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Current SplashClan
Age Approx. 30 moons old (Approx. 2.5 years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut SplashClan Archive XXX
Last Post Unknown
Father Graywolf
Mother Squirrelfang
Siblings Russetnose, Orchidsnow, Wolfstrike
Mates Elsé, Unnamed tom (Formerly)
Kits First Litter: Clary, Simon
Adoptive: Zelda, Bane, Taiko
Mentors Ravenfang (Unofficially), Erminewhisker
Owner Mink

Maplestrike is a dark ginger tabby she-cat.



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Maplekit is born to Squirrelfang and Graywolf, along with two brothers, Orchidkit and Wolfkit, and one sister, Russetkit. She is not seen for the first few moons of her life.
She is later seen in the Dark Forest, calling for Squirrelfang. She isn't aware of her whereabouts, and darts toward a dark silhouette in the distance. She calls out, and is greeted softly, and asked what she is doing there. Maplekit replies that she doesn't know, and asks where she is. The cat concealed in shadows quickly replies that they are in StarClan, but adds that Maplekit is not hurt nor dead. The stranger goes on to reveal herself to be Ravenfang, and explains that Maplekit has been deemed 'special', and has been invited into StarClan to train to be the best she can be.
Maplekit is excited at this prospect, and begs for Ravenfang to elaborate on what she has claimed, asking if she could be leader of SplashClan, or even of the whole forest. Ravenfang bares her teeth in a smile, explaining that Maplekit could one day own her Clan, and have every cat bow down to her, following her orders. She explains that she is there to help her achieve it. Maplekit is confused at this, and tells Ravenfang that she doesn't think that's how leadership works, but quickly backs up her comment in saying that because Ravenfang is a StarClan cat, she must know more about leading than Elmstar does.
Ravenfang smiles and nods, adding that in StarClan they train with claws. She adds that one cannot improve by fighting like a kittypet. Maplekit sighs, unsheathing her claws. She remarks that her claws are not sharp or long, to which Ravenfang purrs, promising to help her. The black she-cat teaches Maplekit a basic crouch. Just then, Wolfkit arrives in the same place, calling out for Squirrelfang. He notices Maplekit and rushes over, questioning where they are. Maplekit is surprised to see him, asking Ravenfang if he too has a destiny. Before Ravenfang can respond, Wolfkit pipes up, reiterating the question. He wonders aloud whether he will be leader or deputy, or even medicine cat. Ravenfang snorts, replying that being a medicine cat is not an option. She goes on to explain that dictatorship as opposed to leadership would be the only way to succeed. She provokes the two kits, asking which of them will settle for the deputy position. Wolfkit states that he will be leader, to which Ravenfang prompts that Maplekit wants to be leader, and asks if Wolfkit will fight for it. Although Wolfkit seemingly shows hesitation at first, but is ready to attack, to Maplekit's shock. When Ravenfang encourages him, Wolfkit launches himself at Maplekit, telling her that she'd be a better medicine cat than a leader. Maplekit is appalled at the fact that her brother is attacking her, and shoves him off, screeching that they are littermates and thus cannot attack each other. She looks to Ravenfang for help. Unfortunately, Ravenfang is seemingly pleased at the sight before her. In her mind, she wonders why she cannot just go home. At this, Wolfkit whimpers and licks Maplekit's wounded cheek, telling her that he would never hurt her, as it was not worth their bond. Ravenfang turns away to leave, and Maplekit pipes up in rage, telling Wolfkit to explain the scars on her face, subject to his statement. She puffs out her chest, exclaiming that she had come here first, and that it obviously meant she was StarClan's first choice. She looks to Ravenfang for verification, but Ravenfang replies that StarClan's chosen one wouldn't refuse to fight. Wolfkit agrees with Ravenfang's statement, to Maplekit's annoyance. Frustrated by the ridicule, she lashes out at her brother with tiny claws. Wolfkit is seemingly surprised at her actions, but Maplekit continues to claw at him, despite being the smaller of the two. She tells herself that she will not let him overpower her, even though all she has is her paws for defense. Despite this, Wolfkit manages to throw her off, exclaiming that it wasn't fair.
