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Mousefeather is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Mousefeather is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Current AutumnClan
Given Mousefeather
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Graymoon
Mother Spottedpool
Siblings Ravenkit, Mistkit, Robinkit
Mate None
Kit She better not have any o.o
Owner None

Mousepaw is a light brown tabby she-kit with green eyes and white paws.


Mousepaw is strong, despite her size. She's very kind, brave, loyal and trustworthy as well.


(reg rp)

Mousekit is born to Spottedpool, along with Ravenkit, Robinkit and Mistkit. She is seen being carried to the nursery.

The next day, she is seen kneading her mother's soft belly, semi-hearing a conversation, opening her eyes slightly for a few moments, then falling asleep.

Shortly after, Ravenkit bowls over her but Mousekit lightly kicks her brother on the soft moss, making Ravenkit squeak (x3)

(chat rp)

A few weeks later, with Mousekit's eyes fully open, she bounds to the warriors den. She visits her dad, with Mistkit following closely behind. She purrs and plays with her father and sister. 

Later, she becomes an apprentice with Ravenpaw, Mistpaw and Robinpaw, at first with Moonleaf as a mentor. She can't train as an MCA, unfortunately, though, so she trains as a warrior apprentice, though this cat is unknown. 

Mousepaw is seen watching Mudstar finish kitting, and she gives her leader a piece of fresh-kill and a water-soaked piece of moss. She notes silently how small Mitekit is. 

In chat, she climbs a tree, but Ravenpaw follows and headbutts her. She screams and falls down the tree, because of the impact of Ravenpaw's headbutt, and dislocates her back leg. Mousepaw is seen being brought to camp by Goldenpaw and Silentkit. Petalpaw offers to come help Mousepaw while Moonleaf is out. 

Four sunrises later, Berrypaw offers to help her with training. She purrs and accidentally nuzzles him, and there is a moment of awkward silence before Mousepaw limps away. Berrypaw catches up and asks her what's wrong. She again hesitates before limping as fast as she can away. Berrypaw again catches up and asks her again what's up. She pauses and says, in a light whisper, that she likes the tom. The apprentice purrs quietly and returns the feelings. They then touch noses and smile. 


Mother: Spottedpool—Living

Father: Graymoon—Living

Brother: Ravenkit—Living

Sisters Mistkit—Living, Robinkit—Living


  • Mousekit's birth was very sudden, as Spottedpool was unaware she was pregnant.
  • Mousekit was the firstborn kit.
  • ​Mousepaw's mate will be Berrypaw, and they both have huge crushes on each other. 


Character Pixels

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