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Longclaw is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past SpringClan, SplashClan
Age Approx. 33 Moons (2.09 Years) at Death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Infection
Debut SpringClan 6
Last Post Somewhere in SplashClan
Father Strikefire
Mother Rainstripe
Siblings Fire-ears, Mallowdawn, Skyscream, Lightpaw
Mate Spiritheart
Kits Chistledpaw, Pinepaw, Fishstream, Rainflower
Apprentice Tigerstar
Owner Mel
Longclaw is a black tomcat with silver tabby stripes.



He is born to Rainstripe and Strikefire.

he is shown to love playing with Spiritkit. Later, he argues with Lakekit for some reason and they both almost fight. He jumps on Tornadostorm and says he wants to play, though Tornadostorm doesnt. He later argues with Lakekit yet again. Shellshore picks him up and scoulds him, Longkit mutters and walks away, insulting the Leader's mate. He is seen later conplaining about Bracken joining the clan.

Later, he gets his apprentice name, Longpaw, and gets Mudshine as a mentor. He isnt seen very much, just training normaly and having a crush on Spiritpaw. He secretly runs away, and becomes a loner because of Strikepaw, who liked Spiritpaw. He finds himself alone, and later comes back, only missing for a moon. But no one noticed, which made him angry. He just ajusts back to life in a clan, and fights harder then any apprentice.

Later, he earns his warrior name, Longclaw, and walks up to Spiritheart, cerebrating. Later, he joins the Dark Forest.

Later, she gives birth and dies right afterwards. He is heart broken, and is seen mourning her death for moons. When she does come back, they leave along with their kits to SplashClan.


Ceremonies & Mentions


Longpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Froststar: ""I am here to announce new warriors.""
Narrator: "Cats gather around, Longpaw growls in happiness."
Froststar: ""Do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and defend it, even if it costs you your lives?"
Longpaw and the rest: "I do!"
Froststar: "Then by the powers vested in me and StarClan, I give you your names. Swanpaw, you will be Swanfeather, StarClan honours your bravery and patience. Longpaw, you will be Longclaw, StarClan honours your enthusiasm and courage. Wingpaw, you will be Wingheart, StarClan honours your patience and speed. Quickpaw, you will be Quickspirit, StarClan honours your speed and strength. Soaringpaw, you will be Soaringsong, StarClan honours your courage and strength. Spiritpaw, you will be Spiritwhisper, StarClan honours your heart and spirit. Lakepaw, you will be Lakestorm, StarClan honours your strength and competition. Sunsetpaw, you will be Sunsetsight, StarClan honours your open mind and bravery. Thornpaw, you will be Thorn----, StarClan honours your bravery and consideration. We welcome you as full warriors of SpringClan.""
—Longclaw's warrior ceremony SpringClan/Roleplay




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