Lunarflower is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Lunarflower is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current SpringClan
Given Warrior: Lunarflower
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings Brightsparkle, Moonflower, Singeflight
Mate Leopardfang
Kits Granitesight, Songwillow, Doveheart, Enigmamist, Huntingshadow
Owner None

Lunarflower is a long legged, magnificent, beautiful, small, golden she-cat with bright ginger tabby stripes, large, luminous, striking violet eyes, small tapered ears, a finely shaped head, and a small, berry pink nose. Her left front paw has white toes.


Lunarflower is very kind and compassionate. She never starts fights and dislikes battle. She feels all cats should treat each other nice and fair. She loves all cats, even those who dislike her. The only cat she hates is Shellshore, because she became mates with Froststar instead of her.

She loves her mate, Leopardfang, and he made her forget about Froststar. She no longer has hard feelings about Shellshore.


She was born to an unknown SpringClan tom and she-cat, along with her siblings, Singeflight, Brightsparkle and Moonflower.

Lunarflower is often seen mooning over Froststar.

She is mad at Shellshore, and is shown griping that she should be with Froststar.

Lunarflower kills a fox when two of them break into the SpringClan camp. She follows Leopardfang to scout the territory to make sure there are no more foxes at his request. He asks her if she has a mate, to which she replies no, thanks to Shellshore.

When he asks why, she tells him her, Froststar, and Shellshore's past. Leopardfang understands, and tells him he likes her. She says she will be his mate, and Leopardfang is delighted. He asks if they should have kits, and Lunarflower says yes, but that she'll be doing all the work anyway. She forgets all about Froststar when she realizes how happy she is with Leopardfang.

She gives birth to four kits, two toms and two she-kits. She names the toms Granitekit and Huntingkit. Leopardfang names the she-kits Dovekit and Songkit. Strikefire asks her if he's old, and she replies yes. She purrs when he hisses, telling him she was just kidding. She talks to Leopardfang. She tells him their kits were growing up, and he replies he knows, nuzzling her.

Her kits become apprentices. She is a minor character after this.

She goes to the Gathering. When Brackenpaw commits suicide, she is seen with tears in her violet eyes. She informs her son, Granitepaw, and tells him it isn't StarClan's fault when he accuses them of not helping his friend.

Her kits become warriors, making her very proud.


"Okay, I'll be your mate."
Lunarflower to Leopardfang.

"Of course! But I'll be doing all the work anyway."
Lunarflower to Leopardfang about them having kits.

"No... because of Shellshore."
Lunarflower when Leopardfang asks if she has a mate.


  • Out of the 4 siblings, Lunarflower is Cryptid's favorite.
  • Leopardfang made her forget all about Froststar.

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