Lily is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Lily is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current Kittypet
Given Lily
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings None
Mate Bramble
Kits None
Owner None

Lily is a pale-colored she-cat with green eyes.


Lily is strong and willing to do anything, even at the cost of her life.


She is first seen around a newly named warrior age. She is a kittypet. She loves to sleep with her owner, Lily. But when they moved, it was hard on her, but she meets a new love-life named Bramble. Now she loves to be around him all the time. When she was captured by WinterClan, she was not happy. She would always scream and yell at everyone. She then figured out a way to escape and she did, but sadly, a few of the cats stayed behind. She soon returns for them with an attack party and they free the other kitty-pet's from WinterClan's evil paws.

Later on, she is seen hanging out with Bramble. He apologizes for disappearing but she doesn't mind. They hang out a bit more. She is then sunbathing and he says she looks good in sunlight and she says the same goes for him. He asks if she will be his mate and she replies yes.

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