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Placeholder cat
Current The Storm Fronts
Age appox. 17 moons old (1.42 years old)
Status Living
Debut The Storm Fronts/Roleplay/Archive VII
Father Gaston
Mother Carmella
Siblings Sherlock,Cardinalkit (half),Isis (half),Xander(half),Elektra(half)
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Osp

Mycroft is a grey and white tom. He is one of the sons of Gaston and Carmella, along with his brother, Sherlock, he is a kit in The Storm Fronts. His Half-siblings are Cardinalkit,Isis,Xander, and Elektra. He is depicted as the complete opposite of his brother, being very extremely loyal to the royal family and hopes on becoming advisor one day.



Mycroft is an undersized kitten due to being born early, like his brother inherited his mother's semi-cobby built and dense coat. Unlike his brother, however he an average good looking. He does frequently wash his fur to make him look good. His pelt is and grey color with white tuxedo. Still being a kitten his still has a kitten-fuzz, his eyes are amber, and his ears open.

Like his brother his legs are normal sized and round paws. He's on denser side due to his body shape, and his head is fairly round. His nose is a pale pink with a dark grey splotch on it, his would are pink with also large darker splotches. His claws are silvery color and kept sharp like most members, and his are long thin white color. His skin are grayish-pink color and ears round and small. His ears are small and rounded that taper sightly. 

His eyes is are rounded are a kitten blue as of right until they turn their permanent shade of amber.


Mycroft is a fairly healthy and strong kitten, but like all kittens has a weak immune system. With inheriting his mother dense coat he doesn't cold as easily than thin-pelt kits.

Mycroft's mental is unknown for now, but wken he grows up he'll show signs being fairly mental health and great intellegence.


One thing that is notable about Mycroft is that he's lot modest then his brother. He two is has note worthy tracking and hunting skills, but dislikes being a show-off and often times is mostly lazy. Mycroft was always the one if softer spot for his mother and caring a lot about her. He also has deep respect for the Royal family and ambires them greatly, much to Sherlock's annoyance. He judges his brother's actions often deeming them 'flashy' and 'simply annoying.'

He like to acknowledge his brother's rival with him. Often playing along just because he likes to watch him act stupid. He takes pride in being a member of The Storm Fronts and in serving the Royal Family. He's always eager to serve, hunt, or support them in anyway. 

He's pretty private cat when it comes to make plans, needing time to think things through before making a couple plans. He is quite the strategist and manipular, often using subtitle hints. He understand major events quite quickly. Most of his plans from recalling past experiences and memories. He tries to be concern with making other feel comfortable around him, but struggles to form close bonds. He can get any task done no matter if the solution is mortally wrong as along he gets the task done. One thing he lacks ambition and likes watching from the sidelines. He is extremely loyal to Storm Fronts.


Mycroft's skills have yet to be developed, when he grows up the tom will shown a knack in tracking and hunting and be a fairly noteable hunter.



He is born to Carmella and Gaston of The Storm Fronts along with his brother Sherlock. He is showed plenty of times fighting with his brother, and when tries meat for the first time finds it strange.



Gaston; still living


Carmella; still living


Sherlock; Still Living


Xander; deceased
Unnamed tom; deceased


Cardinalkit; still living
Isis; still living
Elektra; still living


Braxton; deceased


Archibald; deceased


Celestine; deceased



Gaston; Mycroft doesn't pay much attention to his father, but considers him somewhat of a great group member. He also does long to impress with any potential he has to make him proud.

Carmella; Mycroft is consider his mother's personal favorite, due to fact he doesn't cause as much trouble than Sherlock. He prides in being his mother's favorite and will often use this in any agruement with his brother.

Sherlock; Mycroft finds Sherlock declared rivalry quite silly and often plays along with, when he doesn't want to stress their mother.

Love Interests



Sherlock; Mycroft and Sherlock have deep rivalry that started ever since they were able to move as kittens. Mycroft acknowledges this rivalry and plays along plenty of times just to make his brother happy. Often the two argue and stress out their mother.



  • His namesake is Mycroft Holmes from BBC Sherlock





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