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Current SummerClan
Age 8 moons old (0.67 years old)
Status Living
Debut SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive 50
Father Shiftkey
Mother Lizardface
Siblings Burnetpaw, Falconpaw
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Hornetnose
Owner *softly strums a guitar* Memessss

Muskratheart is a tiny pretty calico molly with striking green eyes, she is the daughter of Lizardface and Shiftkey, and the sister to Burnetpaw and Falconpaw. She is currently an apprentice in SummerClan and her mentor being Hornetnose. She is known for having anxiety and being a good-two paws that never wants to break to code. She, formerly, use to hang out with former SummerClan's deputy, Harefoot and his group.



Muskratheart inherited her mother's built, she's slim and smaller than most average cats. She's a quite pretty. She has long and lean legs and small, dainty round paws, her shoulders are smaller in width, her ears are averaged size and averagely built. Her eyes are oval shaped with a striking pale green eyes, which are one of her attractive features. She's has is regular old calico, with more black on her. She has a couple of splashes of ginger here and there. She has white underbelly and splashes of white, and bits of white around her face. A couple of her toes are white, black, or ginger, her back paws are white. 
She has short white whiskers, and has slightly thick coat. It's really only thick during the winter, and gets thinner in summer months. Which means she does a lot shedding, which does annoyed the pretty molly. It's very soft to touch and sleek back. Her nose is coal black and her paw pads are black and red. The red mostly being on her toes, her back paw pads are however pink with spots of black. 


Muskratheart's fairly healthy cat, she mostly has inherited her mother's skinny built and high-metabolism. She's sometimes very energetic when she feels like it, or when she's required to be. She does every once and while enjoy a good walk, mostly when she's on the verge of intense feelings. She eats a lot, she has a high appetite and could and can eat the fresh-kill pile if she wanted to. Though, she doesn't want to, so don't worry about her eating all the prey, because this molly usually three or two meals per a day.
Muskratheart's mental state, isn't as great. She has anxiety, and prone to going into a panic attack when something serious happens like the death of an important cat. She tends to overlook a situation and think of the worse outcome. She has chronic insomnia, which has been caused by her anxiety, majority of the time, and when she does go to sleep she does have frequent nightmares.


Muskratheart is normally a very courteous cat, to put in words, Muskratheart is very much goody-two shoes, she never takes risk, never wants to break the code, and listens to her mother. She's not much of a curious fellow, but if there are things that do spark up her interest, then she might be curious about it. She's very shy little cat, and does get flustered very easily when someone says flirty about her. after she stops being flustered, she'll probably brush if off and act like she wasn't flustered at all.
She doesn't have much ambitions, it's mostly general things like being as great warrior, you know normal things. She doesn't want be to a leader, the job frightens her, she's pretty sure she doesn't want to in care of some many cats. She can be a trusting cat as along as if the secret doesn't break the warrior code, otherwise she'll feel very wrong carrying around something that breaks the rules. She has to be honest, to be frank, she's very terrible lair, her lies very laughable. She can be a loyal friend, and really hates causing conflict among her friends. If she causes any conflict, she'll feel very guilty and think of herself as terrible friend.
If she has anyone that she loves, she's very affectionate, often covering them with licks and snuggles. She can be romantic and it's very easily to tell if she falling for a she-cat, she increases her affection for that cat, and often feels extremely flustered and hot around them.




Muskratkit is born to Lizardface and Shiftkey along her two brothers, Falconkit and Burnetkit. She is later shown to be sleeping by her mother's side. Not much happens, until later she pokes her head out of nursery. Her brother shoves her out of the way and she starts to feel embarrassed. She also feels awkward that all the other cats are bigger than her.
Falconkit offers to take to the warriors den to see their father, she questions if they are allowed. She starts fear if she gets into trouble, that Magpiestar might hold her apprentice ceremony back if she got into trouble.


She and her siblings get their apprentice ceremony, and she receives an unknown warrior as her mentor. When Pikepelt gets murdered, she starts to freak out. Shiftkey tries to comfort her, and she express her worries. She then calms down, even though she is still on verge of freaking out again.



Shiftkey: Living


Lizardface: Living


Falconpaw: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Burnetfur: Living


Twitekit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Sootheart: Living
Maplekit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Lichenkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Jewelpaw: Status Unknown; mostly likely deceased
Spiceflame: Status Unknown; mostly likely living
Bumblefern: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member

Great Aunts

Grousepaw: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Yellowpaw: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Dunnockfoot: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Alderfoot: Living
Bramblingstorm: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member

Great Uncles

Weaselwhisker: Living
Muntjacpaw: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Martenfang: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Rainshine: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Spiraleye: Status Unknown; mostly deceased
Swiftclaw: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Jadewhisper: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Shrewheart: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Cinnamonflame: Living
Waspface: Living


Bramblingflower: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Brightsplash: Living


Harestep: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Alderfoot: Living
Bramblingstorm: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Twitekit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Hollynose: Living
Risingfern: Living
Foxstorm: Living
Lionblaze: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member




"Mom really tries, she been trying her best to parent me, despite me being the a big failure. We use to be close, but ever since dad sorta went presumed dead; we became distant. I-I miss o-our relationsh-sh-ship; sh-she use to help me through my attacks whenever I got t-too upset. Does sh-she hate me?"
She and her mother were very close for the most part, but ever since Shiftkey had been declared dead their relationship has been growing distant. Muskratheart is mostly the cause of since, with so many losses in her social life, she felt it was best for everyone to distant herself from the rest.


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"Burnetfur and I were never really close. He really doesn't like to be around me, maybe because I'm some soft-hearted coward, I mean that's what everyone else thinks of me. Besides that, he really doesn't enjoy being 'round the family, never since he became a warrior. Always goin' on lone patrols by himself, no clue what he doing though. I just hope it isn't nothing bad, l-l-like b-b-br-breaking the warrior code."
Muskratheart and Burnetfur barely have a relation, the only relation they have is that their siblings, that's it. Burnetfur is rarely seen with family, so of course, Muskratheart and him have a distant relationship. She does worry about her brother, especially when he's going out on lone patrols. She really hopes he isn't breaking the warrior code when he's out by himself.


"...I was more close to Falconpaw, then Burnetpaw, he was cool brother. It really broke my heart j-just to see him there, dead. He's not coming back, I know that. His death is still a shock to me, like, d-don't see your brother dying when you're still an apprentice!" -Muskratpaw thoughts on her brother
Muskratpaw was more closer to Falconpaw, than any of her brother really. Falconpaw's passing came as a shock to the small nervous tortie. The poor girl was on verge having an anxiety attack because of it. She just never thought, as an apprentice, that she would find her brother dead.


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Coming Soon


Harefoot, Lightningfoot, Thistlefang, & Rabbitface

"H-H-Ha-Haref-Harefoot and h-his buddies were the only c-cats t-that t-tolerated me. A-At I though t-they d-did, b-because like everyone in else in my life t-they ditched me. W-Was i-it m-my f-f-fault that they d-decided to l-leave t-the clan? Is it because I-I too shy? Were they annoyed with me..."
Muskratheart was pretty close to Harefoot's group of peers. She appreciated that they at least tolerated her and all her of her social awkwardness. At least, she thought they did. After they vanish off the planet, Muskratheart hasn't felt the same. She blames herself for their disappearance. She believes they got sick of hanging out with baby like her and ditch her.


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  • she's gay, a very precious tiny gay child
  • small precious pinecone child
  • Muskratheart cannot have kits, because she has been spayed.



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