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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past Loner, WinterClan
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Tigerleap
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings Shadowheart, Thornwhisker
Mate Bristlemoon
Kits Duckkit, Marblekit, Kestrelkit
Owner None

Mossfur is a fluffy, golden she-cat with amber eyes and a swollen belly.


She is a high energy, spunky, funny kitten with lots of personality. She loves to play and loves to go out of camp. she is like the young, new apprenticed Cinderpelt of Winterclan. She loves her brothers and dislikes dirt and mud. She loves to swim and roll in the snow and annoy senior warriors a lot too. 


She was the kit of two loners, with her brothers Thorn and Shadow. When her parents couldn't take care of them, they left them on WinterClan territory. and from there, they were taken in and trained as loyal WinterClan apprentices. Her apprentice ceremony is way overdue since she is 17 moons. She isn't bothered by it like her brother is, Shadowpaw, and her other brother isn't bothered by it either, Thornpaw. She suspects that Shadowpaw has something wierd going on, since he keeps sneaking out. She is shown raising her tail proudly at her warrior ceremony, being named Mossfur. She is later on seen as Bristlemoon is asking her to be his mate, to which she replies yes.

She later on became pregnant. She had three kits, Duckkit, Marblekit and Kestrelkit.

Tigerleap later kills her when she is seen, along with Copperfur, killing her kits because they were weak.

Character Pixels

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  • She killed her own kits
  • She will eventually go to the Dark Forest, after being driven out of StarClan by Rosethorn and Foxshade.

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