Lightsoul is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current SummerClan
Given Kit: Lightkit

Apprentice: Lightpaw

Warrior: Lightsoul

Age 15 Moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Owner Opal

Lightsoul is a cream-colored she-cat with sharp, amber eyes.


Lightsoul is a young she-cat with cream-colored fur. Her eyes are bright and rather striking, being a vibrant shade of amber.

She also has many small small scars on her body, however she has a large scar under her eye an three across her right shoulder.

Lightsoul is rather muscular and was built for fighting, not hunting. Due to her larger-than average size and less than average agility, prey often see her coming before she even sees them.


Lightsoul is reserved and rarely expresses any emotions. Her face is constantly locked in a stern expression and her voice is quite monotone, leaving others with the impression that she's constantly angry.

She hates revealing any emotions to others, which she considers a weakness, but is actually very self-conscious and has a low self-esteem. Due to her terribly hunting skills, she brings in little food for the clan, leaving her with the feeling of worthlessness.

Lighstoul is introverted and prefers to be alone most of the time.


Kithood - 

Lightsoul was an orphaned loner kit who was dropped off at the SummerClan camp entrance with no trance of her parents.  She was taken in by a queen of the clan, who had lost her own kits recently due to illness.  She cared for Lightsoul as if she were her own.

As a kit, Lightsoul was very quiet and shy.  She was a lot bigger than the other kits in the nursery despite being younger, and was often teased because of it.  Since she was often picked on, she spent most of her time alone or with her mother and father.

Adolescence - 

When Lightsoul became an apprentice, she quickly turned out to be excellent in combat, however her hunting skills were far from perfect. She failed to catch as much prey as the other apprentices, if anything at all. As punishment, she was often kept from eating or spent most of her day cleaning the elder's den and nursery. Although her apprenticeship was far from exciting, she did meet one friend who she would never forget: Snowpaw.

Snowpaw was another apprentice of SummerClan, and would volunteer to clean the elder's den to keep Lightsoul company. Over their apprenticeship, the two developed a very close bond.

Adulthood - 

Lightsoul and Snowpaw (now named Snowleaf) became warriors once they turned around twelve moons of age.  Since they were no longer expected to train and follow orders from their mentors, the two had more free time in which they spent together.  This soon came to an end when Snowleaf was killed during winter.  While hunting, the ice broke beneith the white she-cat and she was trapped in the freezing water alone until she died.  Lightsoul was devastated and mourned for months and months.  She has never fully recovered from Snowleaf's death.


Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Mate: None

Kits: None



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