Mudshine is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SpringClan
Given Apprentice: Mudpaw
Warrior: Mudshine
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Suffocation
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings None
Mate Soakedmoss
Kits None
Mentor Scarfur
Owner Stoem
Mudshine is a white and brown patched tom with a tattered ear, and one amber, and one blue eye.


He is fearless strong, and loving. Because he may be ugly, he doesn't mind it. He wishes for a mate, but doesn't expect a cat to like a cat like him. He is a bright, funny, smart cat who dreams of being leader. He tries his best to help the leader. He loves to help others. He loves his mate, Soakedmoss


His parents are unknown. He is fearless and loves to help his leader and others. He is a strong, brave, and sweet cat, even with his size and appearance. He has a secret crush on Soakedmoss, But he doesn't expect her to like him. When he finds out about her prophecy, he gets confused and runs away, not knowing if he's important or not to her, or if he is even special enough to be a part of her life, since she has another destiny. They touch noses while falling from a tree, but he walks away, embarrassed.

Later, he asks her to be his mate, she agrees, licking him. Later, she announces that she will be having his kits, he gets excited.

During a border skirmish with WinterClan, he and Brambleshadow fall into a semi-flooded rabbit warren. Dirt and mud fall onto Mudshine, and he suffocates, but Brambleshadow manages to avoid being smothered by the earth, running back toward WinterClan.


Father-In-Code: Froststar - Deceased; Residence StarClan

Mother-In-Code: Shellshore - Deceased; Residence Unknown

Brothers-In-Code: Dragonkit - Deceased; Residence StarClan, Lakestorm - Living

Sisters-In-Code: Bloomfrost - Living, Falconstripe - Living, Flashfire - Living, Soaringsong - Living

Mate: Soakedmoss - Living

Sons: Canyonlagoon - Lving, Thistleclaw - Living

Daughters-In-Code: Emeraldstar - Living, Ravenheart - Deceased; Residence Unknown

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