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Current AutumnClan
Age 12 moons probably
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Falconheart
Mother Sorrelstar
Siblings Dipperstorm, Swiftstream, Sycamoreheart, Dappleleaf
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Orchidsnow
Owner Patchfeather

Morningflame is a small, sturdy, sleek, medium-haired, brown tabby tom with a lighter underside and blind amber eyes.



Draft: Morningpaw is on the smaller side, only coming up to the shoulder of most cats, but he has long legs and a thin, sturdy build and a bit of a plump fluffy belly. He has sleek fur which is medium length and a chocolate-y brown color with darker stripes and a lighter underside. He has large paws (which can make him look a bit silly, being such a small shrimp) with sharp claws and teeth, along with round amber eyes which are blind.


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Draft: Morningpaw is a little overdramatic when he gets upset, throws a temper tantrum when something doesn't go exactly as he planned, usually extremely rude but can sometimes be ok to be around if he's slightly annoyed, always annoyed, selfish, over-confident, but he is very observant, doesn't know how to have fun, only soft towards a very lmited number of cats.


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Morningkit is born to Sorrelstar and Falconheart, along with his siblings Dipperkit, Sycamorekit, Swiftkit, and Dapplepaw.
Morningkit opens his eyes but can't see anything. He is puzzelled and asks his sister, Dapplekit if they look okay. After she says they look different, he wonders if he's dying and looks up to the ceiling of the nursery where he thinks his mother might be. Sorrelstar then delivers the sad news that Morningkit is blind. Morningkit looks to his sister pleadingly as if she can fix all his promblems, but hugging him is the only comfort Dapplekit can offer. Morningkit cries StarClan doesn't like him. After crying into her shoulder, Dapplekit's comforts work and they decide to go explore camp. Morningkit follows Dapplekit as she leads the way, overwelmed by all the different scents. 
Later, Morningkit is sleeping, then finally wakes. He parts his jaws, scenting Dapplekit nearby and finds her and is proud of it. Then Swiftkit comes over and ruins the moment by messing with Morningkit. Dipperkit and Dapplekit are quick to defend their blind brother. After the three siblings agrue, inraged Morningkit snarls and attacks Swiftkit, but he dodges and mocks him more. After Swiftkit leaves and Morningkit is alone with his thoughts, he curiously wonders he was there for a reason - is he destined to do great things? 
Then Morningkit wonders when they'll be apprentices, casting his mother a cold glance. He assumes she probably won't even make him and apprentice due to his blindness and he goes over how good he is with scent and hearing. Boredly chooing a song, Morningkit has an idea and asks his mother if he can leave camp. He is surprised she lets him and he goes out to hunt with Orchidsnow.
Orchidsnow teaches Morningkit how to hunt,



Sorrelstar: Living


Falconheart: Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Swiftpaw: Living


Dipperpaw: Living
Dapplepaw: Living
Sycamorepaw: Living


Bumblefern: Living


Antheart: Living


Duskwhisper: Living


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Sorrelstar Falconheart:
I never even met my dad, but everyone says he was a great warrior, so I guess I'm proud to be his son. Maybe it would've been nicer if he had lived instead of my mom, I doubt he'd mind that I was blind. I wish he was here. Then my mom, oooh my dear mother. I often dream of smacking that look I bet she has on her face. I hate that she just decided I was useless without giving me a chance; so what if I'm blind? I could follow in her footsteps to leadership one day! I... I hate her!
Morningpaw was born after his father died, but heard many stories about how great he was, which makes Morningpaw proud to be his son (although he may not actually say it out loud). He thinks life would've been better if Sorrelstar had died instead of him. Morningpaw believes Falconheart wouldn't think he was useless.
His mother on the other hand, he hates her for assuming he would be useless just because he was blind, he doesn't care what she thinks, yet always tries to show her he's great, but fails. He wishes he had a caring mother like most kits, he wishes she loved him. Morningpaw believes that due to being the son of a leader, he can do more things without getting in trouble (like she'd care anyway). He hopes to one day become leader, to prove that she was wrong from the moment he opened his eyes.
Dipperpaw & Sycamorepaw
You know, I don't really talk to my sisters that much. Dipperpaw sometimes helps me out with stuff, but besides that? No great connection. They aren't interested in me; I'm not interested with them.
Morningpaw has never really spoke to his sisters before and doesn't really care that much about them. Dipperpaw gave him a paw sometimes, but other than that they've haven't interacted much.
Swiftpaw, & Dapplepaw:
Now these two, one is like being set on fire while the other is the water that saves you from being burned. I want to smack Swiftpaw so hard that he bleeds. He constantly mocks me for being blind; what the hell is with everyone saying "ooh he's blind! he can't do anything! throw him on the road for the cars to kill" BLIND CATS AREN'T USELESS YOU IDIOTS! Dapplepaw though has always been there to help me since I was a kit. She always believed in me, and I always believed in her. She's the only one in my family I love, and I'm not afriad to say it. I can't imagine my life without her. I think I'd just die.
Morningpaw hates Swiftpaw for constantly mocking and bullying him and just the way he usually acts. He kinda wants to beat the crap out of Swiftpaw for assuming blind cats are useless. He hopes one day for Swiftpaw to realize how wrong he was when Morningpaw does amazing things. Dapplepaw on the other hand, Morningpaw adores his sister. She was there the moment he discovered he was blind, she helped him along the way and defended him. He's the only one he's sweet too and the only member of his family he feels love for. He is extremely protective of Dapplepaw and if anyone so much as looks at her funny, Morningpaw will try to snap their necks. Dapplepaw is also the only cat he takes any advice from, along with Orchidsnow.


Orchidsnow is.... uhh... He's okay, but he can be an old butt sometimes that I want to light on fire and feed to pikes...! For the most part though, he helped me catch my first prey, and he's a good mentor, and I have to admit he's more of a parent than I've ever had. I know I can be really annoying and painful for him when I have a pissy fit, buut it's really entertaining to watch him get angry; I swear I can see steam coming out of his ears sometimes! So I guess I kinda care about Orchidsnow.
Morningpaw has a mixed opinion about his mentor. As a kit he thought Orchidsnow was awesome, but after being his apprentice he gets angry with him a lot and thinks he's a hoirrble mentor (only when he's really angry). But Morningpaw honestly couldn't have asked for a better mentor, and has to admit he looks at Orchidsnow like he's his father. He knows he can be a pain in the ass for him pretty much everyday, but he finds it extremely entertaining to make him mad. Orchidsnow is one of the only cats he'll take advice from, along with Dapplepaw, or show a softer side towards. And he can actually say he sort of cares about him. 





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  • i don't think i can make him super rude and mean this time, i just can't see it. He'll be a good boy who sometimes has a short-temper instead.
  • yeah no
  • Morningpaw is extremely compassionate towards blind cats and cats who show kindness to him.
  • Morningpaw's biggest dream is to one day become leader (which probably won't happen, babe)
  • Morningpaw will have a girlfriend while he's an apprentice/young warrior who sorta softens him a bit, before she dies/disappears and he becomes kinda... well idk he acts like a robot or something until he meets his true love.
  • He has a colorful vocabulary.
  • Morningpaw has little belief in StarClan