Peter is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Loner
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother unknown she-cat
Sibling Nathan
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Asher
Peter is a medium sized golden tom with black leopard markings. He has light blue eyes and long whiskers that curl down towards the ground. Peter has a lean, well muscled body with short, sleek fur.

Peter has an older brother named Nathan. He is very close to Nathan and will always be found with the larger tom. He is the more submissive of the two and practically worships Nathan, looking up to him like a hero.



Physically, Peter is well off. He knows how to take care of himself and has a strong immune system. He has had no serious illnesses yet. He does have a few scars here and there from battles, but nothing too noticeable.
Mentally, Peter is also well off. Other than the normal anxiety and depression there is nothing for him to worry about. This may change later, but for now he has no problems.


Peter would be described as naive. He has a lot of faith in other cats and will most likely always believe them. He follows his brother around blindly, even when he is wrong. Being naive and innocent doesn't mean that Peter is stupid, and he is actually quite bright, having some knowledge of herbs and how to heal wounds.
Peter is at most times, very kind and often puts others before himself. He is gentle and sweet, showing himself to be considerate of others. As mentioned before, he has some knowledge of how to treat sickness and injuries. He uses this knowledge to help others, especially his brother. He will listen to others opinions and consider them while also voicing his own. He is loyal and will not normally leave someone who he close to, even if they want him to leave.
Despite being kind and gentle most times, Peter can get irritated or frustrated quite easily. Usually he seems to be good-natured and easygoing, but he can get into arguments quickly. Sometimes he gets angry at himself and his own mistakes. During these times he tends to get grumpy and even a little snappy.
Peter is empathetic towards others, but he can be very sensitive, which isn't always a good thing. Occasionally, he will take an insult or a small threat very seriously. This might get annoying to others around him, however, it doesn't happen very often.
Peter could be called a dreamer and sometimes this can make him seem odd or different on the outside. He believes in a greater purpose, almost like he should be doing something more. Some cats just think he is crazy and try to ignore him, even his brother. He is also very forgiving and believes in giving everyone a second chance. This could be considered a weakness also, but Peter can't really help himself.
Even though the rest of his personality would make him seem like a shy cat, Peter has never been shy or timid and is actually very social. He would like to have a few friends other than his brother. If there is ever a new cat to meet, Peter will be one of the first cats to greet them.

Skills and Abilities

As mentioned a few times before, Peter knows how to treat illnesses and injuries with herbs and other things. He learned this from another loner. While he took interest in this subject, his brother could care less.
Even though he prefers peace, Peter is pretty good at fighting. Although Nate is much better, Peter can hold his own during a battle. He learned how to fight with his brother from a few loners back when they were younger.
Peter is fairly good at hunting and is usually the one feeding him and Nate. He finds it easy to stalk and kill his prey, even though he feels bad for it. He doesn't enjoy hunting as much as medical things, but Peter still has fun hunting.



This part of Peters life has not been recorded in Roleplay. He just lived a normal loner life with his brother.


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Nathan- Living



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