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Current The Storm Fronts
Age Approx. 36 Moons (3 Years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Lack of a faction :/
Debut TSF Archive VIII
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Sibling Anastasia
Mate Unknown (formerly)
Kits Moriarty, Three daughters
Owner curly bab

Nicholas is a brown tabby tom with curly fur. He is the brother of Anastasia, and is an advisor of The Storm Fronts, serving under Obsidian originally, but later switching to Sebastian upon the tom's death. He is the father of several kittens, including Moriarty, whom he brought back with him to the Storm Fronts to train to become an Advisor, only to have his son leave to search for his family.



Nicholas is a tall, large tom of heavy LaPerm ancestry. His build is semi-foreign; having a hint of lank to his limbs, and a very rounded, wedge-shape head, but a slightly more cobby air to it, as well, which allows him to pack on more muscle and have wider shoulders in comparison to foreign cats. His body is on the larger size for a medium-sized cat, not nearly being as massive as a Maine Coon or a Turkish Van, but definitely being heavier and wider than a standard LaPerm. His legs and tail are fairly long and very muscular, so they are not particularly thin.
His fur itself is curly and thick, being about a medium-furred length. His fur is brown, with darker ticked tabby markings along his back. As the markings grow closer to his belly, they lighten in intensity, into a creamy-white color. He has lighter-colored rings around his eyes, and darker stripes down either side of the bridge of his nose, along with a "teardrop" marking above each eye. The tips of his ears are darker, as well, and tufted slightly. His tail is covered in a lot of plumy fur, making it easy to snag on branches, but elegant in appearance.
His ears are large and straight, and his nose is of medium length. His nose is pink, rimmed in a darker pink-brown color, which continues down below it, before parting into lips. His muzzle is "freckled", having dark brown spots where the long, dark-colored whiskers emerge. His eyes are almond-shaped, being colored a blue-green hue. His skin is a pale gray-pink, and is visible on the insides of his ears and along the edges of his mouth. His teeth are fairly straight and free of major problems, despite being stained yellow.


Being a very large cat, Nicholas has some potential health problems. With his muscular build and massive size, he has to eat more than most other cats to keep up his shape. Occasionally he will over-eat, and if he were to quit his hunting routines, he has the potential of becoming overweight. He is not a skilled hunter, save for the occasional large kill, where he needs his extra weight. Otherwise, he struggles to keep still or to step lightly, and will often crash through the forest.
Born an advisor, he was never properly introduced to hunting, where he could've corrected those problems, but instead was trained to be a warrior for the leader. He excels in battle moves, and is very strong due to this.
Mentally, Nicholas tries to keep himself sharp-witted and edgy. Being born of a noble status and from a long line of Storm Fronts hierarchy, he was raised to be smart. He easily caught on with new ideas and concepts, and seldom questioned what he found to be true. Although this causes some stubbornness and vaguely clouded ideals for perfectionism and tradition, he is otherwise considered wise by many of the other members of the group.


When he was younger, Nicholas was a troublemaker. His carefree demeanor seemed contagious, and he easily took charge of most of the younger cats in the nursery, often leading them into tricky situations, primarily centered around antagonizing the commoners. Due to his noble heritage, he and his sister seldom received harsh punishments, and could get away with a lot more than most other kittens at the time. Upon befriending Sebastian, he would often escape camp with the older clanmate, and the two would hide from the other adults, but due to Sebastian's very high ranking, no punishments for his behavior occurred.
As he aged, and he realized what kind of tasks he would undergo as an adult, he grew to be more stern, stoic, and calm. His rowdy, rambunctious days had ended. He took a more serious outlook, and grew to be one of the strongest advisors upon Obsidian's death. Due to his large build, he has a dominant, powerful air around him, and seldom is one to back down from a challenge. He is known within the group for being hot-headed and a bit aggressive when challenged, and will often go nose-to-nose with his attacker. When physical force and intimidation alone do not work, he will turn to wit. Being one of the smarter characters in the group due to his higher education coming from his mother's ranking, he is well known for his intelligence, and some say it even rivals Sebastian himself.
Being an advisor, he often has to enforce the groups rules and deal out punishments. While he does more dirty work for the Royal Family, he has grown a stubborn temper and often refuses to comply with some rules or beliefs. He looks down upon those born outside of the group, believing them to be dishonest to the rest of the group, and mocks most of the commoners. He has developed some respect for certain members of the group, especially those who are commoners and are potential candidates for an advisor position, but otherwise he stays firm on his mindsets.


