Otterdance is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current AutumnClan
Warrior: Otterdance
Age 22 Moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Apprentice Swiftstream
Owner Silver

Otterdance is a compact snowshoe patterned tom with blue eyes.



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Otterdance is the type of tom with an ego as large as his person bubble. His very movements about camp scream obvious confidence, although he lacks friends to indulge in conversation with about his 'many' personal accomplishments. Unfortunately, such arrogance is not fueled with a great work ethic. He has a picky work style. If the current weather does not meet his standards, then he's sleeping in for the day. If he hit his head while waking up and got a poor start to his morning, then don't count on him heading out of camp. Yet, for a feline with such great self love, he absolutely needs his space. Otterdance despises being touched by even his closest pals, because he fears they might mess his recently groomed coat. Just having anyone too close in general irritates him.
For obvious reasons, he isn't the most reliable, particularly when it comes to duties. Luckily, when he does set his mind to work, he's a very determined and focused worker. However, if he isn't having the greatest day, Otterdance will refuse to work, unless it requires he work inside, should it be precipitating. It's also an absolute must (or at least for his standards) that he work alone, unless his partners stand at a distance. If they admire him, they'll naturally fuel his massive ego and everything will be a-ok.
Grumpy he is, but Otterdance is also very passionate about certain ideals. He can be rather sour and pessimistic towards certain situations, but adrenalized by the concept of being the top warrior. He wants to be the greatest cat, the best warrior, the most admired, and, of course: the most handsome. Otterdance is driven by the urge to keep distance between himself and others, but that doesn't mean he necessarily dislikes attention. On the contrary, he's very passionate about gaining attention from his Clanmates, whether it be negative or positive. Just be prepared for some sarcastic retort, should one irritate him.


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  • Ironically, he hates water, while Snowshoes are known for loving water. He's just an oddball.


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