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Placeholder cat
Current SummerClan
Given Warrior: Nightglow
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Longtail
Mother Sootflight
Sibling Tigerclaw
Mate Adder
Kits None
Owner Mink
Nightglow is a very dark brown, almost black, she-cat with blue eyes.


She is very independent. She is ambitious and has a heart of ice. 


She was born to Sootflight and Longtail along with her littermate, Tigerkit.


Father - Longtail - Living

Mother - Sootflight - Living

Brother- Tigerkit - Living

Uncles - Batwings - living, Gingerpaw - Unknown

Aunts - Brightpaw - Living, Tawnypaw - Living

Grandfathers - Cloudstorm - Living, Dusknose - Living

Grandmother- Branchheart - Living, Mistytail - Living

Great Uncles- Shadowpelt - Living, Brambletail - Living

Great Aunts - Poppyheart - Living, Songbreeze - Living, Whistlewind - Living

Great-Grandfathers- Swiftfoot - Living, Lionheart - Living

Great-Grandmothers- Rowanstar - Living, Luckshine - Living

Great-great Uncles and Aunts- Feathernose - Living, Cloudsong - Deseased; StarClan member, Ivyblaze - Deseased, Fallowheart - Deseased, Echo - Living

Great-Great Grandfathers- Rowancloud - Deseased; StarClan member, Airface - Deseased; suspected StarClan member, Swift - Living

Great-Great Grandmothers - Whistlewing - Deseased; StarClan member, Wingbreeze - Desased; suspected StarClan member, Sapphire - Living

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  • Fern forgot her description, so she made up a new one.

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