Mistyfur is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past AutumnClan, Loner
Given Warrior: Mistyfur
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Sparkpelt
Mother Shimmermoon
Sibling Lightningdash
Mate Redfrost (Formerly)
Kits Missingkit, Reddeningkit, Barkkit, Specklingkit
Mentor Leopardclaw
Owner Stoemm
Mistyfur is a fluffy silver she-cat with unusual red spots, a red, feathery tail, and deep, light yellow eyes.


She is one of the sweetest cats in the clan, and she works hard for everything she gets. She is in love with Redfrost, and would do anything for him. She has a fierce side when it comes to protecting the ones she loves.


She was born to Shimmermoon and Sparkpelt. She is shown playing with her siblings. She isn't seen very much as a kit or apprentice, but later she earns her warrior name Mistyfur.

She is seen to have a strong affection towards Redfrost, showing they may be mates later on. She is shown to be having a loving look on her face when she looked at him, then she walks over to her sister, Lightningdash.

Later, she tells Redfrost that she is expecting his kits, when they are broken up. She gives birth but dies in the process along with three of the four kits. She ends up in StarClan.

Life Image

Character Pixels

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Mate - Redfrost (Formerly) - Living

Daughters - Missingkit - Living, Specklingkit - Deseased, verified StarClan member

Sons - Barkkit - Deseased, verified StarClan member, Reddeningkit - Deseased, verified StarClan member

Father - Sparkpelt - Living

Mother - Shimmermoon - Living

Sister - lightningdash - Living


  • Mistyfur never had a apprentice or warrior ceremony because everyone forgot about her and her sisters so Snoweh decided to make her a warrior because she should have been a warrior a long time ago.
  • She still loves Redfrost, even in StarClan.
  • She dies like Silverstream and is kinda like Spottedleaf.

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