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Oceanwave is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Warrior Oceanwave
Age Approx. 18 moons
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Fox-trap
Debut Unknown
Last Post SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive 39
Father Unnamed father
Mother Unnamed mother
Sibling Unnamed siblings
Mates Brightwhisper (formerly), Gingertail (formerly), Gingernose
Kit Flarewing
Mentor Unnamed mentor
Apprentices Thornfoot, Dewpaw, Icepaw
Owner Crys

Oceanwave is a pale, muscular blue-gray tabby and white tom with highly defined stripes and ocean blue eyes that have a sea-green tint to it.



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Physical Health

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Mental Health

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Oceanwave can have a sharp tongue, although he's usually a smooth, laid-back tom. He can be quite bossy at times, and sometimes very annoying. He despises WinterClan so much, he feels he can't trust the new leader of SummerClan, knowing that he was once WinterClan. Oceanwave can be soft and caring, but he always jumps to conclusions, and has no patience for anything, let alone an answer. He can easily be distracted by the forest and everything in it, because he doesn't focus on too many things.
He can be rather hypocritical, and doesn't like to follow his own directions. Despite his age, he can be childish and naive, and unwilling to share. Coming Soon

Skills & Abilities

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Oceanwave is seen watching Brightwhisper, a large crush on her. He then leaves to watch the kits, and when Whistlewind asks to share a rabbit, he comes and joins her. His feelings gets hurt when Whistlewind scoots away from him and starts a conversation with Songbreeze
Thornpaw, his apprentice reports that he scented a fox and her kits, so they set out to track them. Oceanwave kills the mother-fox and gets his ears and pelt shredded in the process. Thornpaw asks him to leave. Oceanwave leaves with Ripplekit, and comes back to the camp, followed by Thornpaw.
Oceanwave is seen telling Brightwhisper that he liked her, and she admits that she likes him back. Oceanwave is later seen yowling in the Clan meeting. Oceanwave sees Brightwhisper and Longstripe together and gets angry. He pads away, furiously and hurt. He is later seen moping around, and a new kit is name an apprentice: Gingerpaw. Oceanwave at first doesn't care, and shows no kindness the the young apprentice.
He is seen with Gingerpaw, and tells her about being a warrior. Tawnyleaf calls him to share some prey and doesn't notice Gingerpaw fuming. He also doesn't notice that she had a crush on him, but thinks about how beautiful her eyes were. Gingerpaw and Oceanwave goes hunting, and meets Longstripe with Brightwhisper on the way. Oceanwave feels hurt as Brightwhisper snarls at him and leaves.
After, Oceanwave is seen licking his paw. Then he goes to Brightwhisper and apologizes for insulting her when she was with Longstripe. Brightwhisper purrs, and says that she changed her mind and that Longstripe was never meant for her. Oceanwave tells Brightwhisper that he still likes her. Oceanwave asks to be her mate, and Brightwhisper says yes. They pad back to camp, tails twinned.
Brightwhisper breaks up with him again, and Oceanwave is depressed. He quickly grows over it, though, and finds out the one who really is for him is Gingertail, the newest warrior of SummerClan. After a long relationship, they become mates. Gingertail later is killed by Gustywind, a WinterClan warrior, in the Battle of the Century. Oceanwave is furious, and takes his anger on Alpinefeather, who had tried to join SummerClan.
There's a clan meeting, and Oceanwave sees Cedarpaw kicking Gingernose. Oceanwave warns Cedarpaw, then chats with Gingernose that he was also a horrible mentor and that she didn't deserve being kicked around by her apprentice. He seems extremely calm about it, slightly hinting that he cares for Gingernose. After the clan meeting is over, Oceanwave asks Gingernose if she and Cedarpaw wanted to battle train with him.
Way later on, he becomes Gingernose's mate.


Mate: Gingertail (Formerly): Deceased

Kits: None, yet

Mother: Unknown, deceased

Father: Unknown

Life Image


Character Pixels

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  • Oceanwave never talked to Brightwhisper because Crystal always got ECed or Snowie wasn't there.
  • His mate will be Gingernose.
  • oh blood off oceanwave
  • Crys changed his description around a bit because she like white and blue gray tom instead of just blue.
  • Oceanwave doesn't have torn ears, because no picture had torn ears that suited him.
  • Oceanwave is one of Crystal's OCs, along with Crystalheart, Snowshadow, and Blizzardstar.

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