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Peetapelt is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current HungerClan
Given Peetapelt
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Owner None

Peetapelt is a pale ginger tom with dark blue eyes.


Peetapelt is kind of soft but he does care. He is the son of the people that get edible plants for Clan 12. He does like Katnissheart; he has ever since he first meet her.

Life, Part 1

Peetapelt was born to a very loving father and a witch of a mother. He has signed up for the tesserae for Reaping Days and his name happens to be drawn and none of his older brothers, one too old to participate and one to scared to volunteer, go up for him.

When his name is drawn, he comes up shaking and scared. He is then seen arguing with Haymitchfoot on the train/big monster.

In the carriage ride, he and Katnissheart have twined tails that Cinnastep told them to do because, even though they don't know it, it shows a sign of rebellion.

In the arena, the Career pack takes him and they pretend that they'll let him bring in Katnissheart if he finds her, but they plan to kill her. He protects her in the arena after the tracker jacker attack and takes a blow to the leg.

He survives under mud most of the time until she finds him. They take care of each other and she puts him to sleep so she can go get medicine for him using poppy seeds.

When he wakes up, she is hurt but he feels fine so he heals her up.

On the last day, they go to the Cornucopia and find Catodeath running and see that he is being followed by mutts. After awhile of dispute on the Cornucopia, he pushes Catodeath over and the mutts finish him off.

Then they hear Cladiustalon's voice telling them that the rule that both can survive has been appealed and now only one of them can survive, so Katnissheart hands him some of the deathberries and before they eat them, his voice tells them to stop and that they both win.

He is later seen on the train ride home.

Character Pixels

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