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Lightpaw is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Lightpaw is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current WinterClan
Apprentice Lightpaw
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings None
Mate Thornfang (formerly)
Kits Thistlekit, Flickerkit, Carneliankit
Mentor Flashstrike
Owner Twinetail

Lightpaw is a beautiful, hard muscled, elegant, sleek, golden she-cat with dazzling blue eyes and a swollen belly.


Lightpaw is kind, caring, and funny. She loves life and loves having fun.


She is out with her mentor, Flashstrike, and they patrol the SpringClan border. She sees Thornpaw out with his mentor, a gray striped tabby tom. He calls out to her and replies sharply, asking "Whatcha want, flea-bag?" Lightpaw apologizes, telling him she was in a mood today. She noticed his broad shoulders, broad head, and muscular body and realizes she's falling in love. She has to leave, and Thornpaw asks her to meet him at the SpringClan/WinterClan border later. She nods and leaves. She sneaks out of camp and waits for Thornpaw. When he shows up, she purrs and twines her tail with his.

She asks if she likes-likes him, and he replies, "Of course." She asks him to be her mate and he agrees. They meet several more times.

Lightpaw sneaks into SpringClan territory, only 3 fox-lengths from the camp. She asks Blazeshot to get Thornpaw for her. Blazeshot disappears momentarily and returns with Thoenpaw. He leaves to alone and slips off into the forest. Lightpaw is giddy and she tells him she has great news. He asks her what is and she tells him she's expecting kits. Thornpaw is shocked but happy. Lightpaw has to leave quickly, and licks Thornpaw's cheek and leaves.

Shimmerpaw notices Lightpaw's belly swelling and realizes Lightpaw is expecting kits. Lightpaw walks away and tells Icepaw about her and Thornpaw after she tells Lightpaw she smells like her brother. Lightpaw brings Winterpaw along with them as they slip out of camp to explain more. Lightpaw begs Winterpaw to pose as the father and he is reluctant. He goes off to think.

Lightpaw goes to the Gathering and sits next to Risingspirit. She murmurs about how fat she was, and looks for Thornpaw. When she returns from the Gathering, she winces and feels a kick. She is worried, knowing she wasn't due for a whole nother moon. She sneaks out of camp and finds a hollowed out tree stump. She crawls inside, and gives birth to three kits, two she-kits and a tom, almost dying in the process. She names the tom Thistlekit before falling asleep.




"Great StarClan, I'm fat!"
Lightpaw to herself at the Gathering.


  • She and Thornpaw will have kits as apprentices.
  • Her kits will be born a moon early.
  • She will almost die delivering her kits.
  • Her warrior name will be Lightflower.

Life Image


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