Lichenpelt is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current WinterClan
Warrior Lichenpelt
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Owner Max

Lichenpelt is a scrawny, ragged tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue-green eyes.



Lichenpelt is a small individual and quite strange looking when looking at the rest of her family. She has a scrawny frame and definitely doesn't fit into the large, muscular look that most WinterClan warriors are known for. Instead, she has little muscle and most of her frame is covered in a thick, raggedy coat that sticks up at all angles and simply looks unkept. She tries her best to neaten her appearance, but, to little avail as her fur seems determined to defy gravity.
She has a tortoiseshell pelt that is separated into large patches of colour. Most of her upper body has black patches while her red spots start appearing from her mid-section onwards. Her legs are a lighter red compared to the patches and show a rather dirty colour. As assumed, Lichenpelt, despite her best efforts, definitely has a rather dirty and muddy pelt from the difficulty of maintaining it. White markings start from her chest and then proceed downwards on her stomach and lower back legs. The only other defining aspect about Lichenpelt are her eyes. They are a beautiful blue-green colour that is light and appears like lake water to most.


draft; she is a total scatterbrain, gets easily distracted by literally anything and this causes some cats to become annoyed by her? she wants to be friends with literally anybody but she gets a little too excited by this sometimes? she's just a weird cat who wants to be a well-loved member of Winterclan. sometimes she feels like an outsider because of her size and overall appearance and at some stage, she totally got bullied for her looks too.


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