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Mallow Life
Current StarClan
Past SplashClan
Age 71 moons (approx. 5.9 years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Green cough
Debut SplashClan/Roleplay
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Mate TBA
Kit Hickorynose
Apprentices Squirrelfang, Ternflight
Owner silverwhisker

Mallowclaw is a black-based tabby tom with very pale eyes. His first litter, with Bluewillow, is Hickorynose and Elmstar. With Shadestream, he had a second litter, Smokepool and Hollyfrost, then a third, Reednose and Rushwhisker. One night, he met Featherleap, a SummerClan warrior, and mated with her. She birthed his son, Acorntail. He is a strong fighter and loyal to his Clan, one of the most respected senior warriors. 



With a tall, bulkier and muscular build, it's quite clear that his sons received their slim build from their mother. However, they definitely got the height from Mallowclaw. His fur is thicker and short in length, unusually short for a cat of SplashClan, although his pelt's  thickness seems to keep water out quite well. His coat's base is darker and gray-brown in color, albeit leaning towards the brown side more than the gray side. His tail tip and muzzle are white, with his paws being the same color as his pelt's base color, although they seem to be a few shades lighter. His chest and face are the same way. Mallowclaw's pelt is marked with black mackerel tabby stripes, making him a black based tabby. He grooms his pelt often, although not as much as his son.
As stated, Mallowclaw is a tall cat with a bulkier build and strong frame, resulting in a fairly intimidating appearance. Like his son, Hickorynose, his paws were much larger than his body when he was young, causing him to stumble and be quite clumsy until he grew into them. His chest is broad and his shoulders are strong, with his hind legs being more powerful than his front. He is a fairly toned cat muscle-wise, however, he has gotten a bit chunkier as he has aged, although he's trying to work on that. Mallowclaw's ears are fairly small and a neat triangular shape, with a smaller muzzle and high, defined cheek bones. His whiskers are long and white in color, and tend to droop due to their length. His tail is thicker than an average cat's, but it is shorter in length, affecting his balance in a negative way. Mallowclaw's toes are webbed, as he is a SplashClan cat, and his pawpads are tougher so he may walk on rocks while in a river. It is noted that he's a fairly attractive cat, one of his greatest features being his pale eyes, which are light green in color.
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Kithood and Adolescence

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Mallowclaw is first formally seen with Shadestream. He gets an idea, and he takes her into the forest to mate. He returns, wondering what his future kits will look like. Later, he gets Squirrelpaw as his apprentice. He tells her it is too late to go for a tour of the territory, and sends her to make herself a nest in the apprentices' den instead. 

Mallowclaw takes Squirrelpaw and Owlpaw for a training session with Shrewfur, Owlpaw's mentor. He sits vigil for Charredkit when he dies and comforts Smokepool. 


Bluewillow: Deceased; StarClan resident (formerly)
Shadestream: Deceased, StarClan resident (formerly)
Featherleap: Deceased, StarClan resident (formerly)
Hickorynose: Living
Elmstar: Deceased, StarClan resident
Acorntail: Living
Mallowkit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Brackenkit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Smokepool: Deceased, StarClan resident
Hollyfrost: Deceased, StarClan resident
Cinderfoot: Living
Minnowfur: Living
Fawnkit: Deceased
Mosskit: Deceased
Willowkit: Deceased
Squirrelfang: Deceased, StarClan resident
Cassie: Living
Musket: Living
Owlshade: Living
Jadefeather: Deceased, unknown residence
Cinderfrost: Deceased, StarClan resident
Bluenose: Deceased, StarClan resident
Hollypelt: Deceased, StarClan resident
Jackdawflight: Deceased, residence unknown
Rippedface: Living
Buntingpelt: Living
Mallowspring: Living
Amber: Deceased, Unknown Residence
Blossom: Deceased, Unknown Residence
Skylark: Deceased, Unknown Residence
Sycamorekit: Living
Beetlestripe: Living
Ravenwing: Living
Pounceheart: Living
Charredkit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Littlekit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Saf: Living
Parsley: Deceased, unknown residence
Copperkit: Living


Russetkit: Living
Maplekit: Living


Orchidkit: Living
Wolfkit: Living



Hickorynose & Elmstar

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Mallowclaw's sons with his first mate takes after him: headstrong, sarcastic, and loyal. Although they may be similar, his sons hate him. Prior to the death of his first mate, Hickorynose and Elmstar were painful reminders of what he had lost. He began to avoid them, not taking much interest in their training or progress. What really sealed the deal was when Mallowclaw took Shadestream as his mate and she bore his kits. Despite their dislike towards him, Mallowclaw is still proud of Hickorynose's and Elmstar's accomplishments. After the death of Elmstar, he grew extremely depressed, for he had never apologized for his behavior and explained why he was acting so cold towards them. He hopes to rekindle his relationship with Hickorynose, however, his son seems to be extremely cold towards him, and seems to have no interest in fixing their father-son relationship.

Smokepool & Hollyfrost

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Mallowclaw has mixed feelings about his daughters. He is disappointed Hollyfrost and Smokepool don't get along, and wishes they were like Hickorynose and Elmstar, who are good friends. He gets mad at Hollyfrost when she gets angry with her mother, and wonders why she is so quick to change moods. Mallowclaw is unsure how to deal with Hollyfrost's mood swings, and isolates her, as does Shadestream. He and Smokepool maintain a close relationship. Their deaths stung, however, the death of Elmstar seemed to hurt Mallowclaw much more.

Love Interests


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Mallowclaw and Bluewillow were friends since they were kits in the nursery. As they grew up, their affection for each other grew, until they became mates. He was very close to her even while she was expecting, and he grew very excited to be a father. He often dreamed of how happy their family would be: just him, his beloved mate, and their kits. He never thought anything could grow wrong, and with his mate by his side, he felt invincible. Bluewillow bore his kits shortly before she died; they reminded Mallowclaw so much of his deceased mate that he ignored them. He still loves Bluewillow, perhaps even more than he loves Shadestream.


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Mallowclaw and Shadestream were also friends in the nursery, although she was about four moons younger than him. When Bluekit and Mallowkit became apprentices, Shadekit was forgotten for the time being. By the time Shadekit was apprenticed, Bluepaw and Mallowpaw were already warriors and mates. All through her apprenticeship and after she was made a warrior, Shadestream was in love with Mallowclaw. When Bluewillow died, she was there for Mallowclaw. She did not foster his sons though, as she insisted she had no time for kittens that weren't even hers. Shadestream bore Mallowclaw's kits, Smokepool and Hollyfrost. Shadestream's is Mallowclaw's second-choice in mate, the first being Bluewillow. Although he loves her, he still pines for his first mate. Shadestream is unaware of this, so they still have a happy relationship. 



Mallow Life