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Loonface is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Ivyfang
Debut SummerClan/Roleplay Archive6
Last Post 2013 Gathering No. 4
Father Patchtooth
Mother Silverflower
Siblings Angelcarol, Goldentalon, Featherpelt, Luckfur
Mates Rainheart (formerly), Crowwhisker
Kits Chervilclaw, Splashpetal
Mentor Shadowpelt
Apprentices Spiceflame, Oblivionpaw
Deputy Position
Predecessor Cricketheart
Successor Magpiestorm
Owner Mink

Loonface is a black-and-white tom with bright blue eyes, and a x-shaped scar on his chest. He was a former SummerClan deputy, and the son of of Patchtooth and Silverflower. His littermates were Luckfur, Featherpelt, Goldentalon, and Angelcarol. His mate was Crowwhisker, and together they had Sootfoot and Chervilclaw. Loonface was killed at a Gathering by Ivyfang, who was infected with rabies. He is shown to be a rather optimistic cat and a horrible liar who is quick to call out things.



Loonface is a short-furred, black-based cat who is said to be attractive by several cats. He has a average length tail and ears, as well as average-sized legs. He has white markings that go up to his chest, paws, belly, and a bit on his face. On his chest is an x-shaped scar that has long lines, that was received in a Dark Forest duel. He also has a plain grey nose, that sticks out from the rest of him. Well, if it wasn't for his chest scars.
His earpink is a bright-ish pink color, the same color as his hard, firm paw pads. His eyes are a round dark blue, that seem to sit just right on the tom's face. His whiskers are long and white, and his teeth are yellowed with age. His ears are triangle shaped and are of an average size, as are his paws. He's rather skinny, and his build and frame are average. Overall, not a very remarkable cat.


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Loonface always looks towards the brighter side of things, for he thinks there's always something good bound to come out of bad situations. However, his optimism can get him in trouble at times. He is terrible at lying, and it's easy to crack even secrets from this tom, because he is very honest. He likes to help others so that he can get attention, especially if it involves his mate, Crowwhisker. He frequently has nightmares about his mother, Silverflower's death over and over again.


Loonface is just about average at everything, and is a horrible swimmer, too. However, his good looks earned him his name, Loonface.


