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Current SplashClan
Age Approx. 51.6 Moons (4.3 Years)
Status Living
Debut SplashClan Archive XIV

Return: SplashClan Archive XXVIII

Father Firepelt
Mother Wigeonsplash
Siblings Flameclaw, Stormfang, Tinystream
Mate None
Kits None
Apprentices Rushwhisker, Whitepaw
Leader Position
Predecessor Elmstar
Deputy Position
Predecessor Emberpelt
Successor Stoatwhisker
Owner Gia

Newtstar is a small, thin calico tabby molly with green eyes. She is the current deputy of SplashClan, born to Firepelt and Wigeonsplash. Her siblings are Flameclaw, Stormfang, and Tinystream. Newtstar mentored Rushwhisker, and is currently mentoring Whitepaw.

Newtstar is a leader, not a follower. She tends to take control of things if put in a small group. Newtstar is sarcastic, and can seem cold and distant until you warm up to her. Newtstar can get offended easily if she knows an insult isn't a joke. She has a sharp tongue, though, and will typically insult them back.



Newtstar is a small, thin cat with sleek fur. Many cats see her as attractive, but she doesn't brag about it. Her pelt has a calico pattern with tabby stripes. Most of her coat is white, with patches of ginger and black mixed throughout. Her tabby markings aren't visible except on her face. They take on a broken mackerel pattern, zig-zagging throughout her pelt. Newtstar's facial stripes take on an M shape on her forehead, and are shorter lines on the rest of her face. Newtstar's calico spots are on her back, face, and tail. The splotches are ginger, brown, and black, with her underbelly, sides, and legs being white.
Newtstar has shorter legs than most cats, and has a slim frame. She can be graceful, but often doesn't act like it. Her tail is shorter, but thin. Newtstar's skin is a lightish coral colour, leaning more towards the orange end of the spectrum. Her pawpads are soft and round, looking much like the stereotypical paw-print design. Newtstar's claws are small, yet sharp, though they remain sheathed until they're needed. Newtstar's face is round near her chin, giving it an circular appearance. Her eyes sit nearer to the top of her head, instead of near the middle.
Newtstar has almond shaped eyes. They're a pretty jade green color, with more of a hazel tint near the edges of her eyes. Her pupils are more elliptical, taking on a near oval shape. They're a pure black color, almost like darkness. Her whiskers are longer than some other cats, but nothing to write home about.


Newtstar is healthy for a wild cat. She gets sick more often than others, but not super often. If she does get sick, she takes a good amount of time to recover from it. Her immune system is pretty average. Being small for her age, Newtstar is a little weaker and more susceptible to illness than other cats. Newtstar is susceptible to severe illnesses, such as greencough. A minor cold usually lasts for a while, but without any lasting effects. She's pretty strong, though. Her muscles are lean and strong, built more for running and jumping. Newtstar has average stamina, getting short of breath after running a bit. This changes if she's sick. If Newtstar gets sick with an illness that affects the lungs, she can only run a few feet without getting winded. This leads her to rest a lot if she gets sick.
Mentally, Newtstar is sound. She's a pretty quick thinker, and often notices small details. Newtstar tends not to think decisions through in the heat of battle. She tries to get things done fast, and as a result doesn't do a good job. If Newtstar gets time to make a decision, then she often overthinks it and doesn't get anything done. Newtstar can get stressed if she's overwhelmed. This leads her to get frustrated often, and to say things she doesn't mean. If she catches herself doing these things, she feels pretty guilty about it. This usually leads to her apologizing a lot, and trying to make it up to the cat she may have hurt.


