Percy is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Percy is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current Kittypets
Given Percy
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Sibling 3 Unknown Kittens
Mate Veera
Kits None
Owner None

Percy is a medium sized, young, long bodied, long tailed, black tabby tom, with amber eyes that turn green in the center, a finely shaped head, white whiskers, and large ears


Percy is funny and loves to play. He is very wild and hurts his housefolk by mistake sometimes. He loves his kittypet food and despises baths. He loves to play with the family dog, Sydney, but hates all other dogs. He loves to go outside and chase bugs and lye in the sun outside or inside.


Note: All this below is real.

He is picked up by Nick's family one day in October 2011. He was very shy at first but soon settled in and became very playful. He sleeps with Sydney on the couch very often and plays with everything except his toys. He annoys Nick's mom by scratching on the $3,000 couch instead of his scratching post. He sneaks outside and his family decides to let him in and out. He patrols around the 2 neighbor's houses, and the 2 houses across the street. He meets Veera and decides he likes to pester her. He often makes her hiss and enjoys it greatly. He fights with the dig, often making her yelp, and eats her food. Percy scratches his family bad when the give him baths, and pouts about for a while. He hides under the beds and swipes at people's feet as they walk past.

One day, he goes outside and doesn't comd back. His family isn't worried and thinks he is just wandering around. After a week, his family becomes sad and worried, and Nick's dad concurs he most likely isn't coming back.


  • He is based on Nick's real life cat, who ran away three weeks prior to his creation.
  • He had a crush on Veera in real life, yet loved to tease her.
  • His favorite things to do were play with Sydney and meow at 5:00 am asking to fed.
  • His family believes he is alive. He is unneutered and just likely out chasing she-cats.

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