Loonface is born to Patchtooth and Silverflower, along with Angelcarol, Featherpelt, Luckfur, and Goldentalon. Soon, his new mother is Branchheart, after his mother is killed by a dog. Not long afterwards, he is made an apprentice, and his mentor is Shadowpelt, who at his ceremony bites him in his ear. Sometime later, he becomes a warrior. When Luckshine dies in her sleep, Loonface goes in the elders den to see what happened. It is noted that he is worried. When he is hissed at by Rowanstar, he runs off to retrieve Brownpelt.
Loonface presses his muzzle deep into his mate, Crowwhisker's fur. It is revealed that they are mates. He is shown sleeping next to her, and it is noted that nobody ever talked to him until she came along. He asks her if anything interesting has happened. He is later asked by his mate, Crowwhisker, if they could hunt together, and he happily agrees. As he follows her, it is noted that he loves her dearly, but sometimes she made him look foolish, and he did not mind.
He is one of the cats to look in Rowanstar's den when some cats, including his sister, Luckfur, look inside. Later on, he is shown greeting Tanzanitepaw and Visionblurr in the Dark Forest. When Tanzanitepaw remarks that he is a SummerClan cat, but he replies back that he is a veteran trainee, training back since he was an apprentice. He ignores what Visionblur says to him about him being easy to fight against. After Kumquatpaw says she doesn't want to train with a SummerClan cat, Loonface feels offended and asks why they don't want to train with him. It is noted that this was a first for him, for he had trained well with cats of other clans. 
He later appears next to Heavystar, and says to Cygnetkit that she's pretty dumb to go train in the Dark Forest, noting that she was very young to train. He then proceeds to tell Heavystar that he was a loon to go train kits, for he says that they would learn nothing, and all they would know was to suckle and feed. He tells Kumquatpaw that she was very silly to train in the Dark Forest, and that if she wasn't so gullible and like Whinchatpaw, who also had a short tail, she wouldn't have to come there in the first place.
He later boasts to Tanzanitepaw that he could beat her in a fight, adding that he had trained there before she was born, and has came every night since. Later, he challenges her to a duel. Tanzanitepaw, now Tanzaniteshadow, says no, and in response out of annoyance, he nicks one of her ears, before she leaves an x shaped scar on his chest. Loonface then darts towards her and then stops. Tanzaniteshadow then proceeds to give a hard blow to his head, and he returns it by raking his claws hard on her head. Then, when she slashes his belly, he proceeds to duck under her, slash her belly twice and duck out. He almost dies when Tanzaniteshadow bites his neck, until Heavystar breaks up the fight, sending him home. Loonface then calls for help twice in his nest before being treated to by Silentspark. He then calls for his mate, Crowwhisker, to check up on him.
When Crowwhisker wants to know what happened to him, he responds without words and points to his scar, being very weak at that point. He weakly presses his muzzle into his mate's fur after she says she loves him, and then Crowwhisker licks him gently.
After a few days, Loonface appears in the Dark Forest, looking for Cygnetpaw. He says he isn't mad and wants to challenge her to a duel; the winner getting to leave the Dark Forest early. He starts the battle by leaping onto Cygnetpaw and attempting to claw her head, only to be pushed back with a hard kick, and is sent to the ground. Loonface then claws at one of Cygnetpaw's ears, but it is not long before she slashes at him back. He then proceeds to kick at her, and follows with twitching his tail. He waits for Cygnetpaw to sort out her problems with Tigerscar, the new leader of the Dark Forest. He leaves after she tells him to go for now, and to come at night to fight at the SummerClan-SpringClan border. 
Loonface arrives there and asks Cygnetpaw how she got there so fast, and guesses that she escaped quickly enough to reach the border. When she says something funny, he laughs and replies that he thinks she's funny, and he likes that. He adds that SummerClan didn't sound much different than SpringClan, and he adds that Blossombreeze and her brother's warrior ceremonies were late because nobody cared about them. Loonface then asks when she is going to start. When Cygnetpaw does and fails to attack him, he pounces on her, digs his claws into her skin, lets loose of his grip, and rakes her pelt. He is shown cornering Cinderflight in the Battle of the Century. Tanzaniteshadow attacks him, and breaks the bone of his tail tip. He then proceeds to finish off Cinderflight, and kills her. 
A few days pass before Loonface enters the nursery to check up on Crowwhisker. It is revealed that she is pregnant, and moved to the nursery when she could no longer do her warrior duties. He later attacks Alpinefeather in SummerClan, giving a regretful glance to Rowanstar before doing so. He pounces on her, and attempts to land a blow on her belly. While doing so, he imagines that he is the dog that killed his mother, and Alpinefeather his mother, Silverflower.
One day, Crowwhisker greets him, her belly swollen with his kits. Loonface greets her back, and tells her that the medicine cats are getting borage and chervil for queens like herself. He adds that she should rest in her nest, noting that she doesn't know when the kits are coming. He later on gets an apprentice, Spicepaw. He cheers her name on after she recieves her new name, and pads up to her to touch noses. When Crowwhisker begins to kit, he calls for Pikepaw and Silentspark to help her out while she writhes in pain. Pikepaw tells him that the stick will help her keep calm while kitting, and that not all births are painful. Loonface hopes that the kits and Crowwhisker turn out alright. In the end, she has his kits: Chervilkit, and Splashkit. He asks her if he could suggest some names, and names Splashkit.
Loonface is shown playing with his kits, telling them to go attack his tail. Chervilkit is the first to respond, and pounces on his tail. Right afterwards, he is assigned on a hunting patrol. He is shown grooming Songbreeze's fur, making sure all of it had no grit or grime on it. Loonface then agrees to go hunt with Whistlewind. Cricketstar later names Loonface his deputy, and he, speechless, accepts the offer, and says that he would be the best deputy he could be.
Loonface then is seen rambling on and on about his greatest achievements to Whistlewind, since Crowwhisker was often busy and couldn't afford the time to meet him. She challenges him, and he accepts the challenge. However, he decides to prepare, and meets his sister, Angelcarol, while doing so. When she offers him to take a walk, he rejects it, saying that being deputy meant being very busy. He tells her that he needs to do something with Whistlewind, and then set up some patrols, offering her to be in one. 
He is asked by Strongstar to come on a border patrol with him, and he agrees to. Loonface asks if some other cats could come on the patrol, moving his tail. He soon receives another apprentice, Oblivionpaw. He is seen bringing back prey, and decides to give it to Whistlewind. He crouches in front of her to show his respect, and then lets it go from his jaws. After he does so, he pads over to the middle of the warriors den - his spot - and curls himself up. Loonface is seen returning to camp with Strongstar, and is noted to have helped train Stealthpaw and Wanderingpaw together. 
After Wanderingpaw is made into a warrior, Wanderingshadow, Strongstar then states that he was to talk to Loonface, and goes off to find him to discuss about Smoke and Oblivionpaw's punishment. Upon nearing him, Loonface asks what was it, and stands up from the middle of the warriors' den. He twitches an ear, and notices that he had a stranger behind him, and inquires if he was a prisoner from battle, or a rogue that took one of his lives. He is noted to not be surprised if he was either, as he often experienced violence during his time as a Dark Forest trainee. Strongstar calls him a creep, and denies his claims, stating that the stranger wanted to join their Clan, and he wanted to discuss about Oblivionpaw.
Loonface agrees to, whiskers held in amusement. He asks why, as Smoke seemed foreign, and he didn't look he had the build for hunting in SummerClan, examining Smoke's body. He inquires about a possible name change, as he notes that a name was a key to becoming a warrior, and that in his eyes, no name change meant no true warriorhood.
He then pauses before asking about what Oblivionpaw's did, and if she attempted to force feed foxglove seeds on Palepaw. Strongstar believes that he is right, and looks at his son before returning to Loonface. When he returns from a hunting trip, Shiftkey mentions in his thoughts that Loonface assigned him on a border patrol with Stealthdrop and Guilttrip, who was hostile to him as usual. At a Gathering, when Ivyfang is driven on a rampage by her rabies, Loonface is killed during her fury. During Sparrowstar's nine lives ceremony, he is present to give her a life, one for mentoring.



Patchtooth: Deceased, StarClan resident


Silverflower: Deceased, StarClan resident


Crowwhisker: Deceased, StarClan resident


Chervilclaw: Deceased, StarClan resident
Sootfoot: Living


Goldentalon: Deceased, StarClan resident
Luckfur: Deceased, StarClan resident
Angelcarol: Status Unknown, Most Likely Deceased
Featherpelt: Living


Belle: Living


Ray: Status Unknown


Minnowsky: Status Unknown


Rumblekit: Status Unknown


Lightningpaw: Living


  • He was orignally named Moonface, but it was changed by a letter due to the amount of Moon- cats.
  • He has kittypet blood, because his mother, Silverflower, was a kittypet.
  • He has rogue blood, because his father, Patchtooth, was a rogue.







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