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Current SpringClan
Age 4.5 years
Status Living
Debut SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 10
Father Blizzardheart
Mother Firespark
Sibling Firestorm (half) Goldenmoon (half) Cedarflame (half)
Mate Cheetahspirit
Kits Tinycloud, Mintnose, Horizonfall
Mentor Icepetal
Owner None

Lostheart is a small, silver she-cat with dark grey tabby stripes, small fluffy paws, a long, black tipped fluffy tail, big ears, large silver eyes that swirl with emotion, long, needle sharp claws, long whiskers, and a bright nose.



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Lostheart is very shy, but likes hanging out with others when they let her. She gets along well with other people, especially her friends. Lostheart can get upset over little things, like if someone gives her a bad look, she bursts out crying. Her best friend and love is Cheetahspirit, who she befriended as a kit.  She can be brave, but doesn't show it. The mystery of her absent father has always haunted Lostheart, and someday wishes to find him.


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Lostkit is born to Blizzardheart and Firespark as a Half-Clan cat. Her mother had never expected to have kits, and never told Blizzardheart about Lostkit. Ashamed that she had bore a kit with a cat from a different Clan, she hardly cared for Lostkit, not getting excited when she opened her eyes and sometimes not letting her nurse, resulting in Lostkit's little size. Firespark tries to take Lostkit to Blizzardheart to show him, but the she-kit squirms free and runs away before her mother can do anything.
Lostkit witnesses Snowfur's vigil and tells Firespark why Snowfur went away. Firespark refuses to look at her daughter, and Lostkit starts prodding her, but to no avail. She gets upset that her mother would not talk to her, and goes away, where she meets Cheetahkit. Cheetahkit asks why she is upset. Lostkit replies to the happy tom that her mother didn't like her. Cheetahkit says that wasn't very nice and asks her to be his first friend. Lostkit accepts and plays Clans with him and Granitekit, Lunarflower and Leopardfang's kit. She is Loststar of LostClan, Cheetahkit is Cheetahstar of CheetahClan, and Granitekit is Granitestar of GraniteClan.
Soon, Soaringsong gives birth to Thornfang's kits, Forestkit, Cavernkit, Covekit, Arctickit, and Cypresskit. Soaringsong bleeds heavily, and almost dies, along with Cavernkit. Lostkit is worried for them, but happy when the two stay alright. Cheetahkit says he has to show Lostkit a secret, his secret. She eagerly comes along with him to his secret hideout outside of camp, a large oak tree by the lake. Lostkit asks if anyone else knew about this place, and he replies that only he knew, but it could be Lostkit's secret hiding place too. He teaches her how to swim, and soon she is paddling around like a duck. Cheetahkit says that they should return, but wait for their pelts to dry, so no-one would get suspicious. He asks her to be his best friend until forever is over, and she agrees.
They return to camp and find that Stemkit had died. Cheetahkit asks what happened, and Froststar says that maybe if they hadn't left, they'd know what happened. Lostkit is angry, especially when Froststar bans them to the nursery for a moon. Freezekit, Hushedkit, and Bloomfrost come to their defense, telling the leader that it was a bad punishment. Lovekit hisses that 'love is boogers' and crawls into the nursery. She screeches at Froststar, and Firespark grabs her by the scruff and banishes her to her nest, hitting her over the head and leaving. Hushedkit asks if she's okay, and Lostkit replies that she always does that whenever she's bad. Hushedkit exclaims that it's horrible. Cheetahkit sees this and asks if she got hurt because he stuck up for her, and Freezekit enters the nursery, asking what happened. Cheetahkit thinks he's a bad friend, and Lostkit replies, saying that he's not. He says that he was going to teach Firespark a lesson, and Lostkit says that he's a good friend.
When Froststar welcomes Sparks, a kittypet kit, with open paws, Lostkit and Cheetahkit grumpily think that he supported kittypets rather than them, who were just playing.
Firespark commits suicide, and Lostkit is left behind. The Clan is shocked for Lostkit, but don't give her comforting advice or help. She has a small vigil, but hardly anyone attends. Froststar again is hurtful to Lostkit and Cheetahkit, but this time Thornfang and Longclaw come to their defense. She shows no sympathy when he enters his den and doesn't come out.
Ashberry and Quartzrose have their kits, and Lostkit eagerly awaits to see the new nurserymates. Tornpaw starts attacking some cats, and Lostkit is frightened, hiding in the nursery. Tornpaw soon leaves, telling SpringClan they better watch their backs.
She later wishes that Firespark was alive, even though she was mean, she had kept her company. Cheetahkit asks if she's okay, but she doesn't respond. They start to go to their secret place away from camp, and Cheetahkit tells her that she can tell him anything. Lostkit says that she missed her mother. Froststar interrupts, saying Firespark was a good warrior, but not a good mother. The two kits then sneak away to their secret fort, and Cheetahkit asks why she still missed Firespark. Lostkit tells that Firespark used to tell her stories if she was in a good mood, and sometimes she would talk about her father, but whenever Lostkit asked who he was, Firespark would get angry.
The pair notices a small, russet shape falling into the territory. Freezekit happens to see it too, and they rush over to glimpse it. It's a kit, and she introduces herself as Burnt. Cheetahkit, Lostkit, and Freezekit both ask questions about Burnt, and she answers them all by telling them that she was a rogue, and back where she came from, she got all the toms. Freezekit is shown to have an obvious crush. When they return, Burnt talks inappropriately in front of Ivyfang. Ivyfang, Snowfern, Darkstorm, and the kits all argue with each other, while Lostkit laps at her chest in confusion.


