Pearlspirit is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past Loners & Rogues, SpringClan
Given Loner: Pearl

Warrior: Pearlspirit

Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Fell off a cliff
Debut CS
Last Post Unknown
Owner Crys

Pearlspirit is a fluffy, bright, almost ginger tabby and white tom with soft, long spiky fur, broad shoulders, and bright orange-amber eyes flecked with lime green.



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Physical Health

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Mental Health

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Pearlspirit is haughty, stubborn, and very bossy. He is smart and quick-witted, but easily goes to far and acts as if he owns the clan. He can be very moody, and is someone who escapes situations for his own good. He is very impatient, and easily angered while being hasty. He goes out of his way to finish what he started, and does anything to keep a promise, and shows lots of determination. He's very chatty, always talking out loud, even his thoughts.
He also has leadership, and likes to lead cats around and tell them what to do while keeping everything reasonable, although he can be a little rude even to his closest friends without realizing. He can be snotty, and sometimes gets very pissed when people ignore him, meaning he loves attention. Pearlspirit isn't afraid to battle, but he'll retreat when he knows he'll lose. He can be very narcissistic, but will respect others when he thinks they're good.
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Skills & Abilities

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Pearlspirit is seen hunting when he sees Thornfang over Icepetal's dead body. He starts overwhelming the tom with a bunch of questions, and they return to the camp. Pearlspirit interrupts Snowfire's conversation with Snowfern, announcing that Icepetal was dead. Snowfire is seen shocked, but gets over to it and goes to the Mooncave to get her lives.

Pearlspirit goes hunting again. He is seen hunting by the river, and he sees Silverbreeze hunting near him. He wonders why she was there, then panics when Silverbreeze falls into the river. Pearlspirit dashes over to help the drowning she-cat, but does nothing when she rushes by him. He returns to the camp, uneasy about what happened. 

At the camp, Snowfire had returned and got the name of Blizzardstar. She announces to the clan about her new name and that she now had to eight lives, which slightly shocks everyone. They then mourn the deceased warriors, and as Pearlspirit said his goodbyes, he thinks of Silverbreeze and how he didn't help her, feeling guilty. Cheetahspirit sees him, and tells the warrior that it was their time. Pearlspirit shakes his head, saying that he was thinking of something else, and runs out of the camp to search for Silverbreeze and if she were still alive.

He is later seen wanting to battle train, and volunteers to go on a border patrol when Cheetahspirit arranges one. The warriors go to the WinterClan border, and they mark their borders before seeing another patrol. Brambleshadow sees them, and provokes the patrol by wondering why an apprentice was leading it. Iciclepaw taunts the cats, and Pearlspirit replies with a hint of a threat. Brambleshadow suddenly jumps onto Cheetahspirit, and the cats start fighting. Pearlspirit drives off Iciclepaw, and attacks Shadowheart, who fights back. He bites the WinterClan warrior's throat, and drops him, leaving him to die. Mudshine and another warrior gets stuck in the mud, and sinks. The battle ends, and the SpringClan patrol returns to the camp while Brambleshadow runs back to camp as one of the survivors.

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  • Crystal changed him from Aquawave to Pearlspirit, since she didn't want to make new pages and Aquawave was never roleplayed, anyways.

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