Ravenfang instructs Maplekit to aim for Wolfkit's throat or stomach, since her tiny claws would be able to do damage there. Maplekit does as instructed, flailing at her littermate's stomach and throat with every ounce of her might. Wolfkit fights back, telling her to get off of him before shaking her off. Maplekit is confused for a second, stating that this is what StarClan wants. She dives in to the flurry again, claws flailing about with more vigor than she had allowed prior. Wolfkit snaps, telling Maplekit that if this is what StarClan wants, then he will give it. Maplekit growls, deciding to imitate some of the moves she had seen used in the battle against the Rogues. Due to her size, her mimic didn't exactly mirror the warriors' moves, but she latches on to Wolfkit's throat, spitting out the remainders of his thick fur before rearing back, attempting to stifle her pain. Wolfkit leaps up in triumph, attacking her again. Maplekit wonders whether StarClan really wants the two of them to batter each other to prove who is more worthy, before dodging her littermate's blows as he strikes continuously. She leaps at him, forming a vicegrip around his hindleg with her jaws. Suddenly, Wolfkit turns on Ravenfang without reason, leaping away from Maplekit and lunging for the black she-cat.
After a moment of confusion, Maplekit stiffens as a new cat approaches out of the shadows. He makes his way over slowly, confronting Ravenfang while holding Maplekit's fearful gaze. He snorts, commenting on the fact that Ravenfang is training kits. He tells her that it is low, even by her standards. He asks if Ravenfang had pretended that they were in StarClan, and that Maplekit was a part of a StarClan prophecy. Maplekit is shocked at this revelation, and wonders again where she is. She shrinks back in terror, unable to feel her wounds stinging, paralyzed with fear. She resists the urge to cling to her brother or even Ravenfang for comfort, but instead presses her ears against her skull. Wolfkit huddles against her, before another cat approaches, agreeing with the grey tom as he presses on, wondering whether the kits are only a couple of days old. He tells Ravenfang that he is all for success, but training kittens is plain sick. He orders Ravenfang to send them back to their nest and have them return at six moons, lest she wants to kill them. He turns to the kits, stating that they may have potential, but they are not leader material. Wolfkit pipes up before Maplekit can, stating that their own uncle is leader. Leafnose silences Wolfkit, and Sleetstorm continues, facing Maplekit. He asks her if she really wants to be as weak as her uncle. Maplekit is unable to respond to his crafty question, and shrinks back. Ravenfang pipes up at last, asking the grey tom, who she reveals to be named Sleetstorm, if it is about time he faded. She raises a brow, telling him that she didn't think he cared if kits fought and died. He tells him that kits will soon be apprentices, and the extra training would benefit them. Sleetstorm snorted, retorting that killing them on their first day would do anything but benefit them. Maplekit interrupts at this, stating that she is four moons old. She asks if she will truly be trained to be a great warrior here. Wolfkit exclaims that he wants Sleetstorm to mentor him. Sleetstorm sends Wolfkit home, telling him that he will return at six moons. Maplekit whimpers, stating that she wants to go home too. She stares at Ravenfang in fear. Leafnose nudges her, telling her that she will be able to. She tells her that Ravenfang should not mentor her. Sleetstorm intervenes at this, telling Leafnose that they should give her a chance. He makes a deal with Ravenfang, asking her if she will train the kitten fairly at six moons. Ravenfang reluctantly agrees, and Maplekit is sent home as Sleetstorm instructs her to close her eyes.
Maplekit later wakes up with a start, back in her nest in SplashClan. She notes the bloodied marks across her pelt, and sees that Wolfkit is covered in blood and wounds too. She begins to lick her wounds, nudging her brother so that he can do the same for his pelt, in order to conceal the fact that they had been fighting. When Wolfkit wakes up, Maplekit asks him whether he thinks Squirrelfang will find out. She adds that if they are going to go back there, then there is no way that they can lie about a thorn in their nest every time. Wolfkit just shrugs, telling her that they will have to roll with it. He hushes her, stating that a new asset to the Clan was listening in.
She is seen later on, as Wolfkit greets her, wondering who she would like as a mentor. Maplekit shrugs, stating that it doesn't bother her who she recieves, given that she will be mentored by two cats anyway, so she'd get double the training either way. Wolfkit wonders aloud whether the Clan will find out about Ravenfang and Sleetstorm. Maplekit tells him that she had asked that question earlier. She shrugs, however, stating that they will find out given that their apprentice ceremony is tomorrow.


