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Current StarClan
Past WinterClan, AutumnClan
Medicine Cat
Age Approx. 61 Moons (5.12 Years) at Death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Tumor on her belly
Debut WinterClan 3
Last Post Unknown
Father Shadowheart
Mother Silvermoon
Siblings Brambleshadow, Wildheart, Cloudclaw
Mate Berryfall (Formerly)
Kits Kestrelblaze, Risenbeauty, Cressfall
Mentor Hazeleye
Apprentices Petalsnow, Cressfall, Silentwhisper
Medicine Cat Position
Predecessor Hazeleye
Successor Silentwhisper
Owner stoem

Moonleaf is a long-furred silver-and-white tabby she-cat with green eyes and missing claws.


She was born to Shadowheart and Silvermoon along with her siblings Wildkit, Cloudkit, and Bramblekit in WinterClan.

She is a fluffy kitten with lots of personality of the litter. She loves to help the medicine cat and tends to study herbs when no one is looking. She doesn't want to be a warrior, but a medicine cat. She is shown helping Leaflove with medicine cat duties because Leaflove wants to become a medicine cat as well. She helps the elders with ticks. She will not be a warrior, she hates shedding the blood of innocent cats and wants to help cats, not hurt them. She tries at every moment to please Shinefrost, but she never gets her attention because it's always on Beautifulkit.

She is shown later, when Leaflove and her train for medicine cat duties in a secret place no one knows about. She is shown to know every herb.

Later, she is shown to get mad when Shinefrost tells her to stop knowing herbs, which she gets mad and tells her off. Later, though, she breaks down, crying to Risingkit that she isn't important and that she can't do anything right. She is later shown to be leaving WinterClan and to go to SummerClan.

Later, she apologizes to Risingkit and Beautifulkit, and she is then accepted to train with Beautifulkit. But StarClan sends Icestar to tell her that she is needed in AutumnClan. She then leaves WinterClan, feeling sorry that she had to leave all the kits behind. Risingkit helps her across the Thunderpath, she then goes to AutumnClan and she gets stuck in brambles. Whitetail, a warrior of AutumnClan, helps her out, then he takes her to Flashstar.

She asks Hazeleye if she could be her apprentice, and Hazeleye says that she is the best medicine cat apprentice she's ever seen, and Moonkit quotes that she learned everything from Beautifulkit, the best medicine cat ever, showing that she no longer has hard feelings towards her. She later earns her apprentice name, Moonpaw, and she is then announced as the medicine cat of AC. Hazeleye promises her that she will bring her to the Mooncave at the next half moon.

Later, she delivers Mudflower's and Amberflash's kits. She later appears at the half moon gathering, talking to Beautifulpaw. She sees Risingpaw and Wildpaw on the border one day, and she is surprised by them dating. She later gets in a fight with Risingpaw and they both talk it out, Wildpaw not even paying attention. She leaves.

She sees Beautifulpaw at the Mooncave and she drinks from the pool. Later, she visits the Mooncave again, and Hazeleye gives her her full medicine name; Moonleaf, and she becomes a full member of the medicine cat life.She drinks from the water and dreams of StarClan. She is later seen caring for the sick cats and injured ones from the battle.

She instantly sees to take an interest in Berryfall, who helps her often whenever her mentor isn't. She thinks that he could make a good medicine cat apprentice for her if her mentor ever quit. She is later shown talking to Flashstar and Sorrelshine. Sorrelshine says that she is retiring, and Moonleaf tells her that she has done what she needed to do. Thunderfoot comes in and joins in the chat, saying that he and the clan will honor her. Sorrelshine then wails that she never did enough, she never became the greatest. Moonleaf then reassures that she became the greatest she could become.

Later, there is a flood in camp. She runs to the hill on Thunderfoot's order and begins to treat Stormpelt for his twisted paw. She treats other injured cats from the flood. Berryfall helps her when her herbs needs to be carried from camp. She is later seen at the Half-Moon gathering, and she shares her dream with Icestar, her grandfather.

