Owl (Lo II) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Owl (Lo II) is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Owl (Lo II)
Owl (Lo II)
Current Loner
Given Kit: Unknown
Kittypet: Unknown
Rogue: Owl
Loner: Owl
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut :Coming Soon
Owner None

Owl is a fluffy, brown, cream and white she-cat. She is currently a loner living on the outskirts of SpringClan territory, where she takes pride in observing the Clan, in hopes of one day joining it. Owl was once a kittypet, but escaped at a young age and was in turn raised by passing rogues or loners, offering their petty on the kitten.


Owl is small in size and stature, only just reaching up to some cat's shoulders, but due to her long, thick coat she appears larger than her frame portrays. The she-cat has short, thick legs with large rounded paws, which give her a slightly awkward walk. Her build is small, but stock, with a belly that is slightly plump, seeming to graze leaf litter, but that only being her long coat. Owl has a long, plumy tail that seems as an annoyance, but she finds it quite flattering.
Her coat consists of browns, creams and white. The browns appear on her face, legs and tail, but does also seem lighter near her rump and along the length of her spine. Cream is the dominant color of her pelt, covering a majority of it, then fading to the lighter brown color that is scattered here and there. She large, round blue eyes, that nearly seem odd against her pelt pattern and colors, but Owl is really fussy about that factor.


Owl was born as a Kittypet, but kidnapped by evil rogues. She befriended animals near them and ignored the murderours ways of the rogues. One day, she found a young brown lab puppy and hid him, taking care of him and nursing him back to health, as he had gotten terrible injuries from an abusive Twoleg. She named him Barkie, and thye became best friends. They're never seperated, and if they had not been different species, you would have thought them littermates.

Then, one day, when ordered to kill one of her friends within the rogues, she escaped with Barkie, barely escaping death herself. They became loners, and she formed a group of animals. They all lived in a hollowed out tree, the birds sleeping on the branches and the others sleeping inside. However, it seemed that Owl never slept.

Her one weakness was, and always has been, that she carries the world on her shoulders. Every one of her friends' saftey's are with her, and she could never put full trust in another.

One day, Barkie ran off, and she ran after him. She finds him attacking Brownpelt of SummerClan, stops him, and befriends Brownpelt.


Coming Soon


  • She has Ragdoll mixed in her, from her mother's ancestry.

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