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Nova (Life)
Current Loner
Given Nova
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Splash
Mother Pool
Sibling Rustthorn
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Twine

Nova is a dark grey tom, with a slightly muscular and lean build. He is said to have a dull green eyes that seem to get brighter on sunnier days, and almost grey on foggy days.

He is the son of Splash and Pool, and he has a younger brother named Rustthorn, who has no memory of him.



Physically, Nova has a very strong immune system, and doesn't get sick easily. He does get the occasional cold, but it has never turned into anything more than that. He prides himself very much in this, and can be seen boasting about it to others. As for physical strength, Nova isn't weak, but neither is he strong.
Mentally, Nova is actually pretty good. Sometimes he can feel quite depressed, or anxious, but he never shows it and it doesn't last for long. Something that will be mentioned later is his fear of wind. He does not like the feel of wind, or the sound it makes. Nova isn't the brightest cat out there, but he shouldn't be described as stupid either. He can be impulsive and irrational, most times acting on feelings.


Nova could be described as a loose-cannon, or immature. He has some very childish tendencies, such as being a picky eater, or believing in ghosts. Nova is a loner and he has never before heard of Starclan, or anything like it, so he has come to the conclusion that ghosts are real. He speaks his mind, usually too innocent to tell if he said something offensive or not. Sometimes he has random outbursts where he can be very loud and annoying. Nova is heedless to formalities or social standings and has a habit of giving cats he meets nicknames, whether they want them or not.
Despite having these quirks, Nova is said to have a inspiring personality, that brings others too him, shown through acts of genuine kindness and sincerity that could change someones view of something. He believes in friendship and thinks that everyone needs some form of a relationship to even truly exist. He tends to be kind and understanding towards others, or he at least tries to be. If there happens to be a cat that needs help, or maybe just a friend, Nova is willing to be there for them.
Nova makes sure to keep true to his word, believing that that is something of great importance. He will even go to extremes to keep his promises. Sometimes he may even call this his "way of life," showing how important it is to him. Going along with this, Nova is a very honest cat. He will tell a few white lies here and there, but nothing serious. Even the small lies of his will eat away at him until he finally caves in and confesses.
Nova often times feels like he has something to prove, and can come off as cocky. He is very boastful and sarcastic, but not usually in a mean way. However, as mentioned before, sometimes he can say something offensive, and not even realize that it was. He doesn't feel very good about himself, and feels the need to prove to others and himself, that he is important, and that he is good at things. When doing this, he will point out, or show, just how good he is. This is when he seems cocky.
Even though he might say he's all macho and cool, Nova has Ancraophobia, or the fear of wind. If it is slightly windy out, Nova will only be a little shaky and paranoid, but if there is a lot of wind, he will run and find somewhere to hide. He not only hates being in wind, but he is also afraid of the whistling noise it makes. Nova hates this part of himself and really wants to change. He understands that it is an irrational fear, but he just can't help it.
Nova is what you would call a kinesthetic learner, meaning, that he is better at doing things, than having them explained to him. For Nova things need to be explained to him slowly, or simply for him to understand fully. He is relatively naive and slow to learn so things need to be very simple for him. He will grudgingly admit to this, but he does not like it. He might even put up a front, to hide his own embarrassment about this. Despite this naivety, Nova can be quite observant and sometimes notice things others don't.
Nova is described as kind and childish, and also like a child, he can have a very ill temper. He won't go on a rampage of destruction or anything, but instead will stay more true to his immature nature. He will be very passive aggressive, or maybe not even talk at all. His arguments may get very very annoying, since he, again, acts very childish, mimicking what the other says in a high pitched whiny voice.
It may seem like it, but Nova can, on very rare occasions, be serious. He isn't a kit and is actually an adult cat. He likes to be the way he is and get the most out of life, but if put in a serious situation, he can be focused and ready. The fun side of him will not be completely forgotten and he will attempt to keep the mood light, with a few jokes, but he knows when to stop.


Nova has shown great fascination in fighting, and is moderately good at it. His lean and slightly muscular body aid greatly while fighting. He seems to have a very high pain tolerance, and endless amounts of energy. Even after a fight he will be running around, exclaiming his victory. As for the pain tolerance, he knows that he has injuries, but he is able to put them off for the time being, so that he is able to keep on fighting.
Because he lives on his own, Nova knows how to hunt, but he doesn't show very much skill with it. His loud and impatient nature often hinders his ability to stalk and catch prey. He realizes that one day, he may have a mate and kits to provide for, other than just himself. So he is trying to better himself in this area, hoping to one day get good at it.
Nova has never tried swimming, or climbing and he doesn't intend to. The thought of climbing scares him because he thinks that there will be more wind higher up, and he has never even thought of swimming.


Nova is a dark grey tom with medium length silky fur. It has a sleek-like look and texture, and a healthy shine to it. He sheds in the summer and it grows out in the winter. His fur has small slightly darker grey flecks spread throughout it. He appears to have a dark grey base color and is that solid grey, over his whole body.
Nova's eyes are a dull green color with hints of a yellowish color around the edges. His irises are normal-sized. They shift with his emotions, getting fuller and thinner. His nose is also a dark grey color, and of medium size for a cat. It stays moist as long as he has enough water. His whiskers are short and thin, curving down toward the ground. Nova's ears are of normal size and a light pink color on the inside.
Nova has a very lean and slightly muscular body, and long legs attached to small and petite paws. Despite having such small paws and a slender body, Nova is very well off when it come to fighting, often helping him win his battles. He also has normal sized claws and teeth, both sets curving and coming to a sharp point. Nova's tail is sleek and soft, like the rest of his body. His tail is the same color as the rest of his body, and seems to be longer than a normal cats tail.
Nova has a few scars here and there, but most aren't very noticeable. He gets a few injuries every once in a while, but know how to treat these wounds so that there aren't very many scars. He has one long scar down his front left legs that he got while battling with another cat.


Kithood and Adolescence

It is never seen in roleplay, but Nova used to live with his parents. The litter of kits that he was born in died, all except for him. So he stayed with Splash and Pool for most of this time, until they had another litter. In this litter also, only one kit survived, and devastated, Splash and Pool separated, leaving the new kit on the edge of Autumnclan territory. This forced Nova to choose between his parents. He decided to go with his mother Pool, and stays with her until she dies. He then goes off on a quest to find his father, and that is where he is now. Although by this time, Nova is an adult tomcat.


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Pool- Deceased


Splash- Living


Rustthorn- Living




Pool is Novas mother, so he felt a very deep connection with her. Pool and Nova were often seen together and she is the one who taught him how to hunt. She also taught him about some herbs that he could use as medicine. When his parents split up after giving birth to Rustkit, Nova went with his mother. At the time she was sick and needed someone to look after her. Nova went with her and stayed with her, until she ended up dying shortly after. He was very close to his mother and her death shook him up quite a bit.


Nova used to love spending time with his father, who taught him how to hunt. He looked up to his father and respected the wise and gentle tom. His father always had time for him and was good at providing for his family. After having Rustkit though, he seemed to grow distant, until him and Pool finally seperated. Now that Pool has passed, Nova is searching for his father, planning on rejoining him soon.


Nova only knew Rustthorn for a very short time. He didn't really feel effected when his brother was abandoned in Autumnclan, however, he is still an empathetic cat and he wishes that things hadn't turned out the way that they did. He would be pleased to see Rustthorn again someday and see how his lost brother has grown, but he isn't sure if that will ever happen.


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  • Novas personality was based off of three different people, one of those people being Nova, from Marvel

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Nova (Life)

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