Newtstar comes off as someone who doesn't care about anything on the outside. She's rather compassionate, though. She's nurturing, and treats anyone younger than her as if they're her child. Other cats can get on her nerves, and she has a bit of a temper. She gets angry if younger cats don't respect her authority as an older warrior. Newtstar is fierce and strong willed, not breaking fast. She often appears distant to cats who don't know her well. Newtstar prefers to express herself using body language rather than words. Cats often understand what she means if they're good enough at reading her. If Newtstar gets into battle, that completely changes. She has a sharp tongue, and often fights with her words rather than her claws. She's rather clever, though that can get her into trouble sometimes.
Newtstar isn't self-conscious. If she is, it's about how she's acted in a situation rather than how she looks. She doesn't feel bad for other cats often, preferring looking tough on the outside. She only opens up to someone she's comfortable with as a friend. Newtstar seems brave most of the time, but she's usually propelled by pure adrenaline. If she had a chance to think through most of the decisions she makes, then she'd do lots of things another way. She's confident in most of her decisions, but isn't always. She usually changes her mind a few times before making a final decision, even a minor one. Newtstar can get frustrated if something isn't done just the way she wants it, though she gets over it.
Newtstar is one to hold grudges, especially if someone has affected her. She finds it hard to let go of past friendships, even toxic ones. Newtstar is the type of cat who would seek revenge on someone, though it's usually justifiable. Newtstar tries not to overreact to little things, but sometimes she can get out of hand. If she's got her mind set on something, it's hard to change that. Newtstar is stubborn, and usually only family or cats close to her can convince her of something. Sometimes this isn't the case. Cats can persuade Newtstar if something sounds good enough, though it would have to be pretty great.
Newtstar gets affected by insults, even though she has a sharp tongue. She can often get hurt by cats she thought were her friends if they do something rude. If someone hurts Newtstar, she often won't want to speak with others, and will seem lethargic and apathetic. Newtstar can snap out of this after a bit, though it depends on what's happened. Newtstar is more affected by close friends and family than outside rogues. Newtstar will dwell on things that have happened in the past, and she can remember them for years into the future. If you insult her, she won't forget it.
Newtstar is a leader, and not a follower. She likes to take control if she's in a small group, and likes getting her way. Making decisions makes her feel important and wanted, even if they aren't received well. Newtstar tries to think about what's best for the group, and not just her. Newtstar thinks that if she only thought about what's best for her, then things would just end in chaos. Newtstar often feels left out if she's pushed to the side, though she doesn't like being in the spotlight all the time. Sometimes, Newtstar will just be happy with having a little credit in a big thing.
Newtstar is rather flirty, though only towards those she knows. She often spends time with those she feels close to, talking with them often. Newtstar flirts by teasing others, though nothing hurtful. If she hurts someone's feelings on accident, Newtstar gets apologetic and anxious. She says that she's sorry over and over again, though this doesn't last a while. Once she's forgiven, Newtstar usually goes back to her normal care-free attitude.
Newtstar often worries about the future, nervous that she'll mess up or make a wrong move. She tries to accept that everything will be fine, though she just can't sometimes. Newtstar takes her time with decisions, often changing her mind once or twice before choosing. This usually causes a lot of pressure on Newtstar, causing her to snap at others often. Newtstar usually fears for her choices, and if they're what's best or not. Once she sees how they play out, Newtstar usually relaxes.
Newtstar is on good terms with StarClan. She isn't excessively spiritual, but doesn't mind others that are. Newtstar believes in them, though she hasn't seen them for herself. She finds herself doubting her faith sometimes, considering that there's no cold hard proof. She believes herself to be a good cat, though she thinks of those she's hurt in the name of her Clan sometimes. Newtstar is on good terms with StarClan and religion, though she isn't rather open about it.
Newtstar lives for compliments and affection. She hopes to have someone there for her, someone that cares for her. It doesn't have to be a romantic relationship or a sexual one, just a rooted friendship. Newtstar fears that someone won't be there, and that she'll always be alone. Newtstar is rather social, though she doesn't talk a lot. Newtstar tries to use the right words, and nothing more.
Newtstar sees herself as average. She tries to push herself to do greater, though sometimes she just doesn't have the energy. Newtstar is always trying to improve herself, even if she's just doing the same thing. Newtstar usually gets into a spot where she's comfortable, and then tries changing things up a bit to see what sticks. Newtstar thinks that she's sort of evolving in a sense, changing to fit her surroundings and her peers.
Newtstar values her friends more than anything. They're her most prized possession in a way, and wouldn't dream of letting them go. One of Newtstar's worst and deepest fears is that her friends will leave her. That they'll all stab her in the back, and be gone. This leads Newtstar to be rather clingy, and sticking around with her friends a lot. Some don't mind, but others find this kind of off-putting.
Newtstar sees life as the beginning and the end. She values it, sure, she just knows it doesn't last forever. Questioning her faith in StarClan leads her to feel somewhat lazy about life. Newtstar doesn't fear death per say, she's just OK with it. Newtstar takes comfort in the idea that there may be a "life after death", but she doesn't invest in it much. It gives her an air of hopelessness, knowing that all her contributions will just be covered in the tracks of those after her. This is one of the reasons that Newtstar aims to become leader, so she can make a lasting contribution to the world.