Nicholas is a notable figurehead within the Storm Fronts, not just due to his heritage, but to his wisdom. He led Obsidian through many perils during the tom's reign, and has helped save many members of the group on more than one occasion. Being very large in size, he also is great in battle. He has had to "take care of" several characters who had pissed off the Royal Family, often using his size to overpower them and take them out.
In all of the group's recent battles, he has been in the front lines, and many fights have been settled and won due to him leading in them.


Kithood and Adolescence

Nicholas and his sister, Anastasia, were born to two members of The Storm Fronts. Their mother had been an advisor to Sirius, elected shortly after the defeat of Loki, and was currently serving as one of the head advisors of Obsidian, who was the current leader.
He was born shortly after Sebastian, and was still nursing while the leader became a member. However, despite their age gap, he and Sebastian quickly became good friends, and the two would play in the nursery or even outside of camp, when the heir was attempting to avoid his duties as a leader. Nicholas easily adapted to sneaking out of camp frequently, and because he was going with Sebastian, the kit couldn't get in trouble.
Upon reaching ten moons of age, he and his sister became advisors to Obsidian. As they were the youngest, they were frequently pushed around by the older advisors, and often had the last pick of the food put aside for the higher ranks. It was during this time that Nicholas really began to learn how to hold his own, and his carefree demeanor was replaced with a more stern cat. He took his duties more seriously than his sister, and quickly gained respect among the advisors.


When Obsidian died, he became Sebastian's head advisor. He still broke a few rules, though, and fathered a litter with a rogue she-cat. She kept four of his kits, but he brought in his only son to the group, Moriarty.
He is one of the advisors to Sebastian that told him to make sure Cas took a mate before becoming leader, and was one of those in favor of restricting her reign a little more, so that the mate would be the face of the group, whilst she simply made decisions.
He is later truly seen when Sebastian returns to camp after confronting a rogue about leaving a kit with the group. Sebastian instructs him to spread word of his most recent decree, so that he wouldn't have to call a meeting: to kill any abandoned kits found on the territory. He, in turn, goes to tell Esteban, and encourages the younger tom to continue spreading the news.
Two days later, he is seen when the snow begins to fall. He sits below the Royals on the fallen tree when Sebastian calls the first meeting, to send out searching parties for anyone still out of camp. After the patrols return with everyone, he is seen spitting at the cats below the tree, telling them to be silent. Sebastian silences him with a wave of his tail, after Nicholas points out that queens were still in the nursery. When Sebastian returns, he is swatted by his tail, and gives his friend a mocking snarl. The two laugh after a moment, and continue with the meeting. After the meeting, he follows Sebastian back to the willow, but lets him continue alone after Soren intercepts Sebastian, and the two leave to go bury Aeris.
After the snow began to stop, he was given the order to keep all cats in camp until further notice. He is put in charge of the camp while Sebastian and his family go out to hunt for the group, and takes a spot in the center of camp. He doesn't notice King sneak out, but does notice him when he returns to camp. As he is about to approach him, he stops when Feranna attacks him, and the two fight. The fight is then broken up by Deana, and she leads King over to the side of camp, to treat his wounds. Nicholas storms over to them, to speak to King and gather some details so Sebastian could order a proper punishment. He accuses King of leaving the camp against Sebastian's orders, and beckons Feranna over, so he could speak to both toms. He sends Deana away to care for her kit, and tells her he would come to her for questions later. He and King talk for a little while, and King admits that he was checking in on a friend who doesn't faire well in snow. Figuring that the friend lived on Storm Fronts' territory, Nicholas demands that King takes him to this friend. The two leave camp and eventually meet Sam, who Nicholas proceeds to invite to join the group. The molly accepts, and he leads the duo back to camp.
Later on, Sebastian calls him over to help move Emily and her kittens into a sick den, so that the other queens wouldn't catch the Siamese's illness. He takes most of her nest materials from the nursery and moves them into her new den, and helps her into her new nest, so that she would stay warm. He sets her living kittens besides her, and after seeing that everything was alright, he gives her a nod and leaves.
Soren later approaches him, asking to put his kittens with another queen. Nicholas mentions that every cat was starving, and that a queen wouldn't do such a thing, as she would be struggling to feed and keep her own kittens alive, let alone another cats'. He explains that he had lost several litters to the winter, but it was easier to have more kittens with the same queen than it was to find a new mate after one died, and advises Soren to take more care of Emily, and to fret less about their kittens. He notes that the tabby looked like he was about to kill him, and dismissed him with a wave of his tail. Nicholas heads off to Sebastian's den, where the Royals and advisors were gathering to sleep, to keep warm.