Later, she is picking herbs when she is compelled to go to the WinterClan border. She finds her sister, Wildheart, looking for her. They hug and tell each other their recent lives. Moonleaf notices that she's pregnant, and Wildheart replies that she is pregnant with Risingspirit's kits. She is overjoyed, and asks how he and Beautifulface were. Wildheart says they are fine, and Moonleaf thinks that its good that their destiny is rolling fine. Wildheart says that she misses her and wishes she would come back to camp. Moonleaf then says that shes loyal to AutumnClan, and she must stay there no matter how much she misses her friends and family. They then sit underneath the stars and Wildheart wishes that Risingspirit and Beautifulface were there. Moonleaf then thinks to herself that he may not want to talk to her, knowing that they haven't been very big friends in the past. But, after thinking about it, she agrees.

Later, she goes with Thunderfoot to the Moonpool for his lives after Flashstar steps down. She watches his ceremony in awe, and later they return home. Later, she helps Lightningdash give birth to Everlastingkit and Boltkit, when suddenly a painful spasm starts in her belly. She quickly runs to her den, about to take some pain relieving herbs, when a kick makes her drop them. She feels her own stomach and gasps, shocked, thinking she couldn't be. She later confirms that she, a medicine cat, is pregnant.

Later, she is seen laying down, her cramps and pains from pregnancy hard on her. Suddenly, Nightheart is about to give birth. Even though she is in clear pain, she runs and gets borage leaves and a stick and runs to Nightheart, and helps her give birth. She is pleased by the new kits, but sad that her kits will never know her.

Later, she is seen sorting herbs when she hears a cry from Ravenheart echo the hollow. She runs to her, and puts her paws on Ravenheart's belly. When her kits doesn't breath, she grabs it and wraps it in moss and begins to lick it when a sharp kick makes her fall to the floor in pain. Cats help her up and Ravenheart licks the kit until it breaths and Moonleaf is took to her den.

Later, she is at the Mooncave, heavily pregnant, but hoping that none of the medicine cats would notice. She cheers for the new medicine cats Windfeather and Silentspark. But, Silentspark notices, and she nods to her that she will keep her secret.

Later, Beautifulface and Wildheart come to AutumnClan to find her. She tells them that Thunderfoot had stepped down and let Mudstar become leader. Wildheart blurts out that she is pregnant, and Moonleaf sighs, and says yes. Beautifulface and her talk for a while, and she calms her. But, when Beautifulface says that she wishes she could have kits, Moonleaf says that it isn't worth it, never having your kits know you survive. She later walks back to WinterClan for some catnip.

She helps Beautifulface with Icefeather when she is sick, and later is seen walking around camp with Wildheart, when Brambleshadow calls her name in camp, and cats begin to gather. Later, she talks to Risingspirit and Wildheart, and she is stunned when he says on how much pain they caused. He forgives Wildheart, but not Moonleaf. She knew she caused so much pain to him and Beautifulface, and when she shows up, she says how sorry she was, and to never let her and other cats tell them that they aren't great.

She receives her first apprentice, Petalpaw.

Later, she is seen when Mistyfur kits. She tries hard, and licks Reddeningkit, but sadly she fails, and the kit never wakes. She helps Mistyfur give birth to two more still born, Barkkit and Specklingkit. They are born dead, and finally she helps Mistyfur give birth to Missingkit. Mistyfur dies shorty after naming the kits, and Moonleaf thinks on how a tiny kit can ever survive. She feels warmth and a strong spirit within it, and walks to Mudstar to see she is pregnant too.

She is seen later at the Half-Moon Gatherings, and greets Beautifulface. She shares dreams with StarClan and she sees the battle between WinterClan and SummerClan, and is alarmed, unknowing of what battle it is. She goes back to AutumnClan and guards the medicine den.

Risingspirit and Beautifulface come to her in AutumnClan after the battle and ask her to join them. She goes with them and finds out that Blackstar died and that Risingspirit was to be leader. She and her friends travel to the Mooncave, and Risingspirit receives his nine lives, becoming Risingstar. She cheers, and they all go to WinterClan.

She spends a moon in WinterClan and is seen playing with her new nieces and nephews. She purrs and nuzzles them, and then she chats with her sister, Later, she is seen helping Beautifulface treat injuries from the battle, and then she goes home.

Later, she helps queens give birth. Everlastingpaw and Splashpaw come in with Shadowpaw and Eventidepaw to guide them, and she checks them. She confirms that both she-cats have Whitecough, and she makes sure they stay in her den for the night.

