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Longstripe is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Longstripe is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current SummerClan
Given Kit: Longkit
Apprentice: Longpaw
Warrior: Longstripe
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Clawslash
Mother Flowerblossom
Siblings Whitebirch, Rainlegs, Hollowkit
Mate Brightdrop
Kits Dropkit, Stealthkit, Cloverkit, Dogkit
Apprentices Gingertail, Twigstep
Owner None

Longstripe is a huge, well muscled, dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes, very long, silky fur, large ears, one of which is tufted, a deep voice, a long, plumy tail, and very wide, dark tabby stripes.


Longstripe is strong and stubborn. He is ambitious, but in the good way. He loves his Clan and would die for them without a second thought


He is born to Flowerblossom and Clawslash, along with his siblings, Whitekit, Rainkit, and Hollowkit. His father killed Hollowkit, and planned to kill them all. He helped hide Rainkit in the leader's den, and he hid behind the dirt-place, under the twisted roots of an old Oak tree.

He is seen talking to Brightwhisper, and is very nervous. He is happy when she appears to be nervous too. He catches her a thrush, and she tells him she likes him. He tells her he likes her too, and asks her to be his mate. She says yes, and he is overjoyed.

Oceanwave shows up, and is furious at Brightwhisper for becoming mates with Longstripe instead of him. He asks why she was heating him. Longstripe confronts him, asking what his problem was, stating that she had never promised him anything. When Oceanwave leaves he nuzzles her, purring.

He and Brightwhsiper break up, and he decides he's better off without her, and doesn't need her to be happy.

His apprentice, Gingerpaw, becomes a warrior, earning the name Gingertail. He notices Brightdrop for the first time, and states she's much prettier than Brightwhisper, and wonders if she's nicer too. Not long after Gingerpaw becomes a warrior, he receives another apprentice, Twigpaw. He sits with Twigpaw, and they just talk.

'The next day, he pads up to Brightdrop, and casually tells her hey. He stares at her fur, and asks her how she keeps it so sleek and shiny. She tells him she takes care of it, and thinks to herself that he probably thinks she's weird. He laughs and thinks the same thing. He asks her to go hunting,and they leave. He catches her a falcon, and tells her to eat it.

She is fascinated with his skill, and he tells her cats say he gets his hunting skills from his mother. He tells her he hadn't been this happy in a moon, but cuts himself off. Brightdrop knows what he was going to say, but tells him to say it anyway. He asks her to be his mate, and thinks she'll say no. She says yes, and Longstripe is greatly surprised, for he had thought she'd say no. She tells him there's no cat she could love more and twines her tail with his. he licks her, nuzzling here, and thinks maybe she won't dump him everyday.

He and Brightdrop go to the Gathering and sit with Featherstorm and Happybird. He purrs to her that it was their first Gathering as a couple, making her purr.

His apprentice, Twigpaw, becomes a warrior. He notices her crush on Snakepaw, and his highly amused. He asks Brightdrop if she was ready to train, snapping her out of a daze. He repeats himself on her request. They go to train, and he notices her difficulty getting up. He asks her what's wrong, and she doesn't know.

He tells her he should see a medicine cat. They go to the medicine cat den. He yowls Silentspark's name, getting the tabby's attention. She checks Brightdrop over, and whispers something. He tells her to repeat that, his tail swishing. Silentspark tells them Brughtdrop's pregnant. Brightdrop gasps, meanwhile Longstripe is speeches. He tells Silentspark to repeat herself, his ears pricked, mouth open, tail reed straight. The medicine cat apprentice congratulates the two cats. Rowanstar enters, and excuses Brightdrop from training, congratulating the soon-to-be parents. Brightdrop purrs, nuzzling him. He nuzzles her back, licking her ears.

He trains for the battle, with his brother, Whitebirch, and his friend, Featherstorm. He attacks Alpinefeather, not knowing she was pregnant. He nearly kills her. He is bowled off of her by her mate, Strongheart. He prepares to attack, but Rowanstar calls for SummerClan to retreat. He is surprised when Strongheart tells Rowanstar his intentions to join SummerClan with his mate and his best friend, Frozenheart.

He hisses at Snakepaw when the apprentice shoves him out of his way when the Clan finds an injured Brindlenose at Hot Rocks.

Brightdrop gives birth to his kits, Dropkit, Stealthkit, Cloverkit, and Dogkit. He goes to get her a stick at her request, her telling him she wanted to try without Pikepelt. When he gets back he sees a tiny copy of his mate in the moss, and lick its head. he names her Dropkit. He names one of their sons Dogkit after his size and large paws, and Brightdrop names their other son and daughter Cloverkit and Stealthkit. Brightdrop states Cloverkit looks and acts like her father while Longstripe purrs.

He sees his father, Clawslash, and snarls, standing protectively over his new family. He and Clawslash get into a heated, and almost violent, argument. He finally makes Clawslash leave, and the evil tom vanishes.

He asks Stealthkit what he's doing when he sees his son chasing hi tail. his son replies to him, and Longstripe bets his son he can't catch his tail, laying it on the ground and wiggling it. He smiles as Stealthkit pounces on it, squeaking.

He congratulates Shiftpaw when he becomes a warrior named Shiftkey. He flicks Dropkit's ear as she bounces around congratulating her older friend.



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  • His name is a combination of the prefix of Cryptid's favorite "Warriors cat, Longtail, and the suffix of his least favorite, Darkstripe.
  • He and Brightdrop will have 4 kits, Dogkit, Glimmerkit, Stealthkit, and Dropkit.
  • A song that describes his relationship with Brightwhisper is Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri.
  • A song that describes his relationship with Brightdrop is Arms by Christina Perri.

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