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Mosquitoheart is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current SummerClan
Age Aprox. 12 moons (1 year)
Status Living
Debut September 2nd, 2013
Father Cricketstar
Mother Edelweisspetal
Siblings Stormnose, Lostkit, Weevilfoot (half), Pridefall (half), Justicesight (half), Guilttrip (half), Robinkit, Lovekit (half), Cormorantfall (half), Shadeheart (half)
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Snakeclaw
Owner Beebs

Mosquitoheart is a ginger-and-white tabby tom of Maine Coon heritage with amber eyes. He is the only living son of Cricketstar and Dandelionpetal, and brother to Stormnose and Lostkit.



Coming Soon


Physical Health

Mosquitoclaw has a strong immune system, and doesn't get sick often.

Mental Health

Not much is known about Mosquitoclaw's mental health.


Mosquitoheart is rowdy, daring, and careless. Mosquitoheart is always into something and is never in one spot for more than a few minutes a time. He is always doing something, whether it be playing, exploring, or pestering others. Mosquitoheart prefers to act and then think, not thinking about the consequences. He relies mostly on gut instinct rather than listening to his mind. He is quite stubborn and hard-headed, and if he has his mind set on doing something one way, good luck getting him to do it another. Mosquitopaw doesn't like to pay attention or listen and it's hard to keep his attention for an extended amount of time.
Mosquitoheart is arrogant at times due to being the leader's son, and is always trying to be in control. He sees himself as the leader of his group of friends, and isn't the least bit scared to fight if he sees a threat to his 'authority'. He is very confident and has a loud mouth, often writing check his actions can't cash. Mosquitopaw is quite open with his opinions and often voices them aloud and too loud, which can get him into trouble. Mosquitoheart has his own little clique of close friends, and doesn't give cats outside of that group much attention. He enjoys to eat and does it quite often, keeping the weight down by exercising it all off.

Skills and Abilities

Mosquitoheart is a large tom, and due to this is a skilled fighter, using his strength and size to overpower his opponents. He is a slow runner due to his weight and thick fluffy fur, but he makes up for it with his strength and surprise attack skills. He is a clumsy hunter and always has been due to his slowness and his large paws, something that greatly upsets jhim and he sees as a massive blow to his pride.



None Available.


Mosquitokit is born to Cricketstar and Dandelionpetal in SummerClan, along with his sister, Stormnose, and his brother, Lostkit. Lostkit is quickly eaten by their mother due to the kit being weak and deformed, along with his mother's stress. Mosquitokit is unaware of the grisly scene as he can't yet see or hear.
He, his sister, and mother leave the nursery after the ceremonies of Wolfspirit, Poppyheart, and Grayfoot. He watches with little interest as his father names his half-brother, Cormorantfall, deputy. He leaves Stormkit and bounds over to Turtlekit, Morningkit, and Lightningkit, asking to join their game. Mosquitokit joins in without waiting for the other kits to accept his request, and Mosquitokit tackles Turtlekit, bowling her over. He chirps happily and tells her to chase him. The tortoiseshell she-kit chases Mosquitokit, pouncing on his tail. kit squeaks in pain as her tiny claws dig into his tail. He turns around and quickly batters her ears before beating her paws away. He turns around drops into a sloppy crouch and begins to creep forward, one of his tiny feet catching on a pebble. He falls onto his face, making his nose bleed. He squeals in pain and asks for Turtlekit's help.
Mosquitokit gets sad when his mother doesn't come to his aid right away, asking if she didn't care he was hurt. His mother shows up and covers him with licks, horrified at the sight of his blood. Turtlekit and his mother take him to see Pikepelt, but when they arrive Pikepelt is out of cobwebs and many herbs. Dandelionpetal gets angry and begins yelling at the medicine cat, while Turtlekit calls her the worst medicine cat ever. Mosquitokit's nose stops bleeding on its own, and Turtlekit and Mosquitokit begin to play again. Mosquitokit pounces on the other kit and pins her down, batting her ears.
He is apprenticed to Snakeclaw, telling his mentor he would try to behave for him. Snakeclaw takes him on a tour of the territory and asks if the apprentice would like to try a few battle moves. While hunting, he wtaches a baby bird fall form its nest. Hea ttempts to ctch it but it hops away before he can catch it. He is greatly embarrassed and insisist Snakeclaw take him home. Despite Snakeclaw's attempts to cheer him up, Mosqutiopaw is very upset. He tells Turtlepaw about the incident and she somehow manages to cheer him up. 
A few moons later, Mosquitopaw and Turtlepaw decide to go hunting. He and the tortoisehsell are about to leave when Cricketstar catches them. Mosquitopaw swears and winces as his father looms over them. He lectures them about what the Code says about apprentices leaving camp alone. Mosquitopaw tries to slip away but Cricketstar sends him to go find Snakeclaw, saying he had heard the apprentice was having trouble with his Lightining Strike. Mosquitopaw heads over to the warriors' den to look for the tabby warrior, griping about his father trying to control his life. He is overheard by Longstripe who tells him Cricketstar was in charge and what he says goes. Mosquitopaw tries to look tough by standing at higher but only comes to Longstripe's shoulder. He agrees when Longstripe asks him if he understands and the two cats part.
He finds Snakeclaw and the two cats go to train. When he returns he is made a warrior with the name Mosquitoheart.




Dandelionpetal: Living


Cricketstar: Living


Lostkit: Deceased; Verified StarClan Member


Stormnose: Living


Weevilfoot: Living
Shadeheart: Living
Lovekit: Deceased, Verified StarClan Member
Robinkit: Deceased, Verified StarClan Member


Guilttrip: Living
Pridefall: Living
Justicesight: Living
Cormorantfall: Living


Fizzlefoot: Living


Darttoss: Living
Moonfeather: Deceased; Verified StarClan member

Half Nephews:

Thistlekit: Living
Hawkkit: Living
Pebblekit: Living

Half Nieces:

Pigeonkit: Deceased; Verified StarClan member
Leafkit: Living
Coming Soon


Cricketstar: Coming Soon
Dandelionpetal: Coming Soon
Stormnose: Coming Soon
Turtlestorm: Coming Soon


Turtlestorm: Coming Soon
Morningbreeze: Coming Soon
Lightningcloud: Coming Soon
Wrenshadow: Coming Soon
Snakeclaw: Coming Soon

Love Interests



  • He and his siblings have no SummerClan blood, despite being born and raised in the Clan.
    • His mother, Dandelionpetal, was born a loner, so he has loner blood.
    • His father, Cricketstar, was born in WinterClan, so he has WinterClan blood.
  • He will become the mate of Turtlestorm at some stage of their lives.


Coming Soon




Character Pixels

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