Newtstar is a good fighter, but not as good at hunting. She isn't able to concentrate as well when she's hunting as she is when she's battling. Newtstar is a good swimmer, as most SplashClan cats generally are. She doesn't like climbing trees as much, as she is more comfortable in the water than the trees. Newtstar is a fast runner, as her legs are powerful from swimming. Her balance is pretty good, which comes from her long tail.
Newtstar's hunting skills are lackluster. She can't concentrate as well while hunting. Newtstar may be fast, but that doesn't matter if your prey gets away before you notice it. If she does concentrate on her hunting, Newtstar does fairly well. She usually catches a fair amount of prey on a good day. Newtstar enjoys hunting with others rather than alone.
Newtstar's fighting style is mainly offensive, trying to get her opponent as weak as possible before loosening up. This can work out if done properly, though many times it doesn't. Depending on the circumstances, Newtstar defends before fighting, though this is rare. It usually depends on the opponent and the terrain. Newtstar's most vulnerable spot is her shorter legs, and if she's knocked down it can take her a bit to get up.


Kithood and Adolescence

Newtkit is born to Wigeonsplash and Firepelt, along with her siblings Flamekit, Stormkit, and Tinykit. They spend most of their time in the nursery, until they are apprenticed. After she and her siblings are apprenticed, Newtpaw doesn't spend nearly as much time with her mother or her parents. The apprentices spend a lot of time together, and often train together. Newtpaw regrets not spending much time with her parents, and tries to make up for this later in life.
Later, when Newtpaw is nearly a warrior, Firepelt is crushed by a badger sett. Her entire family is impacted by this extremely. Newtpaw tries to go on as if nothing happened, but is really saddened by the event. Newtpaw is then made a warrior by the name of Newtcloud.


