Placeholder cat
Current WinterClan
Kit Marinekit
Age 6 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Finncloud
Mother Nixflight
Siblings Prongkit, Hopekit
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Rainy

Marinekit is a diluted tortoiseshell with amber eyes. She is the child of Nixflight and Finncloud and the sister of Hopekit and Prongkit. She tends to be a bit mischevious, messing with her brother and sister a lot. This is seen from an early age. Despite that, she is funny and very loving.



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Marinekit is, from a very early age, seen to be mischevious, purposefully taking the spot in which Prongkit was sleeping. Because of being mischevious, she often enjoys messing with others and acting without thinking theough the consequences. She is always a bit manipulative in her ways, and tries to get others involved in her plans.
Due to being so mischevious, she tends to get an outlook from others as being rude and uncaring. She sometimes acts like this vibe she gives off doesn't affect her, but sometimes it does. Because of the reputation she has practically given herself, she tends to become uncomfortable around others that believe her to be the reputation she has been given.
Despite being so manipulative and mischevious, she is very kind to those close to her, mainly being her family and close friends. When it comes to her littermates, she may be seen as rude but she is still very loving to her siblings. She tries constantly to stay close to them because she feels as though they are her safe haven. Because of this, she is very nice and loving in the way she is around them.


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Marinekit is born to Nixflight and Finncloud with siblings Prongkit and Hopekit. She is the first one named, and the only one named by her mother. When her brother gets up, acting weird, she stretches and takes his spot. He then flops on top of her, causing her to move around in attempts to push him off. Her mother then moves her from Prongkit's spot. Marinekit then falls asleep, pressed against her brother and her mother.
She then wakes up, following Nixflight leaving the nursery. She presses against her siblings, feeling scared for a moment until Prongkit jumps to his paws and runs out of the nursery. She follows him, in hopes of finding their mother. They then come across Crowfoot's dead body. Prongkit freezes up and Nixflight ushers thembinto the nursery, where Hopekit is finally awake. She settles down with her mother and siblings to go to bed.
She then goes up to her father, Finncloud, and asks if he would like to play. He tells her that he is busy, which upsets her. She then, later, comes up with a plan in which to make him play, but it didn't go into affect.
She is next seen right before her apprenticeship ceremony, asking if her mother plans to have kits after she and her siblings are apprenticed. Her mother replies with the fact that she does not know, which makes Marinekit leave.



Nixflight - Living


Finncloud - Living


Hopekit - Living


Prongkit - Living



Nixflight and Finncloud

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  • Although not yet revealed, the she-cat is named after what her uncle would have been named.

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