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Paleclaw is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past Loner, WinterClan
Claw, Palekit
Age approx. 3 years old (36 moons) at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by lightning
Debut Winderblaze and Fadingshadow's Tears
Last Post WinterClan Archive XXIV
Father Rainfronds
Mother Taracot
Sibling Hawkheart
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Frostshell
Owner Bbun

Paleclaw is a small , lightly built, cream she-cat with sky blue eyes. She is the sister of Hawkheart, and foster sibling of Winterblaze. She was originally born a loner, like her brother, but eventually moved in to WinterClan. She died one day while hunting, when a bolt of lighting had struck her. She now resides in StarClan, disgusted by the actions her brother has preformed. She appears to be of Snowshoe descent. Before her death, Paleclaw was of the rank of a warrior.



Paleclaw is of a small size, compared to the rest of her clanmates. She never managed to reach full height - her head can barely reach her brother's shoulders.
She appears to be of Snowshoe descent, having a soft, cream pelt, with chocolate markings at her extremities. She also has white markings - on her underbelly, tail-tip, and a small one on her nose. The cream-colored fur is thick, wispy, and feathery - however, it is not much longer than her brother's. However, it is of matted, unkempt texture - she never bothers to groom it, as she deems it unimportant.
Her eyes are almond-shaped, appearing so except at the ends, where they are rounded. They are of a sky-blue hue. The azure color is mixed with a few hints of green, and appear darker towards the edges of the iris.
Paleclaw's claws are long and sharp - made so due to the amount of training she has received. Her paws are small and rounded, and Her tail is thick, fluffy and bushy, like a squirrel's. Her build is of an average one - she doesn't appear to be any stronger or weaker than the rest of her clanmates. Her muzzle is fairly narrowed and small - probably passed down from one of her mother's family members. Her ears are tufted and rounded - however, one of them has a nick received from a fight before her death.


Paleclaw might seem aggressive and unforgiving at first, but she is actually quite nice, earning this from her submissive, passive mother, who often treated her strictly and scolded harshly. She is easily angered by annoying cats, and will be quite bothered by their chattering, due to her fragile hearing, which she got from her father. She is very determined and will do anything to achieve her goals, and has felt this way ever since kithood, where her mother pushed her towards her limits to make her work to get what she wanted. Paleclaw is very stubborn, and won't take help from anyone unless she really needs it. She is grouchy and serious at times, mostly during social situations, obtaining this from her father. However, on a good day, she can still be goaded by her brother for a good round of play-fighting.


The moment she could walk, Paleclaw displayed a natural aggression towards things beside her kin - this even included puny insects! She would usually bat them with her then-stubby forepaws, pretending they were enemies of her nomadic family - of course, sometimes she would end up in a quarrel for doing such things! When she arrived in the clan, she was eager to improve her fighting skills - they were pathetic, she thought, compared to independent individuals that Taracot or Rainfronds would encounter while she traveled with them. Under the mentoring of Frostshell, she mainly focused on her fighting skill - hunting and stalking were also taught, although not as much. Her suffix was earned for the skill - it is her most used skill, as she frequently got into fights, giving her the chance to use this ability. She isn't the best fighter in the clan, but good enough that she could simply push a cat down her hind legs - as she claims!
Besides her great fighting skill, she also possesses great sight - especially at night. However, her hearing is poor - she inherited that from some ancestor, whose genes eventually passed it down to her. Whoever it was, they must have some difficulty living that way - and so did Paleclaw. She could not hear things more than nine fox-lengths away - and she could sometimes not hear one of her clanmates or an enemy attacking from behind. This condition hindered her skills, as hearing to her was as important as fighting and sight. As a result on this realization, she decided to learn how to fight with her poor hearing - with successful results.
She has notably good balance, due to her tail - like most of her feline companions. As a result of this skill, she has mastered the art of tree-climbing before her death. She is light on her paws, moving quickly from tree-branch to tree-branch. She usually used this skill when she attempted to chase prey through the trees.


She is shown entering WinterClan camp with her adoptive brother, Winter, and they both want to see Hawkkit, which they see and they talk together for a long time. She later talks to Talon and the other kits.
Later, she becomes an apprentice, and her mentor is Frostshell. Soon, she becomes a warrior, named Paleclaw, along with her brother, Hawkheart.
Much later, she sees him pad near the border, and gives him a quiet good luck before going into the warrior's den. She waits to see him once he got out of the leader's den, so she could compliment him. 
One day, she thinks it is a fine day to go hunting, and leaves camp to hunt on a wide field, fluffing up her fur. It is noted she is unusually happy while she hunts. She catches a wren, a few rabbits, a squirrel and two larks before Paleclaw decides to go back to camp. While Paleclaw returns to camp, she hears thunder a couple of pawsteps near her, and decides to bury her prey before she dies. After doing so, she is struck by lightning, and dies.
When Hawkheart murders one of his Clanmates, Paleclaw appears as a spirit to him, disappointed by his actions. Hawkheart tries to act innocent, but Paleclaw can see right through him.
At a half moon gathering, Paleclaw tells Beautifulface about her upcoming death, and that she could not avoid it.


  • She had a tiny crush on Talonclaw, though she knew that Irisfrost and Talonclaw are meant to be.

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