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Current StarClan
Past WinterClan
Given Mistysky
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death killed by a badger
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Froststripe
Mother Shinefrost
Sibling Glasspool
Mate Cloudclaw
Kits None
Mentor Mossflame
Owner None

Mistysky is a longhaired, silver tabby she-cat with light blue eyes.


Mistypaw is a loyal WinterClan cat. She is proud of her mother and father, despite her birth being against the Warrior Code; a medicine cat is not allowed to have a mate or kits. 


She was born to Shinefrost and Froststripe. She is their only kit. Sometime later, she becomes an apprentice.

She is now a warrior with the name Mistysky. When Cloudpaw becomes a warrior with the name Cloudclaw, she walks up to him and tells him that he's gotten so big and handsome. He looks at her with his blind two-toned eyes and asks her if she means it. She replies that she does mean it and that she loved him. She then says that she had loved him since they were apprentices. Cloudclaw purrs and asks her to be his mate. She says yes, saying that she loved him more than there are stars in Silverpelt. She purrs and licks his cheek.

Much later, she dies in the badger attack, getting killed while helping her good friend, Shimmershadow defend Flintpaw.


Mate - Cloudclaw- Living

Mother - Shinefrost - Living

Father - Froststripe - Living

Sister- Glasspool- Living

Character Pixels

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