Nightfeather (StaC) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Nightfeather (StaC)
Current StarClan
Past AutumnClan
Given Warrior:Nightfeather
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by a SpringClan warrior
Debut StarClan
Last Post Unknown
Father Sagenose
Mother Skyfang
Sibling Fernleaf
Mate Unknown
Kits Tsunamikit, Jadekit
Apprentice Russetheart
Owner Leggo

Nightfeather is a sleek, soft, thick-furred black she-cat with tufted ears, long fur, pale green eyes, slightly brown-tinted underfur, a thick ruff, a long, plumy, feathery tail, small paws, a light, slender build, and unusually long whiskers.


Nightfeather is charming, social, and inquisitive. She's always curious, and never allowed clan borders to stop her explorations. Despite seeming aloof and feather-brained, she is quite intelligent, absorbing anything told to her or anything she found out for herself. She can be pushy with younger warriors and apprentices, but only to tease them.


Nightfeather was a warrior of AutumnClan, often climbing trees and exploring beyond their territory, even if it meant crossing into other clans' boundaries.

She was caught one day by a WinterClan patrol, and taken back to their camp. She fell in love with the Clan, and when she returned home, she longed for their snow and chilly breezes.

Later in her life, she became mates with a tom of her Clan, and became pregnant with his kits. When the kits were born, she smuggled one across the border, so her blood could forever run with WinterClan.

She later died in battle, managing to take ninth life of Loudstar. Being pulled off the dying cat by a stronger, larger warrior, she was killed quickly with her neck snapping under the force of the warrior's paws.

She joined StarClan, and her blood runs on in both AutumnClan and WinterClan, through Snailstorm and Foxtail.


  • Her personality and description are based off of Leggo's current cat, Macy
    • Her life image is a picture Leggo took of Macy
  • Her closest friends are Azurefire and Jaestrike.

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