Newtcloud is seen wrestling Flameclaw outside the warriors den. The two duck and weave through each other, and eventually come to a truce. She is then seen much later leaving the warriors den, stretching. She goes for a walk, and arrives back in camp. She steers clear of the hostages being held in the SplashClan camp at the time, and heads into the warriors den. She sits down in her nest, and begins to groom herself. She wonders what there is to do, and she decides to go hunting. She arrives back in the camp, and is invited to go to the Gathering.
Newtcloud is seen at the gathering, dragging behind the other SplashClan cats. She's tired, but wants to do something away from camp. This is her first Gathering, and she thinks about how her emotions are probably plainly visible on her face. She flicks her tail in frustration. Hazelfern, a WinterClan warrior, greets Newtcloud and Rainheart. She looks up, and asks what the molly wants. She replies, stating that her name is Hazelfern. Newtcloud chuckles, saying that she already said that. She asks if Hazelfern is from WinterClan, and she says that she is. The three chat for a bit, and Newtcloud leaves to follow behind the rest of the SplashClan cats.
Harepaw is seen threatening Jaystorm, saying that he couldn't take him on. Newtcloud pads up to the group of cats, asking if Jaystorm needs help. She snorts that he looks tougher than an apprentice, though he didn't reply. Newtcloud watched as the two cats fought, not interfering just yet. She did start to fear for Harepaw's safety, however. She tells Jaystorm that he should stop, as he's going to hurt Harepaw. He doesn't respond, and Newtcloud leaps on top of the two wrestling cats in an attempt to remove Jaystorm from Harepaw. Jaystorm pins Newtcloud, scratching at her. Swiftpaw tries to join in on the fight, and Jaystorm scratches him in the side. Newtcloud spits that Jaystorm is the only one who needs to learn a lesson, and that he should know better than to beat up an apprentice. She talks to Swiftpaw and Harepaw, saying that they should learn when to back off. The two apprentices apologize, and walk off. Newtcloud catches up to them, apologizing for being kind of harsh. Harepaw states that it's fine. Newtcloud sits down with Rainheart, as the Gathering is about to begin. She then leaves the Gathering with the other SplashClan cats, and arrives back in her own camp.
Newtcloud decides to go hunting after she cleans up her pelt. She regrets having interfered, but thinks that what's done is done. She then arrives back in camp after her hunting session. She delivers food to the elders and the nursery, and then leaves, glancing around camp. Sootstream then bumps into Newtcloud. She then leaves the warriors den, noticing the cats talking. She wanders around a bit, then approaches Sweetfur and Otterstep. Otterstep tells Newtcloud that she should improve her stride, but Newtcloud says that she doesn't care. Newtcloud then leaves, approaching the prisoners. Looking them up and down, she then turns and walks away. She approaches Elmstar, asking if she could have Aspenkit as an apprentice. He says that it will be a few moons still, but that she can. He then asks if she'd like to go on a patrol, and she agrees. The two set out, bringing Cinderfrost with them. Cinderfrost notices a rogue, and Newtcloud unsheathes her claws as a precaution. She walks up to Cinderfrost, stating that she won't get very far. Cinderfrost says that Newtcloud must know this rogue, and that this is SplashClan, not SpringClan. Newtcloud yowls that she doesn't know the rogue, and that she doesn't give a damn if they give rogues a chance. Cinderfrost says that she'll take Russet to camp, and for Newtcloud to come along. Newtcloud denies the request, saying that she came out there to do a patrol and that she intends to accomplish that goal.
Newtcloud questioned Russet a bit before they head back to camp. Elmstar then begins interrogating her, and Newtcloud watches. She thinks that she should have learned a bit about the rogues, considering that they're a bit of a threat. They arrive back in camp. Newtcloud attempts to apologize to Cinderfrost, though she notices that the she-cat left. Newtcloud leaves camp, hoping to have a peaceful walk. She returns, having accomplished her goal. Sunclaw pads up to her, and Newtcloud greets him. Sunclaw wonders if she'd like to go hunting, and Newtcloud states that she doesn't mind. They arrive back in camp, and Elmstar calls a Clan meeting. He gives Newtcloud Whitepaw as an apprentice. She touches noses with him, and hops off of the Highrock. Newtcloud pads over to Crystalpaw, sitting down. Roseleaf asks if they would mind gathering herbs with her, and they set out.
Smokethorn crashes through the bushes, looking for Roseleaf. Newtcloud snorts, watching the two talk. Smokethorn asks where the small group is headed, and Newtcloud tells him that they're looking for herbs. Roseleaf hisses at Newtcloud to not tell her what to do. Newtcloud says that they should go find herbs, and she leaves to the river's edge to find some borage. She gathers some, dropping it in front of Roseleaf. Crystalpaw then finds the two, and the small group heads back to camp.