She later receives her apprentice name from Elmstar, along with Wolfkit, Orchidkit, Russetkit, Lilacpaw, Sycamorepaw (SplC II) and Copperkit. She is named Maplepaw, and is given Erminewhisker as a mentor.




Graywolf: Deceased, Residence Unknown


Squirrelfang: Deceased, StarClan resident


Orchidsnow: Living
Wolfstrike: Living


Russetnose: Living


Hickorynose: Living


Bassleap: Living


Mallowclaw - Living
Trace: Living


Bluewillow: Deceased, StarClan resident

Great-Great Grandfather:

Vladimir: Living


Saf Birch: Living
Parsley: Deceased, Residence Unknown
Copperkit: Status Unknown


Mallowspring: Living
Amber: Deceased, Residence Unknown
Blossom: Deceased, Residence Unknown
Skylark: Deceased, Residence Unknown
Sycamorepaw: Living


Minnowfur: Living
Fawnkit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Willowkit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Mosskit: Deceased, StarClan resident

Great Uncle:

Elmstar: Deceased, StarClan Resident

Great Half-Uncles:

Reednose: Deceased, Residence Unknown
Rushwhisker: Living
Acorntail: Living
Brackenkit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Mallowkit: Deceased, StarClan resident

Great Half-Aunts:

Smokepool: Deceased, StarClan resident
Hollyfrost: Deceased, Residence Unknown

Great Great Uncle:

Miner: Living


Bluenose: Deceased, StarClan resident
Hollypelt: Deceased, StarClan resident
Littlekit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Russet: Living
Lakeview: Living
Posy: Living
Shaded: Living
Blueness: Living
Four Unnamed kits - Deceased, Residence Unknown
Firepaw: Living
Stormy: Living
Basil: Living
Panda: Living
Jupiter: Living
Melody: - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Beetlestripe: Deceased, StarClan resident
Ravenwing: Living
Charredkit: Deceased, suspected StarClan resident
Pounceheart: Living
Unnamed Kit: Deceased, Residence Unknown
Owlshade: Living
Jadefeather: Living
Cinderfrost: Deceased, StarClan resident
Jackdawflight: Living
Rippedface: - Living
Buntingpelt: Deceased, StarClan resident




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Maplepaw is very respectful of her mother, and values her as a warrior and as a queen. Instead of addressing her as 'mother' she dubs her by her name, as a sign of her maturity and respect for her as an individual. She is apprehensive of Squirrelfang finding out about her visits to the Dark Forest, and is wary that the scars on her pelt may attract her mother's attention.


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Maplepaw didn't see much of her father, and as a result, had no real opinion on him. She didn't particularly care for him, nor did she opt for a better bond with him. It would have come as a surprise to her if Graywolf had interacted with her and her siblings when he was alive, as she does not believe he cared for her. Upon the news of his death, Maplepaw was indifferent, but sympathetic for her mother and siblings who mourned his loss. She did too, of course, as she values her kin.


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Maplepaw has a fickle relationship with her brother. The two seldom fight and work more as teammates opting for the same goal, which is to become leader under the falsehood claim of their mentors in the Dark Forest, who they have not yet come to terms with as being deceitful. While Maplepaw's bond with Wolfpaw is currently much stronger than her relationships with Russetpaw or Orchidpaw, she does tend to snap at him a lot more than she would her other siblings

Orchidpaw and Russetpaw

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