Otterscar was always the brave one. Always acting tough and not being the best role model. But there was one cat that exposed Otterscar to the strongest feeling of all. Love. However, that cat found someone else. What can he do now?

1. Prolouge

Otterscar leapt through the reeds, batting at a light brown she cat's tail. He tripped over one of the reeds and laughed. But the she cat didn't make a noise. "What's up Duckpelt?" he asked, looking up. Duckpelt was not next to him. She had walked away from him, following a dusty brown tom. "Duckpelt!" he yelled. "Duckpelt!"

Otterscar woke up with a jolt. Where was he? He got up, then looked around. Then, he quickly remembered. He was outside his home, returning from his biggest horror.

2. Blooming affections

Otterscar led his band of three siblings to the border. "Come on! Let's have some fun!" he yelled.

"I... I don't know" Otterscar's only sister Bluefeather murmered. Otterscar rolled his eyes and heard one of his brothers Shadeleap scoff. "Scared of getting your gorgeous pelt ruffled?" he asked, shaking his black pelt. Bluefeather shook with anger. Otterscar's other brother Smokewhisker flexed his claws. "Well, let's go!" he said. otterscaar nodded and ran, followed by Smokewhisker and Shadeleap. Bluefeather sighed, then smiled when she saw the pelt of her best friend. "Duckpelt!" she said releived. Duckpet smiled.

"Oi, idiots! Come back before you kill yourselves!" Duckpelt said. Otterscar rolled his eyes, then looked at her. Is her pelt shimmering?  he thoughtthen shook it off. It wasn't. But it was beautiful. He came closer.

"Do I have something of yours?" she asked. Otterscar quickly moved back.

"No" he said firmly. Shadeleap pushed his brother aside.

"So, you want to share some prey when we get back to camp?" he asked.

"Nah. Just ate" Duckpelt said, then looked at Otterscar. "Do you want to swim?" she asked im.

"Of course!" Otterscar said, then felt a fierce gaze. He looked to see Shadeleap's amber eyes burning into him.

3. Swimming

Otterscar jumped into the river. Duckpelt snickered and silently moved in. "Clutsy furball!" she said, giving him a soft slap on the head. Otterscar smiled, then began to swim, Duckpelt following.

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