Newtcloud is then seen in the rogue attacks on SplashClan. The willow throng crashes through the trees into the camp. Odin attacks her, raking his claws on her belly. Newtcloud rears up, her claws coming down hard on Odin's shoulders. He flips her over, pinning her. Odin hisses at Newtcloud, and she takes the opportunity to escape from his grasp and flee to the warriors den. Miserycry looks at Newtcloud, asking if she's fine. She replies that she is, and Newtcloud runs off to battle more of the rogues. She hears Flameclaw's dying screams, and runs over in their general direction. She's faced with Odin, and a dead Flameclaw. She confronts Odin, telling him to leave. He does, fleeing into the forest and leaving Newtcloud alone with Flameclaw. She traces her paw over his bloodied pelt, mourning his death. She vows to avenge him someday, gritting her teeth. Newtcloud is then seen gathering the bodies of the fallen cats, even the rogues. She brings them to where Flameclaw was, and then approaches Elmstar.
Newtcloud explains to Elmstar that some rogues got to Emberpelt and Hollypelt. She also asks who the new deputy will be. Elmstar states that he will choose a new deputy at sundown. The two are then challenged by two rogues. Elmstar decides that Newtcloud can't take on the two alone, so he decides to fight alongside her. Newtcloud pins Saf, though she doesn't plan to kill him. When the battle ends, Elmstar loses a life. The camp falls silent, the atmosphere deadened. Newtcloud looks around, frozen. There is nothing. The battle is over.
After the battle, Newtcloud joins in the effort to clean up. She heads to the pile of bodies she gathered earlier, though most were gone. However, she's looking for one in particular. Newtcloud takes Flameclaw's body, cleaning it as well as possible. Once his body is prepared for burial, Newtcloud leaves it with the others so she can help clean up the rest of the camp. She goes to fix up the warrior's den, which she believes is the most important den next to the nursery. She then leaves with a small hunting party to supply food to the injured cats. They catch quite a bit, and then return to camp.
Small Time Skip
When the cats have returned to camp, Elmstar calls a clan meeting. He talks about how the battle was devastating, and that the Clan has suffered a great loss. He performs the deputy ceremony, crowning Newtcloud the deputy of SplashClan. She humbly accepts, bowing her head. The Clan cheers for Newtcloud as she leaves to go fetch moss for the injured cats. When she's bringing some to the nursery, Ternkit dashes out. He runs into Newtcloud, who drops her moss. She tells him to watch where he's going, and Ternkit apologizes hurriedly.
Newtcloud leaves Ternkit at the nursery, leading a small hunting party out to one of the streams. She catches a few fish, and leads the party back to camp. Newtcloud takes one of the fish for herself and retreats to the warriors den to eat. Newtcloud later leaves to the river where the fallen were buried. She mourns Flameclaw's death, sitting by the riverbank. As she pads back into camp, Erminewhisker greets her. She suggests that the two go hunting, and they leave once more. The two then arrive back in camp, dropping their catch on the fresh-kill pile.
Newtcloud then notices Elmstar on one of the sunningrocks. She approaches him, sitting down next to him. Newtcloud thanks him for being made deputy. He mentions that she'll be a fine leader, which causes her to consider what would happen if she was leader. He thanks Newtcloud for her help after the battle, and she leaves him. Newtcloud walks past the medicine cat's den, peering inside to see Ebonyswan. Newtcloud asks if she should fetch Roseleaf, but gets no response. Crystalstep approaches Newtcloud, wondering if Ebonyswan is okay. Newtcloud stretches, stating that she doesn't know. The two sit outside the medicine den, chattering. Crystalstep wonders if Newtcloud would ever have kits, not that she looks like she might. Newtcloud flicks her tail back and forth, stating that she only would if it's with the right tom. Crystalstep asks Newtcloud what she thinks about she-cats who don't like toms, and Newtcloud tells her that love has no boundaries. Crystalstep and Newtcloud wonder about what StarClan thinks of it for a little while, and they eventually head off to the warrior's den.
Newtcloud wakes up, arching her back. She worries for the clan's safety, thoughts popping in and out of her head. She wonders if that's what a deputy is supposed to do, worry for her entire clan. Later, Wendy is brought into camp. Newtcloud introduces herself to the kit, showing her to Elmstar. Newtcloud is then seen in the nursery with Eagleface and her kits. She asks if Eagleface will be fine on her own, and leaves her with her kits. Firewing approaches her, wondering about all the new cats. Newtcloud says that they just wanted to join, and there's no issue with it. She enters the warrior's den, going to sleep.
Newtcloud exits the warrior's den late at night, and freezes. She sees Elmstar's cold body, having been murdered by Wolfstrike earlier. She buries the old tom, taking him out to the river. She returns to the camp, making an announcement to the whole of the clan that Elmstar has passed on. After naming Stoatwhisker deputy, she returns to the leader's den to gather her strength for the upcoming journey.
Newtcloud makes her way to the Mooncave, and dreams of StarClan. She receives her nine lives and leader name, and returns to her clan the next morning. Waking in the leader's den, Newtstar is briefly startled by her unfamiliar surroundings. She rises, thinking about the Gathering and what it means for her and her clan. Crystalstep and Bramblepaw are waiting outside her den. She tells them to wait there as she calls a ceremony. After naming three apprentices warriors, she returns to them.


