This character is a NPC and can be claimed freely.

Morphheart is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current The Wind Chasers
Given Kit: Morphkit
Apprentice: Morphpaw
Warrior: Morphheart
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings None
Mate Shorepebble
Kits None
Mentor Icywind
Owner None

Morphheart is a large, lean, muscular, slender, strong, black tabby tom with icy green eyes, and white streaks on his tail, neck, and muzzle that change color daily, and a bright pink nose.


He can turn into ANY animal, plant, or element he wants. He can turn other cats into a different form as well, by touching his tail tip to their shoulder and concentrating. The other cat will feel a small electrical zap, and will begin to change form, but it will only last for 1 hour, whereas Morphheart could stay in another form permanently if he wanted to. When he is in another form, he communicates with cats by sending them telepathic messages.


Morphheart is funny, sarcastic, and kind. He loves to play and goof off, but can be very serious when need be. He is very intelligent and can find a solution to most any problem. He is a trustworthy tom and can keep any secret, but if it came between keeping a secret and remaining loyal to his Clan, he would give up the secret, but only to Ysoltstar.


Morphkit is first seen grooming his pelt. He looks up and sees Shorekit and smiles. He asks her what's up and waits for a reply. She tells him her father is hurt, and he gasps. He turns into a ball of moss and tells Shorekit to press it onto the largest wound, which was gushing blood. When she seems surprised, he tells her medicine cats use moss to stop bleeding.

He becomes an apprentice with Icywind as his mentor. He isn't seen much as an apprentice, except for random training or hanging out with Shorepaw.

When Bramblestrike dies, he is seen to be very sad. He turns into a wolf and lets out a low, mournful howl. He turns back into a cat and turns to Shorepebble. He asks if they can talk, and when she says yes, asks her to be his mate. She says yes and nuzzles him.


The Wind Chasers

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  • He wasn't seen much as a kit or apprentice, but CH is going to change that.

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