Mint is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current The Storm Fronts
Age Approx. 30 moons old (2.5 years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut The Storm Fronts/Roleplay/Archive II
Last Post Unknown
Owner Mink

Mint is a plump tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. She is the best friend of Mitsy, and a member of the Storm Fronts.



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Kithood and Adolescence

Born to two unnamed cats and the only child, Minty was raised to have grown quite spoiled from her parents affection.
Her father died shortly after she reached the age of three moons old leaving it to be just Mint and her mother. Her mother kept Minty at a distance usually just saying small words to her daughter, but right before Minty was to become a full-fledged member Mint's mother then passed away from greencough.


Minty then changes her name right after mother dies thus naming herself Mint. She is first seen basking int he sun and stands up a few minutes later standing int he tall grass scenting the air. She then scents a mouse, a wood mouse. She begins to get into the hunting crouch. After successfully catching the mouse Mint begins to chow down on it.
She is later seen sleeping snoring faintly and awakes a few hours later as the sun is beginning to rise nearly halfway above the tall trees. She jumps up saying that she had slept late and Sebastian would have her tail if he found out. Quickly, Mint sneaks off out of camp making sure to keep her stomach low to the ground silently sneaking out.
She then lays her body out on the ground hoping and praying that nobody would catch her sneaking out of camp. When she manages to sneak out far enough Mint sat up and a few fox-lengths farther out to attempt catching three squirrels at once, but manages to catch a slow fat one. She buries the squirrel and goes to catch some more prey noting that all her effort to catch this squirrel must have scared off the prey. After catching a small robin and digging up her ginger-gray squirrel she notes that something had tried to dig up the squirrel. Noting that she had buried it pretty deep she heads back to camp.
Once back at camp, Mint sees that Sebastian is near the entrance and goes to lie to him saying that she had tripped in a hole. Sebastian then chuckles and says that she still smells of ferns and sleep. She is then told by the leader not not worry and that it had been a miserable week saying he'd excuse it. He then continues to say that to be sure to head out extra early the next day and said that he didn't see any reason why they shouldn't be able to forget about the incident.
Later, Mint is shown to be getting along pretty well with one of the younger members, Mitsy. Later she notes that the two were close and might even be best friends.



Unnamed she-cat: Deceased, Residence Unknown


Unnamed tom: Deceased, Residence Unknown




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