Ceremonies & Mentions


<p style="text-align: center;">Newtstar's Deputy Ceremony</p>

Elmstar: "The events of today's battle have been devastating, and we have suffered a great loss. But we will deal with the consequences at a later time, when our physical wounds have healed so as to make room to repair our emotional strife. It is with a heavy heart that I must choose a deputy in the place of Emberpelt. I say these words before her spirit in StarClan, so that she may hear and approve of my choice. Newtstar will be the new deputy of SplashClan."
Clan: "Newtcloud! Newtcloud!"
SplashClan XXXI

<p style="text-align: center;">Newtstar's Leader Ceremony</p>

Whitepaw: "Hi, Newtcloud! I'm here to give you your first life of happiness. Use it to make your clan happy and yourself, too!"
Flameclaw: "Hi, sis. I'm here to give you your second life, a life of courage. Use it when you need it most, in dark times and in ones of strength, to unite your Clan through everything. I look forward to seeing you again, although I hope you're not going to join the ranks of StarClan anytime soon. Good luck."
Garlicstar: "Greetings, Newtcloud. I'm Garlicstar, a very ancient leader of your Clan. It's refreshing to see my Clan fall to such a good young cat. With this life, I give you patience. Being a leader takes a lot out of you; use this life to allow each cat a chance at being great; use it to allow yourself to be great,"
Emberpelt: "Hey, Newtcloud, what's up? Okay, so they made me do something, and that's to give you a life. I give you this life of faith, to believe in the best of your Clanmates. You shouldn't doubt 'em easily, you know!"
Roseleaf: "I see you've lived to become a leader. Let's hope you're better than Elmstar. I have to give you a life now, I suppose. With this life, I give you pride. Let's hope you have enough for the troubles to come."
Smokecloud: "Heya, Newtcloud! I'm here to give you your next life, oh this going to be super exciting! Okay! With this life I give you passion! Use this life, to do your job with a burning passion up until your last dying breaths!"
Cinderfrost: "Quite sure you remember. With this life I give you forgiveness. May you be able to forgive those who hurt you and whatnot."
Stormfront: "Hello, Newtcloud. My name is Stormfront. I'm here before you to give you a life. With this life, I give you individuality. Use it to stand out from your Clanmates, and to help them stand out as well. After all, what fun is a bland-ass world where everyone's the same?"
Elmstar: "Greetings, Newtcloud. I know it was the right choice to choose you as a successor. With this life, I give you the virtue of nobility. Use it to ensure respect from your peers and your Clan, and to compose yourself as a true leader. I hail you by your new name, Newtstar. Your old life is no more. You have now received the nine lives of a leader, and StarClan grants you the guardianship of SplashClan. Defend it well; care for young and old; honor your ancestors and the traditions of the warrior code; live each life with pride and dignity."
Half-Moon Gatherings/2015


<p style="text-align: center;">Rushpaw's Apprentice Ceremony</p>

Elmstar: "Rushpaw has reached the age of six moons, and it is time for him to become an apprentice. From now on until you earn your warrior name, you shall be known as Rushpaw. Newtstar will mentor you."
Clan: "Rushpaw! Rushpaw!"
Not shown in roleplay

