimes even physically injured as a result. Due to this, he never developed proper social skills nor any physical abilities that are useful in the feral-world.

At six moons of age. Levi ran away from his mother's territory, and moved as far away as possible. He eventually found himself a small shelter behind a dumpster, and made his den their. Due to his small size, he was mainly unnoticed by any passers-by, but as some cats had done when he was a kit, he was offered food out of pity. He still has a fear of speaking, and only rarely squeaked out a faint "thank you" in return. The fear of his mother finding him still haunts him.


Levi spent the first two months of his adolescence cowering in an old shoe-box behind the same dumpster he decided to live under when he was barely six moons old. He is now considered to be a resident of the area, and some cats, including Ad Astra, often deliver him food. Although he is thankful for their kindness, he is too fearful to thank them properly.

On a spring morning, Kaiden enter's Levi's alley, finding the tom to be quite ill. Levi, afraid, retreats into his den, where Kaiden pursues him. The older tom suggest Levi comes with him so his twoleg's can treat the cream tabby's illness, but Levi shakes his head, declining Kaiden's offer. Flavia then enters they alley as well, so Kaiden sits in Levi's shoe-box out of protest, squishing the smaller tom against the wall of the den. Levi then asks the tom ""Sir, can you please get out of my den?" to which Kaiden replies, "It's fine (V)." The older tom then grabs Levi, who is now terrified, and tries to runaway from his potential kidnapper. Kaiden falls and then re-sprains his paw (which had been injured a moon ago when he was sexually harassing a she-cat, and then promptly blamed the she-cat for all his sorrows afterwards). Levi then tells Kaiden that he will not give up his freedom, and Kaiden then, as always, makes the conversation about him, complaining about how Ad Astra does not tolerate his disturbing advances and how his mother tried to kill him. Levi tells Kaiden that he does not trust him, so the older tom runs off, begins to sob uncontrollably, and then runs into a tree and knocks himself out.

A few hours later, Kaiden, who acts like he is intoxicated, leaps into Levi's dumpster, falls off, and then lands in front of the tom. Ashley and Jezebet then appear out of nowhere, and the three put on a show that rivals your abuela's novellas in both melodramatic content and awkward dialogue. Levi tells Kaiden that he asked him to leave him alone, when Jezebet yells at the kit, "Shut it pipsqueak!" Kaiden then starts some sort of grand monologue, causing Jezebet to flee out of the sheer power of the English language. Kaiden then goes to take a snack break, and Levi finally has a chance to rest. Siren then tells Kaiden off, and Levi is thankful for her words and actions.

The next day, Ad Astra delivers Levi a mouse, and he begins to eat the fresh prey. A few moments after the she-cat leaves, Levi hears Kaiden and Flavia speak outside his alley. He takes a bit out of his mouse as he listens, considering everywhere Kaiden goes instantly turns into the set of a feline soap-opera. Kaiden, who is still complaining about Ad Astra, tells Flavia how he does not know how to love, how his life is so awful since his mother hates him, etc. In the middle of the show, Siren silently leaves Levi another piece of prey, and he accepts it thankfully.

Levi then focuses on the two cats outside his den once more. Kaiden then sniffs Jezebet, and states that she is in heat, a remark that should not come anywhere near twenty-four hours after first meeting someone. The little tom then stops listening, and assures himself in his own mind that this is not normal behavior under any circumstances. Kaiden, who suddenly gains the power to read minds, spontaneously grows angry as soon as Levi's thought enters the roleplay, and claims that he is going to run away to become a rogue. Levi then makes a few last, silent comments on the tom's immaturity and ill-treatment of she-cats before the scene ends.

Ashamed of how he is viewed in society, Levi leaves his alley to learn how to hunt and live independently. His first goal is to find a rogue or loner group who would be willing to take him in, and eventually stumbles across Kamikaze, Cash, Andhi, and Ingrid, who are all members of the Bahara. Although they contemplate on whether to kill Levi or to let him join, they eventually lead the tom back to camp to let Zene, the leader, decide. Levi is then let into the group, and almost immediately learns to hunt with Kami.

A few days later, Levi is still getting adjusted to the Bahara camp. He now knows the basics of hunting, and can catch small, weak prey if he concentrates hard enough. He leaves camp to practice hunting again, when he hears Indominus and Elsé. He hides in a bush, when Elsé then finds him and traps him under her paw. After pleading with them to release him, Levi eventually gets away, and returns to the group's camp.





  • Anne - cream tabby she-cat


  • Micheal - white tom - status unknown


  • Cathryn - white she-cat - status unknown



Parents - Anne and Micheal 


Love Interests




Levi considers Kami to be a friend and mentor of his.  The tom persuaded his brother to allow the cream tabby to join the strict group, regardless of their rules, so Levi is grateful of his actions.  He is also thankful for Kami's willingness to teach the young tom how to hunt, and Levi has learned all of his hunting skills from the tomcat.





Levi finds the tomcat to be incredibly strange. His ordeals with the tom in his old alleyway has caused Levi to be quite cautious around the tom, and he tens to dislike his melodramatic and overly-sensitive attitude towards everything. He also dislikes his horrible treatment of she-cats and how he is in a perpetual state of denial. Although Kaiden has tried to force his own sorrows upon Levi, the small tom stil remains neutral about the older tom. Since Levi joined around the same time Kaiden left the Bahara on a trip to the Port City, the two have not interacted within the group.



Ad Astra

Levi fondly remembers Astra for bringing him prey when he could not hunt for himself.  However, he was too shy to properly speak to her, or even merely thank her.  Levi is grateful for her actions and wishes he could see her again to properly thank her for everything she has done. The only other time Levi has heard about the she-cat is when Kaiden complains about her, which was a common thing when Levi knew the older tom.


Levi knows little of the she-cat and never truly interacted with her.  All that he is aware of is that she was often present with Kaiden, and was constantly flirting with him and agreeing to outlandish compacts with him, despite only knowing him a day or two at the most.  When Kaiden is trying to take Levi back to his den and Levi tries to escape, Flavia refers to Levi's escape as a "fight" and promptly breaks it up.








Although Levi was two moons older than Else when they first met, she was much larger and stronger than he was.  He was easily intimidated by both she and her sister, and was instantly afraid when he stumbled across the two by hunting. Levi was easily pinned down by the she-cat, and once released, bolted for the safety of the Bahara camp.






  • Levi is one of Hya's oldest characters, and was created in 2013.


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