Later in the night, she feels weird pains, and she instantly knows that she is going into labor. She limps and grabs all the recessionary herbs and lumbers out of camp and into a tree to give birth away from her clan. She gives birth to Ketsrelkit, Cresskit, and Risenkit. She returns the camp, and Lightningdash offers to nurse them for her, and Missingkit, who grows up with them believing they are her siblings. She is relieved, and returns to her full duties afterwards.

She is seen poking her head out after the Gathering, because she couldn't go due to Everlastingpaw and Splashpaw being sick. But, she does heal them, and they get to become warriors.

Later, her kits become apprentices, Risenpaw, Kestrelpaw, and she receives an apprentice herself, Cresspaw, her son. She is happy, and touches noses with him, her eyes full of admiration.

She later dies of a lump on her belly, and promotes Silentpaw, now Silentwhisper, to full Medicine Cat.


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Moonkit's Medicine Cat Apprentice Ceremony

Narraror: "They all gathered and Moonkit scurried up to Flashstar"
Flashstar: "Moonkit, it is time you be apprenticed. From now on, you shall be known as Moonpaw. And your mentor shall be Hazeleye"
Hazeleye: "You have done great, I shall take you to the Mooncave to make you a full Mediacen cat apprentice"
AutumnClan/Roleplay/Archive 6

Moonpaw's Full Medicine Cat Ceremony

Hazeleye: "I, Hazeleye, medicine cat of AutumnClan, ask you, StarClan, to look proudly at this apprentice. She has trained extremely hard to live her dream and understand the ways of a medicine cat. With your powers, she will stand beside me as a full medicine cat of AutumnClan for many moons to come. Moonpaw, do you promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat, and strive to protect your Clan with only the use of defense, and not attack?"
Moonpaw: "I do"
Hazeleye: "Then by the powers of StarClan I welcome you as Moonleaf, a full medicine cat of AutumnClan."
Half-Moon Gatherings


Mate - Berryfall (Formerly) - Living

Sons - Kestrelblaze - Living, Cressfall- Living

Daughter - Risenbeauty - Living

Father - Shadowheart - Living

Mother - Silvermoon - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Brothers - Brambleshadow - Living , Cloudclaw - Living

Sister - Wildheart - Living

Aunts - Silentwind - Living, Shimmeringpaw - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Mossfur - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Baize - Living

Uncles - Redstorm - Living, Snakeclaw - Deceased; verified Dark Forest member, Thornwhisker - Living, unnamed tom kit - Deceased; suspected StarClan member, Bristlemoon - Living

Grandfather - Icestar - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Grandmother - Skyheart - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Great-Aunts - Wavefur - Deceased; suspected StarClan member, Tangledstripe - Deseased; suspected StarClan member, Windfeather - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Great-Uncles - Newttail - Deseased; suspected StarClan member, Featherpaw -  Deseased; suspected StarClan member, Pebbletail - Deseased; suspected StarClan member

Great-Grandfathers - Shiningclaw - Deseased; suspected StarClan member, Cloudface -  Deseased; suspected StarClan member

Great-Grandmothers - Reedheart - Deseased; suspected StarClan member, Fallowfeather - Deseased; suspected StarClan membe

Cousins - Kestrelkit - Deceased; suspected StarClan member, Duckkit - Deseased; suspected StarClan member, Marblekit -  Deseased; suspected StarClan member, Winterblaze - Living, Fadingshadow - Living, Holly - Living, Redfrost - Living, Flickheart -  Deseased; verified StarClan member

Nephew - Fallingheart - Living

Nieces - Opalgaze - Living, Topazmist - Living, Lifekit - Deseased; verified StarClan member


  • She is part WindClan, because her mother, Silvermoon, is a WindClan cat.
  • Even though she was born a WinterClan cat (and now shes a AutumnClan cat), she has no WinterClan blood, as her mother is WindClan and her father is a loner.
  • She is somewhat based off of Leafpool from the real Warriors series.. She is also named after Leafpool because her suffix -leaf was named in honor of her.
  • A song that Stoem thinks describes her perfectly is Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson.
  • She died from a tumor on her stomach.
  • Personally, Stoem thinks she's a brat.

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