<p style="text-align: center;">Whitepaw's Apprentice Ceremony</p>

Elmstar: "Whitekit has reached the age of six moons, and it is time for him to become an apprentice. From this day until you have earned your warrior name, you will be known as Whitepaw. Newtstar, you will mentor him."
Clan: "Whitepaw! Whitepaw!"
SplashClan XXX



Firepelt: Deceased; StarClan resident


Wigeonsplash: Living


Flameclaw: Deceased; StarClan resident


Tinystream: Deceased; StarClan resident
Stormfang: Living


Falconflame: Deceased; StarClan resident


Silverlight: Deceased, residence unknown


Brindlewolf: Deceased, residence unknown
Griffinscreech: Living
Seakit: Living
Gravitykit: Living

First Cousin Once Removed:

Burningscreech: Living
Blazekit: Status unknown
Burntkit: Status unknown



Flameclaw Template:Quote2

Newtstar cares about Flameclaw the most out of her family. He's the one that Newtstar has interacted with the most, and the one that's been there for her. Newtstar wished she could have talked with him more while he was alive, and that they could have spent more time together. Newtstar had an overall positive relationship with Flameclaw, though she doesn't know how Flameclaw felt about her.


Crystalstep Template:Quote2

Newtstar and Crystalpaw have talked surprisingly little, considering that they're from the same Clan. Newtstar has a generally positive opinion about Crystalpaw, however. Newtstar considers her to be a good friend. They haven't talked much as of yet, though Newtstar will try to interact with the apprentice more in the future.

Elmstar Template:Quote2

Newtstar's opinion on Elmstar is pretty positive. She honors his leadership, and his ability to make good decisions in the face of everything. Newtstar hasn't talked with Elmstar a lot, though she's seen him around camp a lot. Newtstar isn't sure of what Elmstar's opinion on her is, although she hopes its positive. Newtstar doesn't want to be on the leader's bad side.


Jaystorm Template:Quote2

Newtstar isn't really friends with Jaystorm, considering that they're from different Clans, but they aren't really enemies either. The best way to describe their relationship is an acquaintanceship. The two don't know each other well enough to make any final decisions yet, though.

Harefoot Template:Quote2

Newtstar is pretty cool with Harefoot. Their relationship could be described as "mutual respect". They're from different Clans, so they haven't talked much, except for at Gatherings. Newtstar thinks Harefoot is pretty nice, though.

Brambleface Template:Quote2

Newtstar hasn't talked much with Brambleface, just enough to form a general opinion on him. She's pretty okay with his actions, though she thinks he may be a bit too scatterbrained for the medicine cat job.

Love Interests

Erminewhisker Template:Quote2

Newtstar really likes Erminewhisker, even though they haven't spent all that much time together. She wants to get to know her more, and hopes Erminewhisker will spend more time with her. Newtstar respects Erminewhisker for being quiet, and a good listener. They respect each other in a sort of symbiotic way, with both benefiting from the relationship.


Odin Template:Quote2

Newtstar has no idea who Odin really is, though she'll never forgive him for killing her brother and attacking her. Newtstar feels slightly bad for Odin, though. She may be willing to give him a chance if he fully apologizes, though they'll likely never see each other again. Newtstar is torn between hating him and feeling neutral about him, though she's leaning more towards the hate side. After all, you tend to get on a cat's bad side if you kill their only living sibling.

Darkspirit Template:Quote2

Newtstar abhors Darkspirit. You know those people that have barely talked to you, but you hate anyway? Yeah. Newtstar really hates his whole demeanor, how he acts like he's hot stuff and whatever. It just really ticks her off, is all. She hasn't really talked to Darkspirit much other than that, though. She's really judging a book by it's cover, though it's likely her opinion won't change on him any time soon.





Newtstar: "Oh my StarClan... You. You hurt me, and killed my brother."
Odin: "I-I'm s-s-sorry..."
Newtstar: "No! There's no forgiving you for this. I won't let this die. Go. Before I give you something to worry about."
SplashClan XXX


Rank Info


  • Newtstar is bisexual.
  • Newtstar was originally named Feathershine.
    • She was also a silver tabby then.




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