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Minkclaw is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current WinterClan
Age Approx. 14 moons old (1.16 years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Birth Complications
Debut WinterClan Archive LXIII
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings None
Mate Darkcloud
Kits Cloudkit, Mousekit, Bluekit
Mentor Nettleclaw
Apprentice Ivypaw
Owner Mink

Minkclaw is a tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes. She is a warrior of WinterClan, having formerly been under the mentorship of Nettleclaw. She is currently mentoring Ivypaw and expecting her first litter.



Minkclaw is a very sturdy she-cat. Her legs are long and lean with a muscular look to them.Her upper legs are thick with muscle while her lower legs are more thin in muscle. Her shoulders have a broad look to them as well as her chest. Her shoulders are much thicker in muscle near the bottom of her shoulder and are thin in muscle by her neck. Her tail is long and slender and quite strong. Her tail has quite a bit of muscle and she often uses these muscles for climbing trees. Having always been the one to climb trees in her family she is known to have weigh less than normal around 7-8 pounds. She is skinny around her legs and stomach and more thicker around her chest and neck. Her tail is more just fur and thin muscle. Her back has quite a bit of a muscular look to it.
Minkclaw is a very pretty cat with little to no scars at all. Her pelt is a mixture of three different colors. Black, ginger, and white. The black patches covering mostly her left side of her face, her back, and most of her stomach and legs. The ginger and white cover ore of her right side of the face and some of her legs. Her paws however are black and ginger with white toes. Her eyes are a bright emerald green with absolutely no other color. Her nose is half black and half pink with tiny little flecks of gray on the pink side. Her ears are tall and thin giving her an elegant look. Her tail tip has a small patch of white just barely on the tip. Her stomach is a mixture of ginger and black with a white dash near back legs.
Minkclaw has quite an innocent look with her wide eyes and innocent nature. Her eyes have a wide innocent look to them as well as being pretty. She has no battle marks and hopes to keep it that way for a while, but knows eventually she'll get scars and marks. She some small scars, but they are barely noticeable, most consisting of on her muzzle and tail tip. Her stomach has a small white patch among some black that look like a crescent moon and small white speckles surrounding that mark.


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Minkclaw is described as a indecisive, sarcastic, and a very egotistical cat. She is very hard to get along with due to never really being able to stick with just one choice and always finds herself stating out their flaws. Although, when she does keep a friend they usually know about her indecisive and egotistical nature. She Coming Soon



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Kithood and Adolescence

Minkkit is born to two unknown WinterClan during leaf-bare. She is barely seen through her kithood and is noted to have been hiding from all the warriors that visited the nursery and slept in a bush outside of the nursery. Minkkit is made a warrior by Guppystar with her mentor being Nettleclaw. Minkpaw notes that the tortoiseshell she-cat is very stern and doesn't like to be kept waiting. Minkpaw is seen maybe once through her apprenticeship training with Nettleclaw. Nettleclaw states that Minkpaw is doing a battle move wrong and shows her how to do it. Minkpaw then tries doing it around five times finally getting it right at last. Nettleclaw snorts and say, "whoever were your parents were pathetic warriors." Minkpaw angrily yells at Nettleclaw saying her parents were great warriors and races off back to camp. She then runs into a warrior, but ignores them.
Minkpaw is seen a few other times with a few apprentices, although the names were never revealed, arguing about Nettleclaw being a good mentor. She states that Nettleclaw is cold hearted and doesn't care for anyone. Nettleclaw walks up ahving heard the apprentioces words and narrows her eyes. The warrior seems to be very upset and is called on by one of her siblings. Once Nettleclaw leaves Minkpaw says to herself that she now feels horrible and wishes she hadn;t said that. Minkpaw leaves for a walk and comes back to see Guppystar leap onto highrock. Minkpaw sighs as Guppystar makes Minkclaw a warrior with the name Minkclaw after her mentor. Minkpaw refuses to be called Minkclaw for a lttle bit and finally agrees to her name proudly when Nettleclaw comes in looking proud.


Minkclaw is first seen in the warriors den after she had stepped on Mintorm's tail. The ginger molly angry that she was woken up early and hisses at Minkclaw. Minkclaw apologizes in a mumble and leaves. She comes back with a mouthful of prey and is seen watching Mintstorm quietly noting that she had a crush on the she-cat. Minkclaw then walks back into the warriors den and falls asleep. Coming Soon




Darkcloud: Living


Whitenose: Living


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Coming Soon

Ceremonies and Mentions

Minkkit's Apprentice Ceremony

Guppystar: "Minkkit has reached the age of six moons and is now ready to be apprenticed. Minkkit please step forward."
Guppystar: "Minkkit you will be known as Minkpaw from now on with Nettleclaw as your mentor."
Clan: "Minkkit you will be known as Minkpaw from now on with Nettleclaw as your mentor."
Everyone: "MINKPAW"
Not in Roleplay

Minkpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Guppystar: "Minkpaw has passed her assessment. Minkpaw do you promise to uphold the warrior code?"
Minkpaw: "I do."
Guppystar: "Minkpaw you will be known as Minkclaw."
Everyone: "MINKPAW"
Not in Roleplay




Minkclaw is pretty close to her cousin as she is the only living member in both her family. The two grew up under a unknown queen's care, whom later died from an unknown disease. Minkclaw has always resorted to sticking with her cousin as she isn't really the talkative person. Minkclaw feels as though Whitenose believes that she has to take a mate and has told Whitenose not to hurry any relationship along.


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Love Interests


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Character Pixels

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  • Minkclaw is loosely based off of her roleplay, but mostly on her past.
  • It is more likely that Minkclaw will have a one night stand with Darkcloud as she will start losing feelings for him after they become mates.
  • It is also likely that she will never have an apprentice.
  • It is suspected that she is of Somlai heritage.

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