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Miley is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Miley is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Current The Storm Fronts
Kit: Miley
Age Approx. 1 moon
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown rogue (biological), Soren (adoptive)
Mother Melissa (biological), Emily (adoptive)
Siblings Shamber (adoptive), Blythe (adoptive), Cinny (adoptive), Aeris (adtopive)
Mate None
Kits None
Owner None
 Miley is a fluffy tabby molly. She is the daughter of Melissa and an unknown rogue, but, after the tragic death of her mother, was fostered by Emily and Soren, and accepted into their family. She now has four adoptive siblings, Shamber, Blythe, Cinny, and Aeris, two of which are living. Miley was born into The Storm Fronts and is considered to be a bouncy, bubbly, and intelligent kitten. 



Miley is an average-sized kitten with a muscular build. Her fur is long and thick, and pale brown with tabby markings and a plumy tail. Miley will have no problems at all coping with the cold. She is rather pretty for her age and breed.
Her head is heart-shaped, and her build is athletic and muscular. Her long, thick fur does an excellent job of keeping her warm in winter, but there are some disadvantages as her pelt weighs her down in water. Her tail is magnificent and plumy, and very long. Her paws are large and round, with light coral-coloured pads, and her skin is light pink-grey. 
Miley's eyes are kitten-blue which will develop into limeish green when she is older. Her teeth are cream-coloured though her adult teeth will probably be lighter in colour. Miley's ears are medium-sized and rounded at the tips, making them look round altogether.


Physical Health

Coming soon

Mental Health

Coming soon


Miley is incredibly loud and bubbly. She's secretive and makes out she isn't afraid of anything, but deep down is very shy and anxious about almost everything. She thinks that her life depends on impressing others and showing off, which is what she does a lot of the time. Miley finds it difficult to make friends because of this.
She is not very obidient and this can get her into trouble, but she doesn't care thought- she only wants to have fun. Miley loves attention and is angry if another cat, particulary a kit, gets more than her. Being the only kit of her litter, she is used to getting attention from Melissa, but now her mother has passed away, she has to share attention with her foster siblings, which she dislikes.
Miley is very intelligent and loves to show off about this. She is not at all quiet and shy on the outside, and is immediately overjoyed when the words "play" or "fun" are mentioned. Miley looks up to her foster mother, Emily, and is determined to become as kind and as caring.


Miley is a sucsessful hunter as her tabby pelt blends in with grass, and mud. She is a good fighter and, with her weight and size, can be quite a threat to other cats. Miley is also an average tree climber, but hates swimming as her fur becomes waterlogged and pulls her under.



Coming soon



Melissa - Deceased, residence unknown


Unnamed Rogue - Status unknown

Foster mother:

Emily - Living

Foster father:

Soren - Living

Foster sisters:

Cinny - Living
Blythe - Living

Foster brothers:

Shamber - Living
Aeris - Deceased, residence unknown

Foster aunt:

Naomi - Deceased, residence unknown

Foster uncle:

Unnamed Siamese tom - Status unknown

Foster grandmothers:

Perri - Deceased, Dark Forest resident
Unnamed Siamese queen - Status unknown



Melissa - Miley was very close to her mother, and always looked up to her and obeyed her, as Melissa was a rather strict parent. She was distraught after her death, and hopes to see her again someday, but because Melissa didn't believe in StarClan, this would be almost impossible to achieve.

Emily - Miley loves her foster mother, Emily, partly because she is still caring and kind like Melissa, but also fun and bubbly, like herself. Miley hopes that Emily, like Melissa, will not die before Miley reaches adulthood, as Miley would not want to go through dealing with a death again.

Soren - Miley loves her adoptive father, and has formed a close bond with him. She looks up to him and begs him to play with her whenever she gets the chance. Miley would also defend Soren if he was threatened.

Shamber - Despite Shamber not being fond of her, Miley still tries to play with and be kind to Shamber. 

Blythe - Miley feels very close to Blythe, and respects her greatly. She loves to chat to and play with Blythe, despite Blythe finding it awkward. 

Cinny - coming soon

Aeris - coming soon


Sweet - coming soon


Coming soon


  • She will never meet her biological father, and Diamond thinks that he is most likely dead due to the harsh winter.
  • She might meet Soren and Hollyfrost's kits, but it won't be a happy ending.


Life image



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