Mottle is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current Unknown
Past Rogue
Given Mottle
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Fell out of a tree
Debut Loners & Rogues/Roleplay
Last Post Unknown
Father Falcon
Mother Duckpelt
Siblings Shimmer, Flame, Cybris and Mink
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Meerkatpaw
Mottle is a brown tom with black spots. He is a rogue, being the son of Duckpelt and Falcon and the brother to Shimmer, Mink, Flame and Cybris. Mottle is known to be noutorious for his arrogant and attention seeking temperment wich grows when he grows, only having a soft spot for friends and a few family members.


Mottle is a heavy, muscular brown tom with black spots that stand out from his pelt. He is shown to mostly look like his father, althought his black markings and short waterproof fur comes from his mother.


Physical health

Mottle is a physically healthy cat, although  he is still a bit more suspectable to infections and illnesses as he's still quite young.

Mental health

While rather stable mentally, Mottle is known for being bipolar at times, especially if he's furious.

Skills and abilities

A very formidible opponent on the battle field, Mottle is shown to be best known for his strength. Also known for his hunting skills, Mottle can easily catch even the trickiest of prey if he puts his mind to it.


Mottle is said to be just like his father before he had a mate. Mottle is aggresive, attention seeking and moutorious for his violent tempers, which grow every time he grows. His arrogance however, is the main trait that is passed down from his father. Armed with a sharp tounge, Mottle is formidible both on the battle field and in an arguement. However, he is shown to have a bit of a soft side for friends and a few family members.



Mottle is born to Duckpelt and Falcon. He pushes Duckpelt to give him attention. She licks him, then licks her other kits. He begins to wriggle out of the nest, then is swooped up before he can reach the entrance. A few days later, he is the second to open his eyes after Mink. He tells his mother to look at him, but Shimmer tells him that she can look at whoever she likes. Mottle scowls, then walks out of the den un noticed. He pushes his paws to the limit and finds a lake. He puts his paws in the shallow side of the lake. He sees a strange creature, which is a snake, slivers towards him and Mottle runs. He has been mentioned to have lost the creature and he slumps against a tree. He curls up, cringing when he thinks about Mink getting the attention of Duckpelt. He is later rescued by his father.Coming soon

Mottle watches the fire with Charcoal. He turns away sadly, trying to hold back tears. He begins to forgive his father, but when Charcoal tells him to forget his family, he is gone. More coming soon


Mottle is even more arrogant as he grows bigger. He is seen ready to go on his first hunt with his father.



Duckpelt: Mottle constantly wants Duckpelt's attention and wants to show her his "skills". However, she is often with Mink when he tries to get it.

Falcon:Mottle first had no love for his father. However, as he grew, he began to love his father and soon he became one of his favourite kits

Shimmer: Out of all of his siblings, Shimmer is the sibling he can stand the least. Often clashing, Mottle's "exile" was because he was trying to kill her. He hopes to do that when they get older.

Mink: Mottle is jealous of Mink and often wonders if he should of had the crooked jaw and paw. He thinks that she is weak and often seeks time alone to not see her. However, he does get concerned when she gets sick and also showed a bit of concern after her death.

Flame: Coming soon

Cybris: Coming soon


Aloisa: Coming soon


  • Mottle has SplashClan blood in him, because his mother was once a SpashClan member. 

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