Lostkit is finally made an apprentice to Icepetal. Lostpaw is seen getting down when she realizes Icepetal was absent. She notices Cheetahpaw spending a lot of time with Burnt, and is a little sad when she thinks of him having another best friend. Cheetahpaw catches her missing a piece of prey, and asks her if she's as happy as he is, of becoming an apprentice. She replies 'I guess so.' Cheetahpaw then scents a sparrow and leaps into the air to catch it, much to Lostpaw's amazement.


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Ceremonies and Mentions


Lostpaw's Apprentice Ceremony

Froststar: "May all cats old enough to step out of camp, join beneath Highledge for a Clan meeting!"
Froststar: "Cheetahkit, Sapphokit, Tealkit, Enigmakit, Lostkit, Toadkit, you will be known as Cheetahpaw, Sapphopaw, Tealpaw, Enigmapaw, Lostpaw, Cheetahpaw, your mentor will be Spiritheart, Sapphopaw, your mentor will be Darknight, Tealpaw, your mentor will be Almondsage, Enigmapaw, your mentor will be Cross-scar, Lostpaw, your mentor will be Icepetal, and Toadpaw, your mentor will be Icestorm. Train hard!"
SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 13

Lostheart's Warrior Ceremony

Darkstar: "As my first act as leader, I have some names to give. Sapphopaw, Cheetahpaw, Tealpaw, Lostpaw, step forward."
Darkstar: "I, Darkstar, leader of SpringClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Sapphopaw, Cheetahpaw, Tealpaw, Lostpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"
Lostpaw: "I do."
Darkstar: "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Sapphopaw, from this moment you will be known as Sapphosky. StarClan honors your perseverance, courage, kindness and skill, and we welcome you as a full warrior of SpringClan. Cheetahpaw, from this moment you will be known as Cheetahspirit. StarClan honors your strength, courage, spirit and bravery, and we welcome you as a full warrior of SpringClan. Tealpaw, from this moment you will be known as Tealspark. StarClan honors your cleverness, energy, fore-thought and enthusiasm, and we welcome you as a full warrior of SpringClan. Lostpaw, you will be known as Lostheart - but hear me, this cat's name does not fit her bright personality. StarClan honors your bravery, thoughtfulness, and heart, and we welcome you as a full warrior of SpringClan."
SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 20



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Cheetahkit: "Ta-da!"
Lostkit: "Does anyone else know? About this place?"
Cheetahkit: "No, just me, but it can be yours too. It can be our hideout! We can come here whenever life is getting bad at camp, and just let out our feelings. This is the place when whenever I'm frustrated or sad, I come here to just... calm and relax."
SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 11





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