Moonfeather is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past WinterClan
Warrior Moonfeather
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by badger
Debut CS
Last Post Unknown
Father Whitefoot
Mother Crystalwish
Siblings Cricketstar, Darttoss, Fizzlefoot
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Crys
Moonfeather is a muscular, sleek silver tabby and pure white tom with white paws, a fluffy black tail, a white chest with very pale stripes, so pale it's not even visible, thick black stripes, and flecked silver eyes.



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Physical Health

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Mental Health

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As a brave, bold tom, Moonfeather is one of the warriors who always jumps into a battle or suggest battles as an answer. Because of this, he's a very reckless tom, and easily gets himself into danger. His energy is always spent battle training, but usually never gets tired. He does have a soft side, though. He can easily become a close friend, and never breaks a promise. 
Despite all the goods about him, he doesn't like to talk to his fellow clanmates, and hates to share his thoughts in public. He doesn't really trust the clan, and is very sensitive.
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Skills & Abilities

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Moonkit is born to Whitefoot and Crystalwish, along with his siblings StrongkitDartkit, and Fizzlekit. He is second to open his eyes.

Moonkit is seen teasing Strongkit and Alpinekit, whom he secretly has a tiny crush on. Strongkit and Alpinekit are annoyed, so they run away from Moonkit, leaving him angry. Moonkit talks to them every time, but later on gives up on Alpinepaw.

He is later seen as an apprentice. He is very jealous of Strongpaw, until one day Alpinepaw and Strongpaw break up. Alpinepaw and Moonpaw talk, and Moonpaw tells her that he liked her. They lock gazes, until Moonpaw asks if she wanted to go hunting with him. They then go hunting.

Moonpaw catches a water vole for Alpinepaw, who thanks him. Moonpaw races with Alpinepaw for the stream, and he comes after Alpinepaw. They bump into eachother as they finish, and tumble ot the ground, noses touching.

Later, Alpinepaw and Moonpaw breaks up, and Alpinepaw goes back to Strongpaw. Blackstar then names them warriors, and he earns the name Moonfeather. Fizzlefoot only calls to Strongheart and Alpinepaw, which makes Moonfeather feel slightly angry. Glaciermoon sees him and asks if theres anything wrong.



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  • Moonfeather is like a half meddie cat, warrior and leader, but he chose the path of a loyal warrior.
  • His mate will be Mottledfur.

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