Moriarty: Living


Anastasia: Deceased, residence unknown




Though Anastasia was his only littermate, Nicholas did not interact with her nearly as much as he interacted with Sebastian, who was more of a sibling than his sister was. However, he holds a great amount of respect for his sister, finding her as an equally intelligent cat and a suitable fellow advisor. He occasionally spoke and played with his sister in the nursery, but he preferred to hang out with the heir, Sebastian, after they became friends. Before the two toms became friends, Nicholas either kept to himself or interacted with other kits in the nursery, he used his sister primarily as a shoulder to lean on, only when he really needed someone to open up to, which was rarely.
As Advisors, however, the two seemed to become a bit closer, but only for a short period of time before Anastasia grew independant. The two interacted on rare occasions when they needed to discuss things, such as making sure Cas took a mate before becoming leader. Eventually, Nicholas's sister died of unknown causes. Despite their sparse interactions, Nicholas was hit rather hard by his littermate's death, as he had no family left, excluding his son who fled from The Storm Fronts.


Nicholas's son was his pride and joy, the Advisor taking plenty of time to groom his son into the perfect Advisor, only to have his offspring leave the faction to search for his mother and littermates. Surprisingly, Nicholas isn't enraged by his son's actions, rather he is quite proud of him, though a little hurt that he chose against the path of an Advisor. His father broke the rules to have him, so if his son was to return, Nicholas would be delighted, though he wouldn't be too pleased if he returned with his mother.
Nicholas has no intentions of running off to search for his son, as his offspring selected his own path, and he holds a high amount of respect for him for that decision. There are times that Nicholas wonders about his son's current status, and whether or not he's alive, but he refuses to stop what Moriarty is doing, as he is an adult and has the right to do whatever he feels.



The leader and advisor had a rough start at first. Being born shortly before Sebastian was made a member, he was taunted mercilessly by his small size and weakness. As he grew, and after Sebastian had left the nursery, the two grew to have an understanding: neither awaited their jobs ahead in life. Sebastian was eager to abandon his rank of royalty after the death of his mother, and Nicholas didn't wish to order a whole group around through another cat.
Early in their friendship they learned a secret route of escaping from camp, and would spend hours out there, until Nicholas became tired or hungry. Due to Sebastian's royal status, the two wouldn't get in trouble, and were envied by the other kittens. Later on in life, the two remained close friends, and grew even more close after Nicholas was appointed an advisor by Obsidian. After Obsidian's death, Nicholas was surprised that he was chosen to advise Sebastian, and gleefully accepted the offer.
The two never miss up on an opportunity to tease or mess around with the other, and will frequently do so during serious times or gatherings, such as a group meeting. This would be frowned upon in most cases, but the two try to remain discreet and those who do catch it are often too amused to react strongly against it.


Soren and Emily

Although the advisor has seldom interacted with the young pair, he has his doubts over their future. He has seen them act stubborn, and not grow accustomed to the group's ways, and he worries for them to a degree. He pities them for having kits so soon to winter, but still finds them irritable for numerous reasons. He is disgusted by the fact that the tom starves himself, when he believes he needs to do the opposite so that he may hunt and gather even more prey for the group, and has considered talking about this with Sebastian on more than one account.
As for the queen, Nicholas is uncertain of her actions. He knows she is of kittypet ancestry, and severely doubts her abilities to act as a mother, as she can hardly keep herself warm and healthy, let alone her kittens. He was shocked when she returned after vanishing after a fox attack, and is suspicious as to what could have healed her so quickly. Although he is not horribly superstitious, Emily's past has aroused some doubts in Nicholas' mind, and he is eager to see what their next move will be in life.


  • His father was a purebred Laperm, while his mother had a strong ancestry of the breed.





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